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I Don't Pursue Men-II

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You’re not looking after yourself
You’re so busy trying to make him love you – or even just to get his attention – that you forget to take care of yourself. You’re sacrificing your personal time after all, so you’re giving up opportunities that would make you feel so much better, rather than deflate your ego. Don’t neglect yourself because of a man, and certainly not when the man in question doesn’t do anything for you in return.  

You’ll lose yourself
When you’re so focussed on someone else and how to make them happy, it’s highly likely that you’ll  lose your sense of independence. You suddenly forget what a strong woman you are and that you wouldn’t usually do undignified things to make someone like you. So don’t get hung up on him and back off while you still have your pride.

You’ll be on an emotional rollercoaster
It can get pretty stressful trying to plot your next move and your chase will also be filled with ups and downs as you go through the various motions (and emotions). You’ll be flitting between happiness when he responds to your message to utter despair when you realise that you haven’t heard from him in five days. It can get emotionally exhausting so get off this rollercoaster and get back to acting like a normal human being again.  

You shouldn’t stroke his ego
He hasn’t given you many reasons to think that he digs you, yet you keep chasing him. He certainly doesn’t deserve to get his ego stroked. You’re only humiliating yourself and are probably a cause of embarrassment to your friends too (even if they won’t tell you to your face). Why put yourself through this for a man who probably isn’t even noticing what you’re doing? You don’t need this extra stress in your life.