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How to identify trolls and scammers

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Most I have seen so far are taking their time to download a lot of pictures from somewhere, but don't really put a lot of thought into the description. Especially when it comes to the portion of completing your will get trapped in nice and thoughtful conversations but at one point lured off the side to a chat service such as hangouts or whatsapp. Now there you can request a video conference (which btw could be included here from the admins) and you get in a livestream, where you dont hear the other person or where the picture is grizzly or blackens out.This is a good sign that they double the video feed, they use a video stream of the person they copied the pictures from and send it to you with their webcam. the reason why they have to mute the microphone and tell you it is broken is because it will not synchronize with you or the other person.The blackout mainly happens because the scammer is somewhere in Nigeria and doesnt have too much bandwidth to run 2 video streams parallel
The best way to identify pretty quickly a scammer is if you enjoyed their conversation for a while but really want to know if this person is real or not.. just ask them to take a funny selfie, maybe with the index finger on the nose or so.. be creativenot many of us post a picture like this on social media they actually can steal from them
another good safety tip is to use the MM FOTO verification.. at least the member had to send in a driver license to get verified by the team.
LAST... scammers do not want to pay for the MM service ... you are pretty safe with premium membersWISH you all good luck in your search
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Wow.. you really know your stuff on scammers. It seems like there are more scammers than real people. Why do men feel offended when asked about being real? Or taking those early steps of live voice talking and video ? I m losing hope here.
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Thank you. Great points. Experienced this.
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Good points.