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How to correctly and quickly choose your man on the site!

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For what purpose did I buy a subscription or why does a woman need to purchase it? You need to learn the rules of the game, and then learn to play better than others. (Albert Einstein) I want to say that the world consists of simple things, the simpler the better it works. Just like lightning goes into the ground at least resistance. And so closer to the question, the answer to it is just as simple, many thought correctly, but did not use it! Subscribers have the opportunity to use a variety of filters to find their match, this advantage saves hours, months, years. A subscription is not an opportunity for you to receive messages, they come without it, who has the right to write, send them. And then the question arises, I do not have so much time to read these messages from completely different people. At the same time, messages come every day - it's hard work, this is the time, some messages from scammers, others about intimacy. Either way can ruin your day or your week !? The main thing is to understand that no one owes anyone equal rights. Respect men and offload them from hundreds of messages that they write to different women in order to find one single one (disclosure of the topic in the next article). Example: You come to the supermarket for groceries and dozens of completely different men start tossing groceries that you don't need into your basket - the same happens with messages. If it seems to you that everything is under your control, then you are not moving fast enough. (Mario Andretti) Who should write first and why? If you don't know where you are going, then no road will lead you anywhere. (Henry Kissinger) The word should remain behind the scenes for you, if you understand the word harmony, then everything is built on respect, trust, conscience, the correct order of things, so it is necessary. Never wait for anyone, take the first step on the way yourself, writing a message to your happiness. Why? A . He will appreciate it, expressing a compliment. B . You will save yourself a ton of time by writing to exactly the person who suits you best. C . Every second woman's message is answered so you don't have to write hundreds of messages. D . No one will insult you for this step or condemn you, and if this happens, he is not your personality type and you have saved time. Why do we in a relationship come to the conclusion that harmony is the best thing that can be with us, what should we strive for? Because you like to keep balance, you are for me, I am for you. Currently there is no balance in dating with a ratio of 1/200. I'll wait, let him write to me, well, they scribble hundreds of messages to everyone in a row, since only a few answer. As a result, someone is overwhelmed with anger, lack of self-confidence, a bad day, and we all do not read it correctly in people, sometimes without even reading a profile. You cannot decide with your man in choosing a couple for yourself, even with a subscription for years, because you yourself are not looking, although many have written that I am looking. Clear water does not run under a lying stone. Change stereotypes, change your thinking. Our existence is based on what we earn, and our life is based on what we give. (Winston Churchill) Why am I often mistaken, choosing the wrong person? Although he is handsome and with money. You can have everything. But not all at once. (Oprah Winfrey) The answer to this question is also simple, it has a psychological personality. Women need to understand that a man is a hunter by nature, he can't get away from this. And while he is hunting for his woman, at the stage of dating or in a relationship, he has a passion and desire to be with her. For this man, it is so important to always conquer a woman. Do you want this relationship to last really long, all your life? You should be better than a man in something: intellectually, financially, sexually, taller, more temperamental, outwardly, it doesn't matter, the main thing is that you should be one point ahead of him. That he would chase you and conquer you all his life. He will not lose his desire. When he catches up with you and overtakes you, he conquered you, his mission is accomplished, he loses interest, this is about possible problems in his personal life. Another important parameter is like your libido. Sometimes women confuse it with temperament, but more often it is all hidden, and it can be revealed in communication and in body language. Don't try to jump over your head right away. If one person has a high need for it, and you have a low one. This is to the difficulties in relationships, and they are not needed by anyone. Do not be afraid to agree and discuss on the shore that you will not ruin your life in the future. There is an opinion that this is bad manners, communication on these topics is not. For women, the need is higher than that of men, but you hide it, due to your psychological characteristics, including to seem correct. Plus, there is a strong influence of relatives, which gives incorrect stereotypical thinking in general. The things I love most in life don't cost me a dime. After all, the most precious resource we have is time. (Steve Jobs) Never give likes to people without looking, without going into his profile, even if there are such opportunities. Because you can never judge a book by its cover! You attract the traffic of persons you do not need and waste your time raking in vain profiles and messages that do not meet your needs. Follow the rules of the game without breaking the sequence of actions. Whoever won time won everything. (Moliere)
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very interesting, thanks for this post.
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Try to change your thinking, logic of behavior, approach and everything will change for the better))) As I have already written, women hardly show initiative and this is their fatal mistake. The logic of stereotypical thinking of the crowd dominates ... LOL
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