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How many (for the men)

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I'm OBVIOUSLY not a man but I couldn't help respond to this for a little chuckle... My ex had twice as many shoes as I did and I have upward of about 60+ pairs of shoes... He took up more closet space with clothes as well.
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Ok, I will be the first to admit, I have two closets (both walk-ins) and I cannot see the floor under the clothes (both with organizers in them) because of all the shoes. HOWEVER, there are not shoes there, just because. There are running shoes, biking shoes, climbing shoes, hiking boots, snow gear, diving gear, etc. Top that off with all the various work clothes; shoes for suits for variosu clients (you dress up for the big boys and down so the less expensive ones don't think you are expensive,and you don't want them to feel self conscious), dress down clothes for running around on construction site days, shoes for days I have to go from dirt sites straight to the board room. I think the shoes for men (this may be a REAL stretch in stereotyping)are consumate with the level and number of activities he either chooses to or must, by needs of his occupation(s) participate in. Unlike women (my ex-wife in particular) I can't really remember ever buying a pair of shoes because it was a closer color to a particular outfit I owned. (AND here comes the controversy).
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Can't Elite get his own Choos and Manolos? (lol)
How are you two, by the way??
You make a "handsome" couple.
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1 year ago
Around ten. Including my good and my bad skeakers!
Do flip flops count?
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My ex had 3 pairs and I couldn't get him to wear anymore than that!!! need to ask why he is an EX!!?!?!?!? :)
Me on the other hand rival Amelda Marcos!!!
(What woman doesn't???)
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75+, I always thought that was hard core however, friends, male and female.... make me look major minor league... I may as well be going barefoot lol...
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My son, at the age of 19 had 65 pairs!