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How Men Think: Part Deux

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No he was just a beta male simp who white knighted for a woman. He is precisely what a man is not.
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Exactly. to the ONE man that defended you, I thought the same thing, there is a real man. But he is across the pond. Perhaps we can buy him a plane ticket :)
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I am not sure who you mean, but after reviewing your blog, I see no post that you refer to, so you could have then interpreted my question "Lola, where/whom have you heard it?" as judgement on girls, your circle, and you.

This question never ever implied anything about you. It did not imply anything about those who said other than they judged (not you) and maybe even used a double std when they made their comments. People can have their own opinions and before you hear them say an opinion, you would never know, so why should their opinions be any reflection on you? Why would you think that I or anyone else think that way?

I sincerely like reading your posts and laughing at jokes which are plentiful. I never judged you. I do not know you beyond your blogs, but I felt comfortable asking you a question because you came across as open-minded and friendly. So, in turn, despite the fact that you gave me (if you actually meant me) the benefit of the doubt, I was suprised to be judged and interpreted so inaccurately.

What my question implied was exactly what it said: Did you read it somewhere? Was it an opinion on TV? Did people you know say that?

I was inviting further comments to learn what/how people think on this topic since I personally never had a conversation about it with anyone so it is just curiousity to learn people's perspective, logic, justification. There was no judgement. Since I never personally had a conversation on the topic I was sincerely surprised that people (men or women) could jusitify Epstein and his associates for using/abusing young girls (often found in very bad life situations), and point fingers at them ("they were paid") instead of thinking 'It could be my daughter/sister/relative/friend, etc". I do not know all the details of circumstances of girls who were victims, why would I judge without knowing? That said, I would not be surprised that some of these individuals who judged the girls would automatically find Epstein and associates guilty if it involved someone they knew or their children/relatives, etc. So, here comes a double standard. It was more like I could even imagine myself being in a similar conversation and hear such comments you heard. I never judged the girls, I feel sorry for them. I made no comment about them. In fact, I cannot stand bullying, any kind of abuse of children or adults. I just asked the question, thinking you may offer more detail which could shed more light on how wide spread the double standard could exist, and if the double standard continues to exist, there will be more and more of Epsteins.

Does this clarify, Lola?

Someone in your blog (part 1 of this topic) mentioned about the value of communication in any relationship. My question to you is not a perfect illustration that people tend to blame the victim, but it is an illustration that the point of the story should be that it is not only that men do not understand women, and women do not understand men, it is often the case that people do not understand each other, and communication is key. Some can write better questions or comments (say me), and for some (in this case you), a simple question to clarify someone's question or comment can go a long way so it is a dialogue and so a perception if wrong, is fixed, rather than continues to live. Communication saves relationships, time, and energy, and makes relationships, frienships stronger.