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How Do You Spot the Fake One?

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Ok folks. We're starting out a new year looking for the last kiss of our lives. Lots of great possibilities out there, but also traps. So here's my question to you all:
"How do you spot the fake profile?"
I'll lead off (since its my blog...!)
  1. I think a profile is fake when the "person" only posts one professional image of themselves, misspells at least one word in their title or can't make a grammatically correct sentence, and never fills out the rest of the profile questions.

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January 19 Total posts: 1
There is nothing wrong with a person choosing not to "video chat".
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Don't ask MM on how to spot a fake profile b/c apparently they don't know themself.
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January 17 Total posts: 2
I second that !
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Well my profile is real so am I and I haven't filled out the rest of my profile only because,i have been on a lot of dating sites so far it's so frustrating to write all that just to find out 90percent of people are's like pouring your heart out to someone that feels absolutely nothing and reply with "ok"
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Millionaire Match says they're "serious" about policing fake profiles but it is all lip service. I have been on & off this site for 9 years and their talk today is the same as 9 years ago and nothing is done.
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January 8 Total posts: 1
this is true
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  1. Notice that you are a certified millionaire
  2. Assume that you are gullible, stupid, or desperate
  3. Call you sweetie, beautiful, sweetheart, handsome
  4. Reply with what reads like a form letter
  5. List a phone number for you to call them
  6. Say, we can talk better offline
  7. Ask you for your email address
  8. Say that they are new to this - how does this work
  9. Do not completely fill out their profiles
  10. Pictures do not fit the profile
  11. Grammatical errors and say phrases from other countries
  12. Suggestive pictures
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January 6
there pro's and cons true and fake on all chat lines not just this cause I know been there and I came here hoping there are real men on here but by looking at most of the comments I am beginning to think and wounder about this site to
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I had people with verified photo and income but they refused to do a video chat. Something is wrong with the verifications here, just saying!!! One more thing: I am a foreign and maybe my profile isn't grammatically correct...but I am a real person!
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I think if they haven't verified their photo or income on a site like this that strongly recommends it this could be a sign .
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I'll play. Profiles with only one photo, unverified photo, list high income that is unverified, profile not verified by social media linking, boast of a great and adventurous lifestyle yet have zero photos to support said lifestyle, they are not consistent in their responses, unable to answer simple questions, unable to conduct video chats.
Lord, I've seen far too many fake profiles lol.
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Yeah, you nailed it, but the experienced ones are much better! Eventually their MO is they had an emergency and need money, but that is after their almost immediate professed love, can't wait to spend the rest of our lives together etc etc.but they are never where you can reach them.Just wish MM would do something!!That is the reason I will never join again because they target full members.Thanks!
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I find that their pictures, if more than one can be blurry. I would say they were taken from a picture. There sentences are odd and when they ask a question and you answers their questions and ask them a question they don't respond. They skirt it.