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Has internet has diminished the possiblity of true romance?

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1 year ago
After being on this site for just a few weeks, I have peeked into the profiles, blogs and forums and it has brought this question to mind...

Do you think that interent dating diminishes true romance? I'm not bad mouthing internet dating, and I have entered this site cautiously optimistic. Does the availabilty of 100s or 1000s of men or women at your fingertips kind of take away the thrill and romance of walking into a room and catching someone's eye, getting that butterflies in your stomach feeling?

I'm reading through some of these blogs, and find some of them to be very interesting. Some are "catty" and some are just plain s*x-for-hire advertisements.

Can true romance and head-in-the-clouds love to be found on an interent site? I read through the Success stories, and I have to admit, I'm not impressed with what is listed as success at MM.

Should I be heading into this site NOT looking for true romance, but looking for friends and acquaintances only?


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