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am praying to serve God as He wants. Let it be His holy will! We are here to gain a Holy Kingdom inside already on earth, before meeting Holy Trinity as our initial homeland with our sisters and brothers in Christ! I seek like-minded people, mainly, to create a blessed family.
We are here discovering the faith that your country are fully involved without Communist intervention in 1917.
I am trying since 2008, I bought a big Holy Bible and read it as it helps to cut the sins. No, I am not very good, I have not worked to support my mother, it is she has done many to me, gave an foreign trade education, asked for me her clients to give me a good work. But I have not anybody I love much. I am opening what love is
I am praying to be saved at the blessed marriage Sacrament.
I like to discover the faith, to read the Orthodox bios and the miracles. As indeed I was lack of it while my childhood or youth. I am very touched that the priests were killed just as they were not irreligious. I don't understand how people lived while the Communists being faithful. We could know it only through the classic Russian literature, Dostoyevsky, Tolstoy. Also I have read some world literature, Andrea Miravia, Hemingway. I also liked to watch via YouTube the old movies. Currently, much stress for coronavirus, I have to look for a remote job as my mother is 66. I don't go out. But it takes me closer to the faith. What experienced the Italians, Spaniards with the losses. We have lost the family members too due to it. This is, on the other hand, makes the unequality so harsh, painful, the religion teaches us to praise God for everything, it is His mercy. That they go to Him. And to cherish the day, the meaning of life, what God wants from us. That we will meet Him too when it would be a time. And to serve God through the people, as I love my family, my dear mother.

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Coronavirus is a hardship, but it takes us to have a faith, to watch our sins and be humble with Holy Spirit as a blessing, to put God first, just here, in front of you, praise, understand that we are here to do what He wants, to gain a Holy Kingdom inside. To be happy! To serve God through the people, to love Him as we love our family, mothers and fathers, children. That we will die one day, and meet our passed away family.
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The evidence of God, to strengthen the faith.