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Goldiggers here?!On MILLIONAIRE Match? NOO?

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Thank You Calmamity Jane and several others for saying it so well.
You've really help clarify the honest allure of a match up with someone with ample funds & wants to splurge on someone of their choice.
Which there is nothing wrong with that at all.

But there is still the negative villainous gold diggers out there yet and will always be, the unjustly takers who make money mating their main mission and not real love.

Is it easy to spot the takers on a $$$ mission? Some are such good actors and actresses on their phony missions.

I have a few friends I grew up, that grew up in to being what I call professional gold diggers.
And I just don't know how they can actually do that and play & plan the games and roles of deceit to get what they want?? I just can't see how they can live such a delusional life and look at themselves in the mirror?
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1 year ago
You go girl! ;-) I don't see anything wrong with a woman (or man for that matter) trying to find someone who has their sh@! together. I'm sure that any intelligent man will be able to see right through someone who is just after them for their money.