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For what purpose did I buy a subscription or why does?

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For what purpose did I buy a subscription or why does a woman need to purchase it?
You need to learn the rules of the game, and then learn to play better than others. (Albert Einstein) I want to say that the world consists of simple things, the simpler the better it works. Just like lightning goes into the ground at least resistance.
And so closer to the question, the answer to it is just as simple, many thought correctly, but did not use it! Subscribers have the opportunity to use a variety of filters to find their match, this advantage saves hours, months, years.
A subscription is not an opportunity for you to receive messages, they come without it, who has the right to write, send them. And then the question arises, I don't have so much time to read these messages from completely different people. At the same time, messages come every day - it's hard work, this is the time, some messages from scammers, others about sex. Either way can ruin your day or week!?. The main thing is to understand that no one owes anyone equal rights. Respect men and offload them from hundreds of messages that they write to different women to find one single one (disclosure of the topic in the next article).
Example: You come to the supermarket for groceries and dozens of completely different men start tossing groceries that you don't need into your basket - the same happens with messages.
If it seems to you that everything is under your control, then you are not moving fast enough. (Mario Andretti)
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And you have a norm with humor, I still laugh)) LOL. Thank you. If 10% of people on this site read it, then 1% would change their worldview.
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December 5 Total posts: 24
@MAURITS2001 lol right?? If he knows it all he should be a billionaire, a relationship expert, a motivational speaker, a prophet, an inventor, an investor 🤦🏻‍♀️🙄
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Yes, because I am only one interested person, but the second is not. I have no doubt that everything will be fine in the relationship. As I already wrote, women hardly show initiative and this is their fatal mistake. The logic of stereotypical thinking of the crowd... Lol
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if you know evrything so well why are you on this app??