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December 17
I remember an incident that happened when I ask my driver to show me a camel market in Saudi Arabia. He checked the door locks (funny reaction) but he obediently drove me out into the dry, dusty desert. When we arrived, he said, "Please do not get out. Lock the doors." then left to inquired about camels. In a few minutes; my car was completely surrounded by a crowd of Bedouin merchants looking into my windows using rapid Arabic and banging the roof. Talk about a gold fish in a bowl of water sort
of feeling nervous! My driver returned and averted the riot that erupted by jumping in the car, slamming the door locks shut, shoving the keys in the ignition and speeding off in a big cloud of dust. Appalled, I ask him; "What just happened?" He surprised me by saying, "Most of these Bedouin merchants have never seen a woman in their life. It was rumored that I was willing to trade you for a camel." We both laughed out loud (uneasily). You see racing camels are extremely valuable there, but that
was considered nothing compared to the endless L❤VE given by a wife. So here on this site, I look (out of respect) to see the profile age range of the guy I am reading about. Some, after reading these blog posts change their limits for some silly reason. Just like the men of the desert who thought to make a good trade, but let me point out that I, like all other women; possess what our mothers bequeath us at birth. So let us encourage all to stick to your goals and not be swept away by opportunity.
Most know what they want. There are plenty of fish in the sea, enough for all. Take ❤ in the qualities you list in your profiles, she or he are somewhere here still waiting for discovery. You will find the One perfect for You right under your very noses. Happy hunting and G0D bless.

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What a lovely story thanks for sharing.x
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December 18
He could have just as easily traded you for a camel and no one would ever know where you are.