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Early Warning Signs That You Are Dating A Cheater

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They Don't Introduce You To Any Friends Or Family. ...

They Rarely Call You By Your Name. ...

They Don't Deactivate Their Online Dating Accounts. ...

They Cheated On Their Previous S.O. ...

They Never Show Affection In Public. ...

They Act Differently With You Around Certain Friends. ...

They're Extra Paranoid About You Cheating.

*They're Unusually Secretive About Certain People In Their Lives.

*They Don't Mention Your Relationship To Each Other When They Introduce You To Someone.

*They Refuse To Have Anything About Your Relationship On Social Media.
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July 1
Exactly, Thanks For Responding To The Post, I Appreciate Your Feedback.
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They won't let you look at their social media sites.

They say things like "You might embarrass me" or "I can't trust you"

They don't buy you nice presents for birthdays or Christmas

They don't want to be with you on holidays

They want to go through your phone but won't let you look at their phone

They duck into the bathroom when some people call

You feel like they never are "with" you, just that you are escorting them to an event

They are more interested in everyone else in the room than you

They are constantly on the phone when you are together

Never again.....................................