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1 year ago
Riding on this boat in solitude
Waiting for the nights and days to pass me by
Four-cornered horizons enclosed me
As I sailed to what felt like an unending voyage of my life.

I tried to look back at the island where I came from
Having been stranded there for along time
Nostalgia overhelmed me.
For the island had been completely out of sight.

I remember the days that I grope helplessly and hopelessly away
Not wanting to spend my life alone in a foreign island
But I often stumble and fall in its tracks
Until I completely resigned to all its might.

The place was more of a labyrinth than an island
For I would still find myself lost within its maze
The more I immersed, the deeper I get consumed
Until I woke up not wanting to leave its side.

The island was ethreally perilous
For I had been a prey to its pangs
The wounds cut deep, and the venom was devouring
I must leave in order to survive.

I do wish to go back to that island
And further understand the nature of its waves that drove me away.

But for now, I must rest for a while.
for the journey had been long...
And I am tired....

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