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Doyle's Do's and Don'ts (Triple D 😉)

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Beware of scams! There are 3 obvious signs that a guy isn't real. First off their photo looks a little too perfect/professional. Secondly they say they are in or affiliated with the military and are on a mission for the next month or so (usually 3) and they need Steam cards or w.e so they can play with the orphans. And lastly they will ask to use Google Hangout as an alternative way to chat. (never a good sign) Ladies basically if it seems too good to be probably is...unfortunately! Butjust remember if you think it then it's probably true but keep searching...your ideal man is out there somewhere! Good luck and never lose your sparkle! Shine on ladies! 🌟💞 🌟💞
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Another way you can tell right away its a scammer is they will always speak broken English for example they say: " hello pretty" instead of, your normal " hello beautiful" or they almost always use the word "am" incorrectly instead of "I am"