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Doyle's Do's and Don'ts (Triple D 😉)

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Ok guys...first off stay in your own lane! You have to know what is obtainable at this point in your life no?? If you're funny and have a great presence then you might be able to switch lanes if you're every time always work but flowers always die fyi. Secondly the selfies...never look down into the camera! Like seriously!?!? It adds 20lbs in jowls it's NEVA a good thing! Look up...with the camera held above you!! Always!! You're welcome ladies 😘 Lastly if you'relucky enough to get a second date please do not wear the same shirt again! Put some thought into your attire...we notice everything 😉
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All true...Preach sista 😄👏
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~~ Doyle ~~

I spotted this blog a few days ago, and it cracked me up.

No idea who " Doyle " truly was at the time, since it lacked photos when initially posted.

I once knew ... a Doyle, and thought... ' Naaah !, it can't be him '. He never had a sense of humor;... And i believe he only changed his plaid shirts (hint) on Sundays, before going to Church. (Please, please Church Ladies, Don't attack me again)

Anyhow, I had to look up what OCD & PDA was all about, because PDA in this neck of the woods, usually means a Palm Device of sorts, although hugging and kissing in public is the norm. It's called C & B (Calins et Bisous),

So it's nice to see your photo Doyle, as ghosts who blog ' scare the crap outta me '....

Right Counselor ?

(I think She's out camping...again)

~~ S. L. ~~

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OMG....great inisght, but effing hilarious!!! I love the date part about "not wearing the same effing shirt"~!!!!! hahahah