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Doyle's Do's and Don'ts (TD 😉)

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Red Flag Sunday! Ok ladies I've been doing a little research since being on this site... I've encountered too many situations where actions spoke much louder than words. So here's what I found so far...
Dating websites are a breeding ground for narcissist and psychopaths. (Tinder is top rated FYI) Obviously not everyone is but a couple shots of tequila usually brings it out super me been there done that and have the pictures to prove it! 😉
Just be smart and listen to your gut.If they hide too much or give too much away too soon...walk away. If they only respond when you initiate contact...speed walk away. And if they can never be!!! Set healthy boundaries and you'll learn real fast who is and who isn't for real. I get we all want what we can't have but there's usually a very good reason why we shouldn't have had it in the long run. Keep searching and never lose your sparkle! Shine on ladies! 🌟💞🌟💞
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Hate to answer a question with a question, but do you believe the other dating sites are immune to the same? Online or in-person, you still have to shift thru the BS to get to the real deal.
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~~ Doyle 2001 ~~

Well Babes (the three of you), You are all ' right on the money ' here and well spoken. I acknowledge all of your discoveries.

However, please note that, It cuts both ways. Meaning for both Women and Men also.

But of course, ' The Macho Men ' will never admit to being screwed Royally !, by The Molly Fish type, which is their problem, and not ours.

Hope I've not confused you all by now, have I ?...

Take Care out There,

~~ S. L. ~~

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If you just met someone and they are not satisfied with the pictures you shared on your pf,hmmm there could be more to it,genuine person will be more interested in knowing you first than pictures.Mind you they use others pictures for fake profiles.
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You are so on point and you nailed.Sometimes to even share their real names is a problem,I just walk away no time for messing about.
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I was wondering the same. This is the first time, ever, I have been on a dating site. I chose this one due to thinking I was getting away from the stupid fakers on other sites. I have found on here, that the same exist and there are a LOT of fakers and people who love to beat their chest.

Then the ones who do initiate contact are not at all what my description states. Then some even ask me for photos.

UMMMMMM....I have 15 posted on THIS site for all to see. so that is an obvious red flag. Either A. they are NOT reading our bio or B. they just want to have photos on their own phone to show off????

Do you think this site is even worth the energy to put into it?