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Do you like a woman that spoils you? x

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I love spoiling my partner (yes that is my work in the picture) I like the reverse too, but in all honesty I haven't really experienced a lot of that, I was with the same person for a V long time. Tell me in the comments or messages how you want to be spoiled by a partner🌹🍾❤️

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I would love to build a empire together and a very real loving relationship
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I feel you girl that's what I love to do yessss, I was married the first time for 10 yrs he cheated over and over I kept taking it until one day I couldn't take it any longer and got out; he was a good man I can't take that from him and my 2nd marriage was 14 yrs same thing working out of town cheating and we did for each other I bought him a truck for his birthday as well as him buying me cars although I prefer both ways he didn't want me to do it but I did anyway but he definitely gave me the world but like I told him I don't care about all that give me the happiness, the loyalty I want that anyday, I don't care about all the money in the world give me the love and happiness I deserve as long as our bills are paid and we have food on the table that's good enough but nothings wrong with a little wining and dining showing appreciation and support but love me show me love as I show you(him) iam 48 I been married basically my whole life because I knew what I wanted I wanted to be settled now running the streets unless me and him was in the streets traveling or handling business, point blank
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hey ☺️
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hey hey