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Do you believe in forever?

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1 year ago
Ok...I am here and for a purpose...yes, to have fun..but also to develop a meaningful relationship...hopefully lasting and enduring forever.

It hurts when I get an email from somebody married. Why? I truly believe in forever...and it hurts seeing vows violated. Knowing that somewhere down the line, that another woman is being betrayed...somebody's mom, sister, aunt, or friend.

Yes, I am a divorced woman. And not because it was something I initially chose to do. Only did so after being married to somebody that did not honor our vows...and it took me two years before I was truly ready to move on after that heart-shattering blow. That time was well-spent getting to know myself again...and rebuilding my life. And ya know something? I am indeed stronger, and know without a doubt that I will walk thru fire for those I love and cherish.

Maybe I am a bit old fashioned...Pollyanna if you will...but I do believe that love can last forever...and that having a deep and meaningful romance interlaced with friendship can endure the decades. A relationship with NO boundaries!
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Do you believe in forever, Ms. belle--issima?
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"and its only fair that you know.....forever's as far as I'll go..."