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Disadvantages of Dating A "Daddy's Girl".

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She still calls her dad daddy, at 3 or 50. 

She calls him before she calls you.

She cares more about what he thinks than you do.

She can’t be pleased.

She is used to being spoiled.

She holds her breath for what she wants.

She thinks everything she does is adorable.

"All eyes on me" Mindset

 Her daddy always outdoes you.

 Her daddy always has the final say. 

 Her mom is bitchy as all getup, if she is still around.

She thinks her bullshit will work on you. 

She has an inflated sense of self.

Top of the line, baby.

She expects every guy to treat her just like daddy did.

She can’t ever be wrong.
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@Irishoutdors568 Exactly
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Sounds identical to southeast Florida . Girls want a dad a lady wants a man to compliment them .