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A little game I'd like to share with you is "how far can I push the envelop without technically breaking the rules and getting kicked out of my own blog." Not really. I'm not trying to cause trouble. But my direct nature and inability to sugar coat the obvious tends to have that effect. I'm not for everyone. I'm a unique flavor. An acquired taste. Once you get past the sweet exterior you get walloped by the density of the next layer, but the inside is truly divine. However, it takes a tough customer, like an otter to eat an urchin. I bet urchin is amazing. Uh, also, I may possibly be a teeny, weeny, little bit ADD. Self-diagnosed, yes, but shiny things and things that make me laugh will distract me every... friggin'... time. Do NOT put me in charge of the gold. The court jester will have me behind the building in no time. Just sayin.
Ok, so, since this adventure started a couple of days ago, I have noticed some trends. I have had the enjoyment of getting to know a few of you a little bit. So far, everyone has been very respectful and it's been really fun. Dangerously fun... Beginning to fixate fun... Any new messages yet, fun... Did he respond yet, fun...So I gotta be careful. And I should disclose a few things:
1) I'm a potty mouth. Get ready for it or leave and never look back. Ok, bye eee👋🏽
2) I don't give zero f***s ...but almost
3) I haven't totally given up on finding Mr. Right...but almost
4) I am impervious to the B word. I take it as a high compliment. I usually hear it when I win. Not that relationships are a game, of course. But sometimes boys like to use crap arguments to get out of the dog house. If I'm being asked to swallow a half-baked explanation, I'mma send you back to the kitchen.
5) I'm excruciatingly honest (my humble apologies) and I expect honesty (I can take it...I think. Please don't hurt me, Sirs). And I have a keen sense or smell. So when I detect a hint of BS, well, let's just say I'm not interested in cleaning up after anybody's bull. One caveat: if someone has a defect, of sorts, that is beyond their ability to remedy, there's no sense in pointing it out in the name of honesty. That's just being a 'appended version of the name Richard'. 👈 Curtailed potty mouth, right there.
6) I value little more than my time and if I'm betting on a winner, I'll put my money on myself, every time, hands down. Not to sound so selfish and self absorbed, but I've learned the hard way how well I can rely on someone else when it comes to hard times or forever. I know it sounds bitter but it's just a matter of growing up girl. I was born with me, and I'll die with me. Thick or thin, I'm stuck with me. So the way I see it, I gotta bet on me. Thus far, every time I've banked on someone else, I've eaten the investment. I'm still a gambler prone to temptation, so I know I'll take steep odds again, but not without a little more due diligence.
Ok, enough about me. More about me! I mean you. More about you. Let's get back to those trends I mentioned:
Trend #1
Question: "Can I get your number?"
Answer: "No. You're being vetted. And you have some pretty good competition, too, I might add. But more than that, I know how easily I can take a number, like, say, yours, run it through an online background checker and, in minutes, know your real full name, where you live, what you own, who's yo mama, who's HER mama, etc. etc. Is it wise for a woman to toss out digits like candy at a parade under those conditions? Listen, I think you're a catch too. But let's be honest. EVERYONE can look good on paper and play nice for a little while. So if no number means no dice, then no dice." I'm playing the long game.
Trend #2
request for private album without any introduction. No "Hi, my name is..." or even a "hello". Nothing witty, nothing interesting... just "we want boobies". Also: "No. Who raised you? wolves? Put your mother on the phone". Incidentally, funny thing about MM. They have all these restrictions about what you can post in your private collection, making them not private worthy at all. Just more pics. If you don't want the local $200K+ers knowing your dating on-line, or worried local people might talk, I get it. But there's nothing even slightly risqué about what you can post. Yet I can send the same rejected content to you individually in a chat. Word to the wise. If you are looking for boobie pics, introduce yourself, and ask nicely. It's not a guarantee, and I don't mean mine, but in general.
Anyway, it's been fun. Gotta go to a kid party. My nephew, thanks for asking. He turns 1 today.
Ok, see you tomorrow.
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It's nice to find another honest and trustworthy person on here. I was beginning to think I was alone.

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Keep writing Lola....ur saying what we're all thinking!!!😂

So guys ditto what Lola says (I mean *one* guy who caught my attention😉).
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well said!
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Funny summary of trends #1 and #2, and very true!
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Thankyou Joe. Great profile pics.
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September 16 Total posts: 19
I love u too!
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Very unique blog I loved reading it! You sound fantastic
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great profile words I am tempted in several directions