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Crossing oceans

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I did it once and lost it all..but I want to do it again...Is it that bad wanting to find love in another country. I wonder what money has to do with love? So, no I am not a millionaire, but what I have to offer the right person is so much more valuable than a Ferrari or a house to get lost into.

I am passionate about almost everything life has to offer. Life experience, something you will not find in a younger woman as many of you, because you have money, feel you can buy. Can't buy my love, no matter how rich you are...Without some sort of attraction (physical), yes, don't get me wrong, physical attraction is important, that's why I will never respond to someone who hasn't verified their photos, you have ZERO chance.

To all shallow men, presenting yourselves as playing golf, running, going to the gym, bike riding, surfing, Everest climbing, PLEASE, get real...

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Right on!