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Calm Before Storming the Castle

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November 24
Normally I am a very calm person. But every once in a while I appreciate pulling off a good prank. It takes a lot of time & patience to set up a really good one on the ones U love. Take my older sister Deborah, she is a hard worker but bossy (ever had a sibling like that) plus she is a bit short on humor. Well one night after placing my hands in ice cubes for 30 minutes ... Deborah was due home. Our parents were out of town, but it was around midnight when I heard her car pull in the driveway.
Our front door had a closet to hang up Ur coat & there was a large desk off the corner where U had to pass in the short hallway to enter the living room. She hung her coat & passed the desk (I reached out hiding under the desk that had the chair pulled out to grab her ankles with my ice cold hands ... SUDDENLY)! She sort of screamed, but fell over like a limp rag. I thought, "Did I kill her?!" I crept out to get a closer look, but my puzzlement flew right out of my head as her eyes flew open to
glare at me. She tried to ring my neck, but I have quick reflexes. I was some what of a track star then, so as she lunged out at me; I moved quickly to run to the bathroom (only room that had an inside lock in the door knob). She was dead on my heels, but I managed to slam the door shut & lock it securely. It took an hour before her need of the privy over ruled her temper, but we finally negotiated a settlement & exchange. After doing her chores for a week, I still smile anout that incident, but
my sister always checks under the desk even to this day. LoL 😆

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December 1
You are romantic calme you live in your mood