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Calling all non-shallow men

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1 year ago
Hi, just thought I would take advantage to introduce myself here. Hehe...
My defination of non-shallow men. Guys for whom the point of their existance
is to look hot, be seen with cutsie girls ( and I mean girls! )
Guys who think their money actually win them points ( well ah.. small points perhaps )
I really wished there were non-shallow men on this site. Ive tried normal sites and they are just as much a lottery. Are there any guys here who really really believe in the bottom of their hearts that greed is a sin?. That great looks are not that important in the grand scheme of things?. That their money is not winning any major points at least not with genuine women?.

I really hope they do exist. Its great to arrive in heaven... but heaven doesnt last forever. At some points the cracks are going to start to show and low and behold that hot body and beautiful female is going to grow old! The luxurious island may have people who are treated badly by their government! And the money doesnt make them happy! What I mean to say is .... realistically speaking. Isnt the western values all a little bit plastic?? Doesnt intelligence bring you to the conclusion that there is something more to search for than a decadent alpha male display ? Any men here who would like to comment or maybe find their way into my curious mind... :-)
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1 year ago
Greetings Metaphysics and thank you for the wonderful and very interesting thoughts you have posted on your "blog".

In my opinion many many people an this site and throughout all societies are guilty the the "sins' that you talk of in your blog. it has been my experience that the vanity and thirst for power and money occurs on all levels of the soc ail structure as in most every setting it seems that there is a pecking order that is primarily driven by males...and is very sinful that it occurs.

On the the other topic you mention....most people do not think about what they are supposed to do to feed and nurture their soul...they are more concerned about their physical need and that is also sinful...I have however throughout my lifetime found a few learned souls who are on the right is ashamed that there are not more as it would make living on earth a pleasure without equal....well without equal here on earth that for me...I am happy to count myself with those that do know about the sins of "man" and am always taking steps to refine myself.

Blessings to you and all you care for.
Peace 4Life.