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Brilliant light

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1 year ago
Within the swirling ebon night where whispers of promises dance and sing along the cool breezes I see in the distance a brilliant flash of purest white light. Like a moth to a flame I feel myself being drawn by it's luminancent call. With each brilliant flash urging me on faster to my goal. Until, I am where I last saw it's white glow. Turning about searching what seems an eternity for that next flash. With my ears catching the sound of gentle laughter like thunder after a lightening strike the brilliant radiant white light of your soul bathes my world in pure serene white light. Instantly healing and cleansing away all my fears and worries. It begins to dawn on me that the light has not faded into the ebon night, and before I can ask your finger slips over my lips and you whisper into my ear; "Where there was two apart now there is one united. The dark chaos has no hold on our radiant souls, and we given to each other unconditional love and once more loose ourselves in our passion for one another.