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Bluebird of Happiness!

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November 25
We are all looking for our "soulmates" but there is a sifting process of going through the profiles to view what is available to match our priorities. I have only read about 270 profiles in between Thanksgiving preparations. Even with 600 responses the search continues. Let me say, this is not a task I take lightly. In my experience, my family members would set up a blind date or dinner at their home to make introductions ... then watch our interactions. (One of the reasons I moved away
from"helpful" family members to the wilds of California.) But the online dating is rather ... well new to me. So fresh at this, let's just say cowgirls would use the term 'green~horn" here. Reading through, I began thinking of what is written between the lines (my favorite spoke of his dream woman having a pulse & breathing as acceptable) but after I stopped laughing at the description. I really wondered if it was true?) Sobering moment. That leads us to make decisions on finding the "ONE" or if serial dating will give us a range of teenager types, twenry somethings, 30 odd sixers, 40 niners, midlife crises modes or finally the Silver foxes. What a field, huh? Well whatever Ur motivation is, may U take a moment to seriously consider this: I once had a neighbor (let's call her Lois) who by all standards was butt~ugly. I mean thin hair, bald spot, plain looks & non~descript attire. But she was so sweet in nature, suprisingly her looks changed over time. Maybe it was how I saw
her after the kind acts she did won me over? At the end I saw her as beautiful 😍! She was inspiring by her selfless devotion. Up lifting by her understanding ❤ & her good natured humor cheered all who spent 5 minutes in her company. Now her husband was the exact opposite. I hope this online experience will yield true soulmates for each of us, and the hookup folks 💜 learn U usually get what U seek, but it may not be what U really want in the end. Be thankful, loving & most of all sincere. U never
lose having a true ❤. We marry our pardon me as I look once again through the offerings availabe to some how match my intentions. May U find Ur bluebird of happiness! Aqua will do too. 😊

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