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Beauty in the Broken

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November 23
Many times while travelling I encounter an artistic treasure. I like stain glass creations, for the broken pieces can be reused for glorious purposes. The lucky residents of a Mexican city called Toluca have a lovely botanical garden coupled with incredible stained glass windows. A display of plants and art together, it is what to do with a building once it outlives its original purpose. Like shifting flour to create delicious fresh bread, the parts are placed in an array of splendor. In dating we can be shifted too. Judged unworthy of notice, but those treasures were meant for only the wise ones that know relationships are built upon an invisible core of trust. Let your ❤ see the beauty in the broken.

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To float in an underground river that opens up into the large ceiling of an aviary with beautiful butterflies airing their vibrant colors and all in stained glass! Ohm
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I love the beauty of the broken .. I see it everyday when I look in the mirror,I smile and hold my broken head higher and face another day.