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Bambi and Glenda the Seahag

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1 year ago
Cupid2007 is soooooo right! We all need to learn to forgive.

Yes, fights are going to happen. Anyone who read my blog about the problem I was having at work already knows the story. A woman I work with - we'll call her Bambi - was given false information by another co-worker - and we'll call her Glenda the Seahag. I will no longer disgrace whales by calling Glenda a whale, instead I will use seahag.

Anyway, Glenda the Seahag is a mean and malicious individual. She thrives on making others feel miserable. She lies and stirs up problems. She told Bambi that I was telling customers who spend money on Bambi that Bambi likes to go home with customers. This is entirely untrue, and I never said it.

Now poor Bambi was very distraught by the actions she believed I took against her. She had never wronged me, and felt I had done her an injustice. She became very upset.

I learned of this information through our boss. Now, no one would tell me that it was Glenda the Seahag who had misinformed little Bambi, but all revealed itself in time.

Bambi and I have since e-mailed back and forth to one another to clear the bad air between us. We are friends once again. The situation with Glenda the Seahag has yet to be dealt with. Bambi and I have chosen to speak with her when we are all at work again. If further problems should arise, we will take immediate action to drowned Glenda the Seahag! Ok, not really. Management has reassured Bambi and me that if there is another problem, Glenda the Seahag will be asked to leave the club for good.

Now, if 3 exotic dancers and their dim manager can manage to resolve an issue and forgive one another, why can't the members of this site do the same? I know you all think you have more class, tact, and maturity than "lowly strippers," but by the way you act on the blogs, I'm beginning to wonder.