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1 year ago
OK - I just can't take another minute of these Discouraging Blogs - and all the Discontent.

Let's Pretend that This Web Site is an Airport Bar.

Your Plane is Delayed. (now - the plane is a metaphor for The One).

You've got 2 Hours to Kill. You can sit in an uncomfortable chair at the gate - and whine and moan - or you can walk to the Bar - have a Cocktail - meet some interesting people from all corners of the world - enjoy some Good Conversation - and Learn a few things. You have No Criteria - No Agenda - No Mission - and you Enjoy Yourself.

While waiting for The Plane - you make a Connection with Someone. Sure - they live 1000 miles away from You - but they're Cool - and you enjoy talking to them - you've got time to spare - no where else to go - and it doesn't matter anyway - but you Click. And that's the end of that.

You go about your Life for a few months. You start thinking about this person you met at the Airport Bar. Life is Good - but you wonder about them. You send an email - you swap correspondence - a few phone calls - you become Life Long Friends - maybe even a Plan to meet someday - but No Pressure - No Time Frame.

You go about your Life for a few months, more. One thing leads to another - and before you know it - some kind of awesome relationship is established with this Cool Person - and Everything Falls into Place.

Now - if you had sat in that Uncomfortable Chair - Moaning and Whining - while waiting for Your Plane - Where would you be right now? and in a few months? and in a Year?