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Abusive people? How so? Because you cant take criticism? Grow up. There's a great big world all around you and there will always be people that dont like you for absolutely no reason. YOU take care of YOU. Sniffling about it here is trivial. You're not going to change other people's opinions by whining about it to others. If you've felt a victim of abuse your whole life maybe its NOT everyone else but actually YOU thats abusive. You just cant see it.
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so i must add if you are not concerned by women's opinions of men, as they are not men why then are you trying to figure or be concerned with a woman's opinion. It is one thing to respect and not hate women, but it also another thing to not be considerate to a woman's point of view (whether you agree or understand it or not) Take heed in what you say...and what you so openly preach.
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1 year ago

In the pasts, you have always let me get away with my silly goofie digs at you, and you have welcomed it, and I to you. My plea for you is this, if you know that there is abusive people surrounding your horizon, and clouding your judgment, please stay away from them, and don't instigate them nor goad them. And before you think they are all wrong, why don't you also try to do a self analysis and see if you yourself have no any part in this exchange of abuse???
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i just join this site, i havent read all your blogs,but one "cry".. nothing wrong with crying over the saddness of what will be... because of the way we used our environment.. i would, and do shed those same tears...
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thats a nice thought but given the current state of the human psyche,,,tis not going to happen anytime soon. One problem HERE is that unless an evil influence is quicky quelled, it escalates very fast and takes over until complete chaos reigns.

In THESE woods, you are but a babe. Ive been here for more than a year. There is apoint when a person has to stand up and put a stop to vicious behavior from others. A blog history lesson is sometimes required as well.

Until you have been here for a long time and consistently read them ,,you wont know how vicious this place can be. Most of us get along very well, most of the time.
Toss in a pheblian Troll bent on vengence and things get ugly. That is life. My blog "Blog-Land as a MircoChasm explains it well.
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Im rather curious as to how you have over-ridden the 2000 charactor limit for blog entries.

To put your thoughts out to the public is to accept that others might not agree with you.

Your ideas and posts are far from the mainstream,accepted thinking.

Ioffer no personal opinion on the validity of them overall. You believe as you see fit.

The challenge we should be dealing with is how to have different opinions and life styles without resorting to name calling and insults. Except that it is a fundamental aspect of human society. Any one "different" has always beena target for ridicule.

That is the sad truth of human nature.

You should know by now that your very different take on life is going to be a target IF you put it out in open public like it is here.

People SHOULD be respectful in voicing their opinions.To expect continual courtesy is not being realistic.
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1 year ago

PaulineMaria wrote:
This blog is so heavy and negative in energy. Flush...Time for some upliftment surely?
Yes time to flush it down the toilet! I think when a blog gets like this it doesnt matter who said what or who is the victim. If it was mine I would delete it and start a new positive one.
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Personally, I think this is a very positive statement - noting that mathematically speaking people on these blogs are more positive than negative by at least a 2 to 1 margin. Who's to say, however, that "pretty whacky" or "fussily etheral" are negative comments?
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I am frankly puzzled...
These women seem to be so out of character, from who I believed
them to be, a month ago...
It's almost like they get some sort of vile pleasure, in demeaning or ridiculing him...
I wonder if they are truly aware of the way they sound ?
You know.. I don't know about aliens, and Urantia, but I know the Devil when I see it, and he seems to be alive and well, and determined to cause trouble... As always ! : (
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1 year ago
VL I have just read several of your blogs and i will say only a couple of them would i comment on. Some were way over my head.
I think you just write things people can not relate to. It is also a good idea to maybe try and limit your blogs as others get pushed to page two quickly and no one sees them. This would seem to be the biggest problem some have with you. This is an etiquette thought. No one writes 35 blogs in a few weeks. Well no one but you i guess. Maybe try not being so deep and share your deep parts with the women whom you are interested in. This might help some of the situation i don't know. You can write whatever you like but you might not get any feed back to it. If you are interesting we will pick up on it. If we can't relate nothing is interesting. Just a thought to you fom a very interesting person when she wants to be.....
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Yesterday when I posted my comment, there were 9 blogs authored by you on the first page. 9/50 = 18%, or, as I stated, almost 20%. As such, I stand by my assertion. :)

The fact that you've only been here a little over 3 weeks and have already authored 35 blogs (!), should tell you that you might consider being a little less prolific thereby giving others a chance.

Rather than authoring 10 blogs about poetry, author ONE and simply add to it each day.
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1 year ago
Birds of a feather flock together. All the negative bloggers seem to have a pack mentality. Blog bullies. I created a topic on this and then decided to delete it to avoid giving them any energy. I dont see any problem in multiple topics from VL. Is your life so empty that such a thing becomes an issue? Why has VL caused such a sensation? I would say its because he has got you thinking outside the box. For some people this is way out of their comfort zone.

Good luck to you all on your MM quest whatever that may be.
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I've read a number of your blogs and, personally speaking, I find most of the theories and beliefs to be to be pretty wacky, fuzzily ethereal, and silly... so I don't really read them anymore.

Having said this, I didn't find any of the ones I read offensive nor have I witnessed any abusive behavior by you on these blogs. In fact, I think you've suffered the avalanch of slings and arrows here in blogland with admirable stoicism.

I think that people with different ideas and points of view make Blogland a more interesting place.

One thing I would suggest though, is that you consider limiting the number of blogs you have on the go to one or two. If there's anything that upsets Blogland natives, it's a Blog Hog and, as I look at the Page 1 blogs, you account for almost 20%. That is WAY too many, and each blog you plaster on page 1 pushes another member's OFF the front page. Limiting oneself is a basic courtesy towards other members who might also like to say something and have their blogs seen as well. Just my opinion. :)
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visionarylover write:
Hi Ready,

That is not what I am asking for.

Go to a blog entry, look at the number being viewed, remember that, then click into the blog, then click back directly and quickly(so others aren't counted in the time you are), then see if the view number goes up by one of two.


Just tried what you asked, the # of views remains the same as when I first clicked into your blog.

As those who have viewed your blog only show the 1st time they viewed it, this could be a glitch.
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Hey VL,

Uptown is correct, I've just tried it. You must click on Largest Millionaire Blogs right afterwards and the count goes up by two each time. Obviously another wonderful glitch of MM's.
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lmao starfinder with all due respect you have got to be kidding me?

He can blog till he's blue in the face.... and if that were the case he'd be navy blue about now.

I do NOT agree with alot of his ramblings about what he claims as scientifically proven facts etc.. those things I will debate and will question.

His poems are his own creative thoughts.. I dont comment on them no matter what I think of them.

If MM was set up to allow ppl to blog without others posting comments it would be understandable why you feel its unfair how others feel towards VL. VL KNOWS when he posts blogs on here that its open for any and all to comment on. Including questioning the integrity of who writes it. If he needs a safer forum to post things maybe he should find one of the hundreds of sites that offer just that.

Starfinder, Peggysue, and a few others..... Isnt what you're doing the same thing as what everyone else is doing? You dont agree with how others are answering VL's blogs and by not agreeing you're accusing others of personally attacking him? Calling other people's comments silly, and childish? Arent you name calling as well? Passing judgement and sharing that judgment by posting your own thoughts? Its a fine line. What you think is just sharing your thoughts is also indirectly calling some bloggers silly, and childish? You're pointing out the issue, and, at the same time, contributing to it. You just phrase it to say "them" or "they". As if those comments arent directed at anyone. Vl has called other bloggers disillusional, liars, and other telling others to get educated, and numerous others things. He chooses to call it defending himself. Like there's a difference? He's name calling.

VL doesnt have to like whats being said. He also has the option (as someone pointed out) to NOT read blogs that he feels are negative. HE has the option to delete comments made on his blogs. Which he does all the time. For him to think he isnt open for others to judge his thoughts shouldnt be posting blogs that contain religious content for one. Blogs that offend many religious ppl here on MM. VL needs to realize that he's not the exception to the rules of blogging. Its a great big world out there with lots of varying opinions. He needs to respect everyone's right to feel how the choose. Including how the feel about him. VL needs to realize that by sharing so much about himself has left a lot of open doors to see his character. That a lot of posts about him arent based on assumptions.... Its based on the things he's said and shared. I dont have to meet him in person to get a sense of what he's like or what he's all about. He does that with every blog he posts.
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All words of evil
The ones no one forgets
And are always in use
The pace everyone sets
Yet they only tighten the noose


Very rarely used
And mean an awful lot
Words always abused
Yet never sought
Why can't they learn

Vl I'm sorry but some people live with cruelty and abuse.....I know I've been there I also get negative responses on my blogs as they say it takes all kinds to make a world so don't lower yourself to their ways ..keep doing what you want and ignore the "bad" or you will fall into their traps
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VL, I'm sorry that people are being so negative with you.

We all need to remember "if you have nothing good to say, keep your mouth shut".

I have my share of complaints, and maybe posted a few, but don't believe this should be a place to be ridiculed and attacked for your thoughts and ideas.

Maybe the best answer for this situation is this: if you don't like what VL writes, don't look, nobody's forcing you!
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A long time ago, I was of the belief, if I was just nicer, or more helpful, or just tried harder in general, Everyone would like me... It's just not that way...

Just like Coke and Pepsi, Chocolate, and Vanilla...People have opinions, strong opinions about what they like. You can't easily change people's minds, And that's OK.. People like different things. You do, however live with yourself, 24/7 No getting around that. So, I suggest, you satisfy yourself, that you are doing the right thing, and let it go...

Find the shade Trish was talking about...

Just remember, as long as God is in your corner, everyone else, is icing on the cake. : )