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5 Ingredients (I won't say secret...LOL) to Staying in love

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1 year ago
1) Do things unexpectedly!
2) Show your loyalty!
3) Be supportive!
4) Maintain a healthy dose of individuality!
5) Love your partner!!!!!

Love is obviously a crucial element in a successful long-term relationship. But having love isn't enough. You need to be in love. The phrase "love is a verb, not a noun" certainly applies here. Don't hesitate to write that quick love note, give that deep kiss, sit next to each other at a restaurant or hold hands in public. The little things go a long way towards establishing a deep, intimate connection with your partner. As simple as it sounds, this action is probably the most commonly overlooked and don't ignore them!

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Dear Princess,

Excellent blog and you're absolutely correct, #5 is the way to stay in love - love your partner!!!