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  • What Is Sex Therapy Regarding Sex Addiction Recovery?

    What is sex therapy? It is a form of psychotherapy. In therapy, people can work with a therapist either on their own or with their spouse or partner. The issues can range from childhood trauma, abuse...()
  • Delay The Gratification But Not Your Joy

    Congratulations! You stepped out there to fulfill your dreams. You clearly understand that having lasting, meaningful success means setting priorities and being focused on achieving your goals. You ar...()
  • Allow Yourself to Live The Life That Is Best For You!

    Every one of us is responsible for our own lives. That means we are responsible for our own growth and development. Adults are not children, so we need to give them the space to grow themselves and to...()

    Hakim Ziyech (Morocco) One of the best players in the Eredivisie for the past few years, Hakim Ziyech will surely be on the move this summer. His current employers, Ajax, know that if Ziyech performs...()
  • Which team is a must-watch in the World Cup 2018?

    For me its Brazil and France!! Brazil possesses a long footballing history and affinity to the World Cup as they have won the trophy more than any other team. The current Brazilian national team posse...()
  • Repairing a Damaged Relationship

    If you are dealing with the difficult task of repairing your damaged relationship, you will need to spend some time and effort. You can fix your romantic relationship, but it will not necessarily be f...()
  • How to Heal Yourself Through Forgiveness and Find True Love

    To forgive is to set a prisoner free and discover the prisoner was you. It's any wonder why someone would choose darkness when the light is just a decision away. A decision to incorporate new thoughts...()
  • Are You Making Your Troubled Relationship Worse

    When you start off in a relationship, the future looks rosy, and you envision a lifetime of eternal bliss and contentment with the person you love. The very idea of relationship problems might seem al...()
  • The Reasons Why Love And Sex Are Not The Same

    There is need to clarify what love and sex means or stands for in marriage. Many people attach the same meaning to the two, which is a serious error. The keywords in the title are love, sex and marria...()
  • Unforeseen Obstacles Couples Confront

    Usually, in the early days of love, couples are so lost in each other; they don't see what could break their love. Separating doesn't occur to them. Over time couples can begin fighting and work throu...()

    Many successful relationships and marriages are the results of a blind date, proving that they can work. To make a blind date successful you need to have the right attitude towards them. If you go on...()
  • Why the Beauty Industry Hates Men

    This simple means that a large number of the male gender do not spend time and money on creams, using a number of tubes, jars, and bottles with exotic names from expensive brands, or trying to see wha...()