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    When dating an entrepreneur, here’s what to know in the midst of the chaos to develop and maintain a meaningful partnership

    The grind. The hustle. Elevate or die.

    When you’re dating an entrepreneur, these are the phrases and ideologies that are never far from their lips, and that passion, zeal, and dedication can be incredibly attractive.

    With the stakes always seemingly so high, trying to date an entrepreneur can seem like an uphill battle against a cunning enemy, known commonly as “success.”

    So, when you’re taking the plunge with the lovely, tenacious partner that you can’t get enough of, there are some things to know to set you both up for success down the road.

    Here’s 7 Tips to Know While Dating an Entrepreneur

    1. Long hours are the norm, not the exception

    “Regular business hours” are not really part of the equation. Inspiration can strike at any moment, and that moment must be seized. This is true of the post-5 o’clock hours, and bleeds over into weekends, as well. There’s typically no weekend, because, frankly, for an entrepreneur, the work never ends. Adjusting this expectation about timing is key for mutual understanding.

    2. Expect the unexpected

    Clients can put in late requests for revisions. Sites can crash. Bugs can clog up the new app release. And of course, none of these happen at a convenient time. Date nights, weekend plans, beach vacations are all prime time for things to go haywire. So, rather than being shocked when things go south, mentally and emotionally preparing by expecting the unexpected can help when the adversity inevitably hits.

    3. Make sure you can entertain yourself

    With plans that can get changed, pushed, or cancelled, it’s important that you can entertain yourself when you’ve got an unexpected chunk of time to yourself. To take this one step further, planning and scheduling intentional time for self-care can make you a better you, which is vital for any relationship – you can’t pour from an empty cup. Make sure you are taking care of yourself and you’ll be fresh and agile in the context of your relationship, as well as all aspects of your life.

    4. Avoid comparison despair

    Dating an entrepreneur is not a textbook romance. The process is just different than most couples, and the driven nature of an entrepreneur means there’s a host of quirks that come with the territory. Rather than watching other couples and envying them for their relationships, take a look inside, ask what you truly value, and take the action that you can take to transform your own relationship. It can be a despairing place when you’re constantly comparing to what others have and what you do not have, so avoid this comparison despair by being honest with yourself and your partner about what you’d actually love in your relationship.

    5. Find community for you and your partner

    Life wasn’t meant to be lived alone, and strong community is the best reminder of this. Whether it’s making friends with your partner’s business associates, colleagues and their spouses or finding local meet-ups for like-minded people, knowing that you’re not alone in the common struggles you’re going through can bring such a healthy perspective to overwhelming, and isolating seasons of life. This acts as a pressure release in a relationship so that frustrations, vent sessions, and just “letting it out” doesn’t all fall on your partner.

    6. Seek out common ground

    Whether you like it or not, you’re going to hear a lot about business, entrepreneurship, leadership and innovation from your partner. Best-case scenario, you eat up the information and enjoy the audio books, podcasts, TED talks and interviews just as much as they do. If you’re not into all that, however, you may dread car rides and hang time around the house with the Bluetooth speaker piping in that latest podcast guest throughout your space. A compromise may be in order if there’s a show or personality that you both relate to and enjoy listening. And if that doesn’t cut it, there’s always noise-cancelling headphones just an Amazon Prime away.

    7. If you can’t beat them, join them

    Maybe it’s time for you to start up your own venture. If one hectic schedule seems daunting on its own, maybe two could actually be a blessing, lending to a deeper understanding of what you’re each going through. It would take work, but the nuances of what you’re each going through would be understood on a fundamental level. And what’s a thriving relationship without commitment and dedication from both partners, anyway? If you can’t beat them, join the hustle.

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    dating a lawyer

    When dating a lawyer, there is a certain set of skills and principles to understand about your partner, and about the profession as a whole.

    What is it like dating a lawyer?

    If you’re looking for a relationship with a lawyer, there are a few factors that may help you set expectations from the get-go, so that you’re fully briefed on what you’re getting into.

    While yes, lawyers are human, here are a few idiosyncrasies to note about the profession and about the professional singles that live for the law.

    Here’s 7 Things to Know Before Dating a Lawyer

    1. There’s always more work to be done

    The two most important words to know about a lawyer and their relationship to time and money: billable hours. If they’re not working on the clock, they’re not getting paid. This means that unlike some automated income streams, a lawyer’s time is being traded for dollars. This payoff can be huge, of course, but it’s at the expense of quality time spent elsewhere, such as date night.

    2. Lawyer personalities are not subtle

    This is a wonderful thing. For a lawyer, personality skills and weaknesses can quickly reveal growth opportunities for skills that need crafted. This process starts in law school where a person is evaluated on their potential for being “lawyer material.” For a person dating a single lawyer, there will likely be few question marks about the type of person you’re involved with. If you like what you see, you’re probably getting a cold-hard dose of the real person you’re dating, not always a guarantee in budding romances.

    3. Being a lawyer doesn’t make a person scummy…

    Being a scummy person does. It is not part of the curriculum at law school, nor is it a requirement on the bar exam, that to be an effective lawyer you have to be a jerk. However, if you were a jerk before, law school will certainly bring out more of the same. As with any career field, there are all types of people that are attracted to the profession for all sorts of reasons. Some of those people are jerks. As mentioned above, lawyer personalities can be about as subtle as a gunshot, so if you’re catching an off-putting vibe from your date, it’s not simply because they’re a lawyer, it’s just who they are.

    4. Detail matters in every situation

    In the courtroom, there’s order and decorum. All the players know their roles and expectations are clear. The type of thinking required to excel in that environment can be a bit trying in daily life. Lawyers are direct, and have a sense of clarity about what they want. For those closest to them, including a person dating a lawyer, this meticulously detailed lifestyle can be challenging. The very same attributes that make a lawyer shine in the courtroom may be to the detriment of personal intimacy.

    5. Latin phrases are not the only words they know

    All professional singles have words and phrases that may sound like gibberish to an outsider. Learning the lingo comes with the territory. When dealing with the law, the lingo happens to be primarily Latin-based, however it’s an overgeneralization to paint all lawyers as Latin-dropping fanatics. One lawyer, Stacy Becker, had this to say about this stereotype, “Many people picture dating a lawyer as sitting across the table from someone going into a rant about their argument in their legal brief about the qui tam provisions of the False Claim Act while they’ve rolled their eyes and fallen asleep. In truth, many lawyers would love to talk about anything but the law.”

    6. Arguing with a lawyer is an impossible feat

    Okay, so it’s not impossible, but when a major tool in a single lawyer’s toolbox is to formulate an argument on how to be “right,” it’s a tall order to defy. Stand up comic Jani Tillery, who is a lawyer by day, shares, “Guys don’t get my mindset. I had a guy say to me once, ‘Jani, you think just because you’re a lawyer, you think you’re always right.’ Yeah! What is so hard about that?”

    7. Lawyers are not all greedy, selfish hustlers

    This is probably the biggest stereotype out there around lawyers, whether you’re dating one or not. This is what makes the good TV – the ambulance chaser careening around the corner across a busy intersection, briefcase sliding across the dashboard, cheap suit flapping in the wind, greasy, slicked back hair quickly being combed by greedy little fingers because the chase is on. This is what gets perpetuated on screen because it’s dramatic, completely at odds with the far more common and true-to-life lawyer that works hard to provide for themselves and their family. If the lawyer you’re dating is acting like a selfish hustler, it’s probably because they’re a hustler at heart that happens to be a lawyer.

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    dating a doctor

    The anatomy of dating a doctor: an incredibly rewarding experience for everyone involved. Here are the best perks of dating a doc.

    Doctors are some of the most respected professionals on the planet. They’re compassionate, driven, intelligent, and are held accountable to rigid standards of excellence. Being a doctor provides one of the highest incomes across all industries, and affords opportunities exclusive to high earners.

    With all of that going for them, what’s it like to date a single doctor?

    The 9 Best Things About Dating a Doctor

    1. Doctors know how to party

    Doctors work hard and play hard. With long, often grueling hours, a doctor’s schedule is not an enviable thing. It’s almost guaranteed that a single doctor has a busier schedule than you, so when a shift is done, it’s time to unwind. Whatever the un-wind period looks like is up to you and your partner to be creative, fun and recharge after a long day.

    2. Bodily functions don’t weird them out

    There’s often steadfast barriers in place at the beginning of a relationship around what is permissible to share with one another, that once crossed, cannot be undone. Luckily, doctors have seen it all. They’ve probably smelled, heard and felt it all, as well, but you catch the drift. So while bodily functions may be new to your relationship, they won’t be new to a doctor, which may soften the blow when it’s time to cross that bridge.

    3. Spontaneity is a virtue

    With unpredictable schedules, the best laid plans may be laid to waste if something comes up in the office or hospital that keeps your doctor from coming home on time. When doctor dating, the opportunity this presents is mastering the art of flexibility. Pivot! Learning to change gears and still make the best of a situation is going to be crucial to get comfortable with, since altered plans will be inevitable.

    4. Everything is put in perspective

    Keeping things in perspective isn’t a skill that most people just have, innately. Often, it takes practice, and we don’t actually learn to keep a healthy perspective until we’re presented a real-life situation where a perspective shift is required. So when you’re at the end of a long day and you hear about the gut-wrenching procedure that did not go as planned and it was your partner’s responsibility to share the news with the patient’s family, maybe the fact that the barista only added one cream instead of two into your morning coffee doesn’t seem so earth-shattering. Perspective truly is everything.

    5. You learn practical skills, like the best way to remove a blood stain

    While doctors don’t make it a habit of dealing with copious amounts of blood outside of the work setting, there are some skills that are transferable should the occasion arise. White vinegar, STAT!

    6. Patience permeates everything

    As we mentioned above about perspective, patience is one of those things that you learn by doing. When dating a doctor, there’s ample opportunity to practice patience. From text messages that don’t get replied to immediately, to dark nights when they just can’t shake the weight of the day, patience is key. While the process can feel tedious, dating a doctor and learning to be patient in the big and small moments is rewarding, and leads to honest, open communication, which is the cornerstone of any lasting relationship. If you’re going to invest in a relationship with a doctor, intentionally finding ways to practice and strengthen communication will pay dividends in the long run.

    7. Lifestyle options are wide open

    Once all the schooling is complete, and a doctor is officially practicing, that’s when the money starts to flow. While every person is different, and the big house with the big car with the big pool is certainly not a given or a requirement of the job, it’s possible and more easily attainable with a doctor’s salary. The real perk is having the financial freedom to create and live the life you desire.

    8. Education opportunities for your kids

    Are kids in the cards for you? One of the perks of the financial freedom afforded a doctor is the opportunity to provide their children access to educational opportunities. This could be private schooling and personal instruction when the kids are young, or it could mean saving away a healthy and robust nest egg for post-secondary education when the time comes.

    9. By-proxy medical degree

    Call it osmosis if you want, but mere proximity to a doctor’s knowledge base will certainly rub off on a dating partner. Any profession comes with industry jargon, acronyms, and best practices, and the medical field is certainly no exception. This is especially true when watching anything medical as depicted on TV or in movies. You can guarantee that any procedure, medicine order, hospital protocol, or instrument setup in a patient’s room will be critiqued down to the very last bolus. You’ll be ready to scrub-in in no time.

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  • The Truth Why Women Like Rich Men Posted by Admin

    rich men

    Are you searching for answers on The Truth Why Women Like to Date Rich Men? This article will not only tell you why girls/ladies dating rich men, but it give you tips on how you follow the system.

    Here are major reasons Why Women Like to dating wealthy men.

    1. Females are hardwired to always on the lookout for guys who can be great providers:

    Women are enticed to men with money and power for two main reasons. First, females are hardwired to look for wealthy men who can be great bill payer, and if necessary good protectors. Second, because they believe that rich and powerful dudes can give them a lifetime of enjoyment and exploit. Most women don't go for boys based on their appearances. But rather with those who are luckily furnished with generous possessions. Though it's not pretty the ideal picture if the pursuit is for true love and companionship, it's still the dream of a lot of ladies out there to date wealthy men. Perhaps, these women imagine a perfect man to be not only physically nice-looking, clever, and well-mannered, but also with the competent enough to provide more than the basic necessities.

    2. Love does make individuals cheerful. But as reality strikes, money can make relationships more enjoyable and stimulating:

    Getting a tour for two to London or a one week stay at a marvelous resort can certainly make love grow. And sure enough, these great wishes are not likely to happen without the availability of dough. We've all seen these fat old men with the finest 19-year-old models. Every time we see this as guys we are commonly completely dumbfounded and the idea of being rich just to get babes is something that every guy dreams about. It’s absolutely true that rich and celebrated men get the girls - irrespective of their appearances.

    3. Fascination is not a choice:

    For the most part, the fascination ladies feel for men is natural. Since women are wired in a different way, the idea of a man being able to be responsible for her needs and to look after her boils down to money. Women want men that they believe can afford their need and rich men can do that. Not only can wealthy men provide, but they can offer security which is indeed essential for women. Again, since women tend to filter the whole kit and caboodle through the lens of whether a man will make a good father for her children, once again the rich guy wins because he will possibly be a good role model.

    4. Women are more possible to see a man attractive if they think the man is rich:

    A recent study has proven that Women are more probable to find men smart if they think they are rich. The study put forward that women are four times as sensitive to salary when choosing a male lover as men are when deciding on a female partner. It has long been held that females should be more thoughtful to how much money a man earns because of the necessity for resources that can be spent in their children.

    Now here are a few tips on how you can cheat the system.

    1. Cultivate The Attitude Of Self-Confidence:

    While every one of us won't make a 7 digit figure by the end of the year just to land a hot babe, there is a much-cherished lesson to take from a wealthy man attitude. The idea that actually makes women feel enticed to rich guys is something that you can play on without being rich. This is it. One ignored aspect of rich men is the fact that they have a huge amount of self-confidence. More than anything, this is what women actually find attractive. Wealthy men feel like they can make anything happen and often think that they own the world. You've perhaps seen normal guys with the same attitude - and these are usually the boys that get the girls.

    Develop this attitude of great confidence. Make women have confidence in you. Make they believe that you own the world - even if you don't. Show confidence in everything you do and you will see how women will always respond to you.

    2. Be Emotionally Stable:

    Being emotionally stable will tell that you are quiet and composed and that you are not easily affected by external situations. You are not fast to anger and that you are able to hold your bearings in raging or stressful conditions. This attribute is so imperative to women that they will often test you, just to see if she can affect you emotionally. This is because women subconsciously search for men who can be the chief and leader of her home and can deal peacefully and decisively in any conditions that can affect the family.

  • How to be Attractive to Powerful Rich Men? Posted by Admin

    date rich men

    Women have always had the upper hand when it comes to choosing a partner as they have such ample resources at their disposal that they can use to attract any kind of man they want (if you know what we mean, *wink*).

    Historically, women have always preferred to have a rich man as their life partner rather than one with moderate or few means of livelihood. After all, who doesn’t want a comfortable, luxurious life?

    Moreover, from an evolutionary point of view too, it works well for a woman to have a rich man as a life partner to ensure that her kids will be well taken care of. But how does one catch the attention of a powerful rich man? Where does one even find such a man? And how can you ensure that he is not just attracted to you but stays interested in you?

    The following are some of our best tips on how you can achieve all that with minimum effort:

    • Take care of your physical fitness

    A survey has shown that rich men prefer a good body over an overly pretty face any day. If you take care of what you are eating and manage at least an hour of regular physical exercise, you can be in good health to ensure that you have a good body shape without being overly skinny or overweight.

    • Be neat

    Natural beauty in a girl puts her far ahead of those who use a load of cosmetics to enhance their features. Make sure that you have a clean, washed look which you can just touch up with a very basic make-up ritual. Your hairstyle, nails and general cleanliness should also be such that it gives out a neat and trim impression of your personality.

    • Don’t be a bimbo

    Attractive men look for class and therefore if you are dressing up in miniskirts or spiked heels, you are bound to actually repulse successful men rather than attracting them. If you really want to appear attractive to a rich man, you should ensure that you are a lady and not a bimbo.

    Dress yourself up in clothes that look appropriate for your age. Be conservative in your dresses so that you look beautiful without showing too much skin. The make-up should also be kept muted and subtle which is a definite proof of class and high-society style.

    • Follow a skin regimen

    Beautiful, glowing skin is something that can be attractive on its own without the need for brushing it up with creams and powders. Healthy eating, as well as a beauty regimen which takes special care of your facial skin, will ensure that you have a younger looking face which will definitely attract your guy.

    • Buy hair extensions

    If you have shoulder length or even shorter hair, make sure that you invest some money in good hair extensions. Long and well-groomed hair is another sign of high-class women and is definitely preferred over short pixie cuts by rich men. Hair extensions also allow you to sport curly, wavy or straight hair with different colored highlights as per your mood.

    • Whiten your teeth

    Get your teeth cleaned and whitened at a dental clinic. White, plaque-free teeth are a sign of good oral hygiene which rich men are sure to appreciate and like. You should also ensure that you never have bad breath when you are meeting the guy you want to be attracted to you.

    • Locate your guy

    It is easy to dream about having a rich man being attracted to you and even prep yourself for it. However, when it actually comes down to having a guy take an interest in you and pay attention to you, it can take quite a lot of work.

    You should first find such a guy whose attention you want. You can find such rich men through friends, at charity functions, galas or other similar events. It is important to look your best, no matter what time of day or which place you are visiting, because you never when you run into the kind of guy that you want as your partner.

    • Try to create coincidental meetings

    Once you have located the guy who you want to be attracted to you, you would then have to create coincidental meetings so that you run into him accidentally on purpose at least a couple of times. This gives you time to create an impression and catch his interest. Try getting your coffee from the same shop, going to the same church or attending the same event that he is going to.

    • Read up on his hobbies

    Any man is bound to be much more attracted to a woman if she knows something about his hobbies and shares the same interests. So, if you know something about what he likes to do, you can have an engaging conversation with him that will only make him like you more.

    • Reciprocate his advances

    As a general rule, rich men like to pursue rather than being pursued. However, that does not mean that you should blow him off which can end up backfiring on you. Make sure that you achieve a subtle balance between playing hard to get and reciprocating his advances so that you keep him hooked. All the best!