• How to Date A Millionaire or Billionaire Online? Posted by Admin

    date a millionaire

    In contemporary society, Internet dating is the go-to method for wealthy individuals to look for love because successful people highly value their time.

    Business coach Derek Moneyberg famously said, “I’ve never met a successful person who doesn’t value their time!” Yes, because online dating is efficient and effective, this approach saves a lot of time. That’s exactly why millionaires and billionaires choose online dating sites such as MillionaireMatch.

    • The most important thing that you must know when it comes to dating a millionaire online:

    Rich men are not dumb. There is a reason why they are rich – they are smart. Therefore, if you think you can sleep with a rich man for money, then you are wrong. Note that rich men are very intelligent, so they know what you are up to when you are dating them, okay? That means the majority of rich guys wouldn’t be used by gold-diggers. Period.

    When you are looking to date a successful guy, please ask yourself this question in the first place: “What can I offer a rich man? Why would a rich guy want to date me?”

    This isn’t the most pleasant question in the world, but it’s a paramount question because it helps you to clarify the uncomfortable truth: dating is all about value exchange.

    As a matter of fact, almost every rich person understands value exchange because they don’t allow any one-way street to happen in their life. In reality, most successful individuals are surrounded by people who are asking for things from them, so it’s harder for a successful person to find a genuine relationship. As a result, if you don’t ask for things from a rich guy, he will find this dating experience very refreshing. I know this sounds counterintuitive, but please let me explain: He will definitely like you more because you don’t ask for favors & in the long term, you will surely benefit from this sustainable long-term relationship as he will probably marry you!

    • Dating a billionaire online is the next level.

    Chances are you have heard of Fifty Shades of Grey, right? Well, maybe you’ve read the book or seen the movie. I’m not saying that story must be a realistic representation of how to date a billionaire, but we can certainly learn a thing or two from Fifty Shades of Grey.

    First of all, Christian Grey is a 27-year-0ld billionaire who is into BDSM. He is young, handsome, extremely rich and wildly successful. He knows how to dominate a woman in the bedroom and that is what Anastasia enjoys. Basically, his sexual relief allows his energy to surge into making more and more money; similarly, making more money allows this rich guy to have more intimacy when it best serves his needs as well!

    So, that means billionaires are much more likely to savor the tantalizing pleasure of BDSM than millionaires!

    Second, incredibly wealthy men are very romantic. I know this might surprise you, but truthfully, most extremely rich guys are sentimental about everything in terms of dating attractive women. From the moment you met and music that was playing in the background to what you were wearing… it is all very sentimental and meaningful to a very rich man. Here is why: because a billionaire does not need to worry about money anymore – this guy has set up a system which automates his business, meaning he is not working for his money (his money is working for him: he hires employees and managers to automate his company & he invests in real estate and the stock market so that his money works for him). As a result, he has the bandwidth to build a satisfying love life.

    Next, if you are actually going to marry a billionaire, please don’t let a pre-nup keep you from a wonderful marriage that can benefit your life in a tremendous way. Yes, signing a pre-nup isn’t the most romantic thing in the world, but this guy’s family will ask him to do it in order to protect their wealth. My suggestion is you should sign the pre-nup and just get happily married because if you marry the average Joe who doesn’t show you a pre-nup, you’ll live an average life.

    • Bonus tips:

    1) Do not join a completely free dating website because a 100% free dating site does not have millionaire bachelors. Totally free dating sites are full of broke dudes who are looking to window shop while pretending that they can afford to date beautiful women like you. Let’s think about it: if a guy can’t even invest in his love life, he is probably a bottom feeder or very cheap. End of story.

    2) Join reliable and reputable millionaire dating sites such as MillionaireMatch where legitimate candidates that you like are active members. In this way, this high-quality dating site is an organic filter which gives you the fast-track to your dream guy.

    3) When you are on the right dating website, please remember that it’s your job to start conversations with qualified bachelors because in life you either wait or create. You can wait until someone approaches you and decide whether that person is the right guy or not. You can also create opportunities to go for exactly your type, which is much more empowering than waiting for something to happen. Do you agree?

  • Why Successful Women Can Hardly Find Love? Posted by Admin

    successful women dating

    In our grandparents’ generation, women could find love easily. At that time, women didn’t have jobs, so there weren’t any “successful women”. But today, there are a lot of rich women and they can hardly ever find true love. Why is this happening?

    • What feminism actually does to women, men and the society:

    My grandmother didn’t have a job, but my grandfather was able to financially support his entire family and buy a house with his income.

    Today, most women have jobs. Even though a guy and his wife are both employed, they still find it very difficult to buy a house. That means the average salary is actually lower now.

    Therefore, the surprising conclusion is: feminism sends women to the labor force so that there are many more people in the labor force. As a result, the average salary has to be lower nowadays. Basically, the Establishment has been using feminism to make more profit. Sad but true.

    Because of feminism, the family law (divorce law) in western countries do not support men. As a consequence, a lot of men have fear of commitment. Since more and more men do not want to get married in this day and age, the No. 1 question that women are asking when it comes to dating and relationships is: “How to secure the ring?”

    So, if fewer men want to marry women, how does the current family law help women? Obviously, the divorce law isn’t helping women either.

    In general, the Establishment’s agenda is to use feminism and homosexuality for financial reasons, thereby lowering the birth rate. In this way, the Establishment has an excuse to promote globalism and send immigrants & refugees to western countries – when people from Third-world countries are joining the labor force, the average salary can be even lower!

    • Feminism has created many rich women who are very, very lonely.

    A woman’s natural state is to marry up because every woman is biologically programmed to be hypergamous. That’s old news.

    In today’s day and age, this is a rich woman’s reality: She is wealthy, so she expects to marry a wealthier guy. She doesn’t want to marry down, which is totally understandable.

    But if we look at a different scenario, we will get an interesting finding: A rich man can date whoever he wants because his standard is to meet the hottest woman rather than the richest woman.

    However, a rich woman’s options are quite limited – she can only date richer men because most men who are not doing well feel intimidated by her success!

    Well, you may argue that some rich women are dating toy boys. Yes, that can happen, but they are probably not married to their toy boys. Most toy boys only want to have casual relationships with successful women; they don’t want to marry these ladies. Full stop.

    Consequently, a large number of wealthy women suffer from loneliness. Never underestimate the power of loneliness.

    • The status quo of most wealthy ladies:

    Realistically, the majority of wealthy women are high achievers who have more masculine energy than feminine energy. Let me explain.

    I know a strong woman who runs a wildly successful online business in the United States. She is married to an average guy. She once told me that she oftentimes feels sad because she secretly hopes that her husband can make more money. Yet unfortunately, she runs a multi-million-dollar business, whereas her husband has a 9-to-5 dead-end job. This woman is “happily married” in public. However, in fact, she is unhappy and unsatisfied.

    That’s a typical successful woman who shows more masculine energy than feminine energy. When she did the love language test with her husband, the result indicates that her love language is act of service and her husband’s love language is quality time. Further examination reveals that this rich woman focuses on things and facts (masculine energy), whilst her husband focuses on feelings and emotions (feminine energy).

    As I’m writing this article right now, this couple are still married. But they probably have nothing in common. In most western countries, the divorce rate is 50%. Amongst the remaining 50% who are married, most of them are actually unhappily married. No wonder a divorce lawyer literally said, “The failure rate of marriages is actually 80% in western countries.” This is the uncomfortable truth that most people don’t want to talk about.

    Also, when a rich woman is dating a less successful guy, money becomes the elephant in the room, meaning they avoid talking about money as money is a taboo topic in western culture. Hence, the more they avoid talking about personal finances, the worse the long-term situation gets – that’s exactly how manipulation starts in most relationships and the No. 1 reason for divorce / breakup is money, according to a major study in North America and Europe in 2020.

    • The authentic conclusion:

    Indeed, it’s very difficult for successful women to find love because they have high expectations that most guys can’t meet. Furthermore, a lot of average men want to date rich women for other reasons, e.g. to get a promotion, to receive financial support, to access a powerful network, etc. Thus, some lonely women may be used by certain guys for reasons that they are not aware of.

    In summary, a rich woman would be well-advised to join MillionaireMatch where there are lots of rich men who are qualified candidates rather than useless losers.

  • How to Date During the COVID-19 Outbreak Posted by Admin

    How to Date During the COVID-19 Outbreak

    The novel coronavirus, responsible for COVID-19 has been quickly spreading around the world. In the United States, as well as in other countries, this has led to increasing calls to self-isolate and engage in social distancing practises. People have been told to minimize contact with others, and Millionairematch also strongly suggests the same - stay home and stay safe.

    Meanwhile, you can visit https://www.millionairematch.com/coronavirus for the latest updates (Confirmed cases, recoveries and deaths by country & territory) on the COVID-19 outbreak.

    Whether you're in a newly budding romance that's been nipped in the bud by this new temporary situation, or you just met someone you're interested in and wanted to get to know them better, these date ideas can bring you together and give you the social connection you're craving, while still doing the right thing and social distancing.

    Here are some fun virtual dating ideas for keeping the spark alive while engaging in social distancing  practices!

    1. Watch a Movie In Sync!

    This is definitely one of the best ways to relax with your partner 
    without being next to them. It can also help you get to know a little bit more by paying attention to the types of movies they're into!

    We're so lucky to live in the age of on-demand streaming, and with so 
    many amazing films and bingeable shows available to you and your special someone, you should be able to find something you'll agree on. Agree on a movie you'll both enjoy but don't forget to step out of your comfort zone for your partner if there is something they'd really like to watch or get you to see.

    Personally, this is one of my favorite things to do with my 
    significant other when we are together in real life just as much as it is nice to do it virtually.

    2. Cook and Enjoy Dinner Together

    Having a dinner date while eating the same food with a similar setup c
    an give the illusion of being together!

    You can cook something simultaneously together while on a video call. 
    Use the same recipe and joke around while you both attempt to make something delicious. After cooking is complete, bon appetite! You could also make the effort to make it more romantic. Play soft music in the background, light a candle and have a glass wine.

    Having a dinner date will mimic having a date in real life. This is a 
    perfect time to catch up on both of your days and look dreamily into each other’s eyes. It’s an oldie but a goodie. Virtual dinner dates are always a winner.

    3. Have a Quiz Night

    Participating in some deep and meaningful conversations enables both 
    of you to open up to each other and know about your partner on a deeper level. Quizzes can be a great activity to help you discover more about them.

    Whether you're looking to be serious or have a little fun, it's 
    totally fine to come up with your own questions, but here are a few to get you started.

    Quiz Examples:

    1.What personality trait do you value the most?
    2.What do you consider your greatest weakness to be?
    3.What does your perfect day look like?
    4.If you could eat anything at all right now, what would you choose?
    5.What's your favorite thing to do?
    6.If you had to save the world by killing one person, could you do it? 
    Could you live with the choice after?
    7.What does love look like to you?
    8.What is something you would really like to get better at?
    9.What is your favorite dessert?
    10.You're going to a desert island. What three things/people do you take?
    11.What makes you feel the most loved?
    12.What would be a perfect date to you?

    Prepping questions to ask your date/partner might seem a little silly, 
    or even overly prepared, but really this is just a fun way to engage with the person you would like to know better and develop your relationship on a deeper level.

    4. Take a Virtual Vacation Together

    You don't have to go on vacation to get lost in wanderlust. There are 
    many virtual vacation websites that you can visit and take a virtual trip! You could virtually visit a city you both want to go and experience, what they have to offer in high definition. Or you could give some insight of the place you live if you are not living in the same area. Show your partner where you hang out and your favorite places.

    Share the places you want to travel to. You never know, this could be the early stages of planning your first date together, or something more serious - your first vacation!

    Virtual Vacation Sites:

    Globe Genie
    Holiday Open Day
    360 Cities
    Air Pano
    Google Maps (of course)

    This can create some amazing moments where you close the distance or 
    visit one another and build memories of places you visited together -online.

     “Just because you can’t meet up at a bar or the movies, it doesn’t 
    mean romance is dead, and I will keep searching for my special someone on MillionaireMatch” Jackson, 32, said.

    True! Virtual dating can be as enchanting as any other “normal” dating 
    with all the communication possibilities we have at our finger tips!

    There is so much you both can do together. You just need a little bit of creativity. Remember what both of you enjoy, and focus on that - it will feel almost as good as it would feel as if you were together.

    And if you haven’t found your match yet, try your luck on MillionaireMatch with over 4 million successful & attractive singles. With each new day, you have the opportunity to meet the love of your life. We can help. Search for your someone just as successful as you on MillionaireMatch, or download our App for Android/Apple for free.

  • Rich Men and Rich Women’s Insights into Romance and Wealth Posted by Admin

    Rich Men and Rich Women

    Romance and wealth, the two most important topics in our society, influence our happiness in tremendous ways. Now I’m going to share several rich men and rich women’s insights into romance and wealth with you today, so you are in for a treat! You are welcome.

    • There are certain romantic things that you can only know and experience if you have wealth.

    “I didn’t know I could live a jet-setting lifestyle until I met my husband John,” says Phoebe, a beautiful woman who is married to a wealthy man, “We were traveling the world when we were dating – He took me to Paris, London, Sydney, Auckland, Tokyo and Hong Kong. I remember on my 26th birthday, he took me to Hawaii for a surprise birthday party on the beach. I’ll never forget that.” Phoebe got to know and date her rich husband on Millionaire Match. Millionaire Match, the first millionaire dating site since 2001, help rich men and women to meet the real millionaires who have verified their income

    That means the fundamental difference between the average Jane and a wealthy woman is a gap of experience.

    All high-powered money men that I have interviewed are undaunted by elegant ladies’ expensive nature. At the end of the day, money is a part of what an individual has to give in a romantic relationship & to give money that’s valued is to give of oneself.

    Indeed, wealthy men and wealthy women can express their give-and-take of ‘self’ in romantic relationships through fancy, lavish, romantic settings, and with fantastic grandeur of artistic expression that only money can offer. The rich are able to afford to give the best of themselves and to experience the best of themselves.

    • When wealth is solid, almost everything else in a romantic relationship becomes better.

    In mainstream western culture, money is probably a taboo topic. As a consequence, many people avoid talking about money in their love lives. But that’s exactly why financial dispute is the No. 1 reason for divorce in nearly every country in the world. And the most basic level of needs is physiological needs (food & shelter); the second level of needs is safety (including financial security); the next level of needs is love.

    So, when the second level of needs is not met (money is an issue), people don’t want love anymore as everybody must have financial safety before they can begin to look for true love. That also explains why wealthy men and wealthy women are more genuine when it comes to dating and relationships – they don’t need anything from other people; they just want to find authentic love.

    “My advice is to make sure you and your spouse are on the same page in terms of money. Have a candid discussion with your spouse about personal finances and figure out each other’s value systems in this aspect,” says Ben, who met a rich woman on Millionaire Match and got married, “Perhaps one individual would like to save a large percentage of their household income, whereas the other individual prefers having an organic facial and a deep recovery massage in an upper-class spa twice a week. In that case, they will have problems in their romantic relationship. Hence, a couple would be well-advised to discuss this in a straightforward way.”

    Ben also suggests that couples should have a clear financial blueprint that is actionable and practical. For instance, a couple save and invest 40% of their annual income and spend 20% of their annual income as ‘play money’ – this part can be spent guilt-free. Truthfully, almost every rich man and every rich woman that I know have a financial plan.

    Yes, when money is great, everything else in a relationship seems to be a bit easier

    • The quality of sensual experience in the bedroom can be enhanced by wealth.

    In actuality, does wealth affect an individual’s intimacy in the bedroom? Well, it certainly does (and on a variety of subtle levels). Obviously, the stress over personal finances could slow down the libido; and the reverse is equally as true: the abundance of money is able to powerfully liberate sexual expression in bed. Let me explain.

    First of all, wealth allows rich men and rich women to invest in their love lives, thereby creating the quality of sensual experience they want.

    Second, money deeply affects the mindset of wealthy men and wealthy women with a permission-level which is also known as ‘entitlement’.

    Therefore, this combination of entitlement and investing generates genuine happiness, unlimited pleasure and infinite bliss in the bedroom.

    Apparently, wealth allows affluent men and women to personalize their intimate interactions to their individual preferences and styles. Wealth also creates the texture of a love life in the context, romance and partners. Quite frankly, wealth can be an enticement to participants for more fun.

  • The uncomfortable truth about successful women and their romance Posted by Admin

    successful women

    “That guy can’t handle a successful and powerful woman.” When a successful woman is rejected by a guy, she tends to protect her own feelings through bragging about the qualities she has. However, in reality, these qualities are usually what guys don’t want in a woman. Please let me explain.

    • Rich women dating advice: A popular woman is almost always a feminine lady.

    Is a strong woman ready to use her strength to fight anyone in order to keep her husband, kids and relatives safe? Probably no. But a strong man is ready for that. Truthfully, the real masculinity that feminists like to complain about nowadays is exactly what kept women alive thousands of years ago, and which continue to keep women safe via the male-dominated areas of law enforcement and military.

    Don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying women are inferior to men – honestly, women have many amazing qualities that men don’t have.

    Actually, what men are madly, deeply attracted to is femininity, beauty and loyalty. No matter how rich a woman is, she still needs to be feminine, beautiful and loyal in order to become a truly successful woman.

    • The real reason why many rich women struggle with romance:

    Realistically, a woman needs only enough independence and strength to find a guy who has genuine independence and strength. That means a lady should pursue career success that can allow her to maintain her good looks and ensure she has what she needs to live a reasonably good life. Beyond that, a lady is expending her energy and time on things that will not increase her chances of marrying a good guy. Here is why –

    Men work hard so that they can be considered attractive mates (not because men like getting stuck in an unsexy office for many hours per month, but because men already know that ladies don’t want a poor guy). In other words, men work hard because they have to work hard.

    In contrast, many modern women begin working at a young age simply because they have been sold a false bill of goods that a successful career will be more fulfilling than starting a family with a good man. Yet as a matter of fact, once a woman’s career satisfies all of her needs, she doesn’t need a guy to provide for her anymore. That’s exactly why she will want to find high-status men. Sadly, a lot of successful women confuse high-status men with guys who don’t even care about them. Consequently, these ladies end up in terrible relationships that can’t lead to marriage at all.

    If a lady’s financial status were lower, she literally needs a good man so as to lead a stable and comfortable life, so she wouldn’t pay attention to bad boys, the alpha Chad or a starving artist. Hopefully this makes sense.

    But the more successful a rich woman’s career is, the more likely she will look for toxic relationships with men who never commit to her. That is to say, the more comfortable and stable a woman is financially, the more she will gravitate towards seeking guys who excite her instead of looking after her. This is sad but true.

    • Rich women dating in modern-day society: the unconventional conclusion

    Another sign that a woman’s financial success is not essential for a sustainable and healthy marriage is to ask what would happen if a successful woman lost her job and couldn’t get another high-profile job. Would her husband leave her? It’s quite unlikely. Personally, I've never heard of a case where a guy left his wife just because she didn’t have a job.

    Okay. Let’s look at the opposite situation where a guy loses his job and can’t find another one. Will his wife leave him? In actuality, not only will his wife leave him, but you can expect that she will leave him within 3 years.

    These two scenarios indicate that guys don’t really value a lady who has financial success nearly as much as a lady values a guy who has career success. Frankly, if a guy says his wife’s financial status is important to him, that’s usually because he isn’t masculine enough to take care of his family on his own. Does anyone find a guy like that attractive?

    In summary, a successful woman won’t find lasting fulfillment through a successful career. Indeed, ladies who are looking for providers will always prefer men with a successful career; nevertheless, a guy looking for a wife is much less likely to. The more a guy asks questions about a lady’s career blueprint, the more likely he is more concerned about cash than marriage. Whenever this happens, these successful and rich women are more willing to seek some like-minded people with the same wealthy and status on some affluent and decent dating websites. On Millionaire Match, both successful women and professional men are seeking the trusted and loyal relationship partners.