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    Relationship Do's and don'ts

    Being in a new relationship is a euphoric feeling, and we can get swept up in the passion, but there are quite a few things to keep in mind when entering into this beginning phase of the relationship with your new partner.

    Do: add variety to your dates.

    After you’ve already gone on your first few dates, it can be easy to fall into a pattern of going out to eat, or staying into Netflix and Chill, but keeping up the spice of life is important, and it’ll help kindle the flame between you and your new significant other. It doesn’t have to be extravagant or crazy, but doing something a little different each time you go on a date is a great idea.

    Cook dinner at home together instead of going out, meet with your friends or their friends and spend the evening together (this also gives you the chance to see how your partner interacts and gets along with your friends because your friends are just as important as your partner).

    Don’t: use your phone frequently on dates.

    These beeping minimature computers are the most distracting things, but all you should focus on while you’re with your partner is your partner. Keeping eye contact and being an active listener will increase your connection and keep both of you more engaged in the conversation. Giving them your full attention is important to keep both of you engaged and in the moment.

    Do: Balance your in person and online interactions.

    In the present day with online dating being the primary way that people find love, a lot of the interactions and communication with your new partner can happen through texting, or the two of you can become used to communicating that way. But textual chemistry only matters if it translates to your real-life interactions! Make sure that you’re balancing the amounts of interaction that you have between texting and seeing each other in person. Try saving up those juicy anecdotes for being in person, because it’ll be more enriching to see each other when you tell them!

    Don’t: Spend every single second together.

    New relationships are sweet, and especially in the first few months, you’ll want to spend every waking hour talking to and seeing your significant other. It’s important to maintain your independence, even once you begin to intermingle your life with another person. Find your happiness in other things outside of your partner, as well, like your friends. Being too attached at the hip can put pressure on the relationship as well. Take it easy!

    Do: Communicate, communicate, communicate.

    “Communication is key” is the most oversaid relationship advice ever, but it’s so true, especially in a new relationship. With new love, everything is still developing and there are growing pains. Don’t communicate constantly, but frequently. You don’t need to be in touch 24 hours a day, but you should be in touch with your partner often, even if it isn’t by seeing them in person, and it’s just a simple text.

    More important than that, though, is to communicate effectively. There’s no point in speaking with each other often if neither of you understands each other, so it’s important that you make sure that your line of communication is clear, and that will only help in developing the closeness between two people that can only come with time, and this will help to make your relationship last.

    Don’t: Think too far ahead into the future

    It can spook a partner if heavy topics like marriage and kids come up too early in the beginnings of the relationship, so these are things to avoid bringing up. It’s something that you should think about because the desire to get married or to have kids at some point in the future are important values, but it isn’t something that needs to be brought up at the very beginning of a relationship.

    Do: Be affectionate.

    In the beginning, there can be a lot of mixed signals, so not being afraid to show your affection and your true feelings, and feel that they’re reciprocal can increase the closeness between you and your partner. Allowing yourself to be vulnerable with your significant other will only strengthen your relationship as well, and it’s important to remember that it isn’t a weakness.

    Don’t: Ignore the Red Flags.

    In the early stages of a relationship, it’s easy to not notice, or to write off things that would otherwise be a bad sign. It can be hard to see past the passion of the start of dating a new partner, but it’s important to see the bad behaviors for what they really are.

    Dating is complicated, and being in a new relationship is even more difficult to maneuver, but with these tips, navigating a relationship can be easier.

  • 7 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Joining a Rich Men Dating Site Posted by Admin

    rich men dating site

    Looking to join a rich men dating website? There are seven key questions that you have to ask yourself before joining such a platform!

    Question 1: What is my bankable asset?

    A bankable asset is something that brings benefits to you. Meanwhile, you can keep, nurture and grow this asset so that it works for you in the long term!

    Some examples of bankable assets:

    1) Intelligence – You are well-educated, smart and switched-on. You are an avid reader and an amazing conversationalist. Rich men become mentally addicted to you as time goes by. In truth, intelligence is the No. 1 quality that millionaire men look for in women, according to a millionaire matchmaker in the United States.

    2) A good sense of fashion – Have you noticed that most women in western countries are not very fashion-conscious? Well, because of feminism which is overdone in western countries, a large number of women think they should look or behave like men and compete with men in the society. As a consequence, they are not using femininity to their advantage. That’s why they only dress for comfort. In contrast, if you have a very good sense of fashion, you can easily stand out from the crowd in the millionaire dating scene because rich men want to spoil their women with high-end clothes and shoes.

    3) Good looks – This bankable asset is quite obvious, right? If you have good looks, you also need to maintain your good looks. So, you may want to consider going to the gym, eating healthy food and prioritizing the quality of your sleep. In addition, relationship experts point out that having more fun can also make you look better and more attractive; never underestimate the power of joy!

    Question 2: Do I understand how rich men operate?

    If you don’t even know how wealthy men operate, then you are not ready to join a rich men dating site.

    As a matter of fact, women who succeed in millionaire dating all have a very good and profound understanding of how successful men operate in love, life and business. In reality, you can only handle what you understand. What’s more, the universe will only give you what you are able to handle. Full stop.

    In order to help you better understand wealthy men, I’ve summarized several key points about how rich men operate below.

    1) Successful men are big-picture people; they do not focus on small details because they understand that most small details don’t really matter.

    2) Most wealthy men want to date women who look extremely feminine but can talk about masculine topics such as finance, investing and business. That’s a unique pairing. (A unique pairing is about having two very different qualities at the same time).

    3) Moderately rich men are busy, but seriously rich men have a lot of free time because they’ve already automated their businesses.

    Question 3: What can I offer a rich guy?

    Everyone is thinking, “What’s in it for me?” That’s actually a mistake because in life you don’t get what you want; you only get what you give. That is also known as Law of Reciprocity.

    Therefore, before joining a rich men dating site, you should ask yourself what you can offer a rich man. Maybe you can give him the best time in the bedroom. Perhaps you will make him look extremely good when he takes you to dinner parties. Find some value that you can certainly offer and use that to your advantage!

    Question 4: What type of rich guy do I like?

    This is all about defining your type before joining a rich men dating website. Do you like a mature and sophisticated guy above 45 years old? Do you prefer a celebrity? Find out what you are looking for; you are more likely to attract what you seek.

    Question 5: What are my non-negotiable standards?

    This question is so key. I can’t even tell you how important this question is.

    Your non-negotiable standards are the foundation of a successful relationship that can last for a long time. No matter you deserve a man who is willing to support you and your family financially, or you would like to date a man who will look after your children, write down your non-negotiables now. And then stick to these standards at all times.

    Question 6: Do I have enough dating skills?

    It seems that schools taught us the wrong subjects because we didn’t learn anything about dating and relationships at school. Yet this topic is of vital importance in everyone’s life.

    Hence, if you think you need to work on your dating skills, you would be well-advised to read some books about dating and relationships, especially books on millionaire dating. Personally, I would recommend Ginie Sayles’s books How to Marry the Rich & How to Meet the Rich and Patti Stanger’s book Become Your Own Matchmaker: 8 Easy Steps for Attracting Your Perfect Mate.

    Question 7: How can I make my own lifestyle more exciting?

    If you are needy, a rich man can smell your neediness from a mile away. In fact, the best way to eliminate neediness is to build a wonderful lifestyle for yourself. This can include having some interesting hobbies, meeting new friends, doing a job that you enjoy, working on your fitness and going the movies. In other words, apart from focusing on your love life, you also have to pay attention to other areas of your life. Interestingly, when other areas of your life are working pretty well, it’s a bit easier to attract a rich man, as successful men like psychologically independent women!

    In conclusion, as long as you have solid answers to the above-mentioned seven questions before joining a rich men dating site, you are ready for luxury dating! Now you are equipped with the right information in this regard, so hopefully, you will thrive in the millionaire dating world! Good luck & best wishes.

  • Are Rich Women Too Picky With High Standards On Dating Sites? Posted by Admin

    rich women dating

    Frankly, this is a million-dollar question in the dating department. But I will give you a solid answer today. You are welcome.

    • Usually, the answer is yes when a rich woman is looking for a husband.

    Truthfully, when a wealthy woman looks for a long-term partner, she surely wants to be with someone who wouldn’t take advantage of her. That is totally understandable.

    As a result, successful women are very choosy in dating and relationships. That is oftentimes a given.

    According to a millionaire dating coach and relationship advisor in the United States, most women who want to learn how to marry the rich are rich women, for wealthy ladies don’t want to marry down. In other words, they do not want to marry men who are poor and greedy. They want to avoid users, losers and abusers altogether.

    • The answer is no when a wealthy lady is looking for a lover.

    If a successful woman is looking for a lover rather than a husband, she doesn’t need to stick to her high standards. Maybe her ideal husband must be rich, famous, capable, handsome, kind, loving, and romantic. But her lover probably only needs to be hot. Period.

    Indeed, it’s very simple – looking for a lover is very different from looking for a husband. Thus, a lot of successful ladies are happy to date attractive young men when they are looking for lovers rather than husbands or long-term partners, according to dating experts and relationship consultants from a rich women dating site.

    Well, 50 years ago, a lover was someone you were in love with. But today, a lover is someone that you go to bed with. Clearly, the English vocabulary is constantly changing and evolving as the dating climate is quite different in this day and age.

    • How to attract successful women on a rich women dating website:

    Although wealthy ladies have a range of standards that men are supposed to meet, it doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t date them when you are unable to meet all of their uber high standards. Please let me explain.

    Have you ever had an experience like this? – You thought your standards were X, Y, and Z before meeting someone. But when you met that special person, all of your standards went out of the window because this individual was so attractive in a surprising way.

    That is exactly how most women operate in love and in life because women are much more emotional than men, including rich women looking for love.

    So, next time when you are on the first date with a wealthy woman, you would be well-advised to create some moments of micro-attraction. This strategy will surely transform your love life forever. Here are some typical examples of micro-attraction:

    1) You and a successful lady are sitting in an elegant and upscale café. Instead of ordering a cup of coffee, you order a cup of hot chocolate with white and pink marshmallows. Then you say this to her while looking at her eyes lovingly, “Actually, I think your voice is so sweet – you sound like a marshmallow. This reminds of Alison Krauss’s song When You Say Nothing at All.” (Remember to pause after saying “Actually” – this will make her more curious about what you are going to say.)

    2) You and a rich woman are sitting in an upmarket and high-end restaurant. While waiting for the delicious food and scrumptious drinks, you look at her face and say this to her in a gentle way, “You look so radiant today. Maybe your earrings & necklace make your face look radiant right now. Or perhaps this radiance comes from within.” (Say this slowly with certainty, even though you use ‘maybe’ and ‘perhaps’.) If she likes what you’ve said, then you can even say this to her, “From now on, can I call you the Radiance Queen?” (Now you are giving her a nickname which will make your future interactions with her even more intimate and sexy. Please note that most people call their romantic partners ‘honey’ or ‘darling’ – that’s very boring and not memorable at all, so you should call her ‘the Radiance Queen’ to emphasize her uniqueness; in truth, she will find you unique and unforgettable as a result.)

    3) At the end of the dinner date or coffee date, you offer to pay, even though she insists on paying the bill because she is a rich woman. This lovely gesture will make her like you instantly because a wealthy woman is oftentimes surrounded by people who want things from her or ask for things all the time.

    • Why do moments of micro-attraction work?

    According to relationship experts from a rich woman dating site, successful women are very intuitive – they trust their intuition because their intuition is always right. Moments of micro-attraction directly stimulate a woman’s intuition on a date, so these moments are very important when it comes to building intense attraction and chemistry under the radar, even though these moments are not tremendous.

    Never underestimate the power of small moments. Remember: C.S. Lewis once famously said, “This moment contains all moments.” That means every moment gives you new opportunities to grow, to experience, to discover and learn, to meet wonderful individuals…. Life’s magic is the infinite possibilities that you have.

    Hence, if you are ready to meet successful ladies on rich women dating website, you should totally prepare some moments of micro-attraction that you can use on dates. This dating skill alone will fundamentally improve the quality of your love life because it will set you apart quickly.

    To sum up, the majority of rich women are very picky with extremely high standards when they are looking for serious relationships and marriages. In contrast, they are not very picky when they are looking for flings and casual encounters. It all depends on which stage a rich woman is at right now, so you need to evaluate the situation and be well-calibrated in the millionaire dating world, okay?

  • What A Millionaire Needs To Do With Dating Apps? Posted by Admin

    dating with dating apps

    Are you a millionaire and wondering what to do if the umpteen dating apps present on your phone? We know too many millionaires have tons of dating apps on their phone because they do not know who to trust, how to find the right partner, and yet everyone craves for a company at the end of the day.

    Don’t worry, if this is what has been troubling your mind, we are here to help. We can guide you just right regarding how to navigate the different dating apps and end up with the right choice as well.

    1. Don’t keep too many

    First of all, you have to make sure that you don’t keep too many apps. You don’t want to create a dating profile on just about every app and come across as someone who is just too needy or too desperate. Also, tons of apps barely have any members and are simply looking to copy your details and information. So, the first thing you need to do is get rid of the unwanted clutter. Check out all the dating apps currently present on your phone and then choose what is it that you want to have and the ones you have to trash right away.

    2. Create a credible profile

    When you have narrowed down the dating apps, now you need to create a credible profile. Do not talk about things that are not true. If you are serious about online dating, you have to give out facts and information. We don’t want your profile to simply flash about your wealth. You need to give an overall review of yourself so that anyone who comes across your profile can gauge who you are as a person, apart from knowing that you own tons of money.

    3. Put up a good picture

    Your profile picture is going to create the first impression on fellow members and we know how important that is. It has the potential to both make and break someone’s mind about dating you. So, choose an appropriate profile picture that shows you as sexy, hot, and desirable. Now, women should refrain from bikini shots and men should refrain from bare-bodied photos. Men should refrain from suited up photos too. This isn’t your corporate workplace where you need to suit up and give a presentation. We want both of you to have casual pictures wherein you are looking effortlessly sexy and those who look at you can’t help but swipe to show interest.

    4. Write the right things

    Now, if you want people to show interest in you, you have to work on your dating profile. Don’t brag but show off the good things you have achieved in life. Some people choose to hire polished writers to come up with engaging profiles and you too can see if that is something you want to do. A well written engaging profile on MillionaireMatch is so much more likely to generate buzz as compared to someone that doesn’t have plenty of details.

    5. Be serious about dates

    Once you have managed to land a date, we want you to be serious about it. Do not take it too casually and disappear when you were supposed to meet. This will create a negative image and deter your chances of seeking the right partner. Just like you are dedicated to your field of work, you need to show the same seriousness in the dating circuit as well.

    6. Be a gentleman or a lady

    Be on your best behavior but be natural. Do not try too hard and do not fidget or show your nervousness. First dates can be hard but if you find the right person, you will find that the evening will roll on smoothly. Think well about the date and decide if you would like to hop on to the next one.

    7. Try another one

    If you tried all of the above on a certain app and things didn’t work out, don’t lose hope or patience and repay the same process for another app that seems good as well. There are tons of dating apps out there that have helped several millionaires like you find the right partner. You can do it too.

    MillionaireMatch is one of the best millionaire dating app wherein you will be able to seek the perfect partner who can help you puts so, we want you to try your luck there as you will be able to spot the perfect partner.

  • Millionaire Dating Tips: What To Wear & Not Wear On The First Date Posted by Admin

    Wear On The First Date

    Are you looking to storm your first date and wondering what to wear and the apparels to skip because of course, you don’t want to mess up with your first impression? We get you and understand the nerves you have been getting as well. This is why we are here to help you with this dilemma and get how to dress to kill for millionaire dating.

    1. Too tight, too uncomfortable

    Remember you are dressing to express and not to impress. A lot of us make the mistake of dressing too tight that can be downright uncomfortable. The last thing you want is to wear the kind of clothes that will keep you suffocated throughout the evening thereby spoiling it. The smarter solution is to just dress in clothes that fit you fine. We don’t want too tight or too loose fittings.

    2. Brands are good

    Being a millionaire, we are pretty sure you must own some of the finest labels in the world of apparel. So, it comes as no surprise that most people choose to wear the costliest brands that cost a bomb. There is no harm in doing so, but a very important point that we need to add here is that you need to refrain from flashing it or talking about it. You don’t want to let your prospective partner know the price of your apparel. Dress in big brands because you can buy them, don’t make propaganda out of it.

    3. Don’t have to reveal too much

    Just because you want the date to work out, you don’t need to dress provocatively. Even if you want to roll in the sheets right away, you don’t need to scream about it. So, the smarter thing that you need to do is wear the right and dress appropriately. Too revealing clothes may give off a wrong signal and show you as someone who is on the lookout for one night stands.

    4. Don’t wear too bright

    While we love colors, we are not the best believers in dressing in too-bright clothes. You need to know how to draw a line. By choosing to wear too bright a clothing, you may come across as overzealous. Of course, this isn’t something you need to do. So, while we are not asking you to choose dull shades, go for subtle ones that fall in the neutral zone. These neutral colors look good and at the same time, they don’t portray you as someone who is screaming for attention either.

    5. Be confident

    The idea should always be to wear your confidence and own it. No matter what you choose to wear, you have to believe in it and be confident. Some people can dress provocatively and be so confident in their skin that their dress is the last thing that you will be talking about. So, if you can truly ace the confidence game, you can have the liberty of wearing whatever you want. Confidence can be the best accessory.

    6. Jewelry is a strict no-no

    Just because you can afford it doesn’t mean you are going to flash tons of rings and even neckpieces. Keep it classy and elegant. You may sport a very costly neckpiece if it is subtly designed. But keep it minimal on the first date because you don’t want to come across as someone who is obsessing about money all the time. Your date already knows you are a millionaire, you don’t need to prove it by dressing like that.

    7. Don’t forget to wear a smile

    When we are talking about what to wear and whatnot, we want you to know that you shouldn’t miss your smile. Always wear a smile as it is something that truly completes your look. When you add a smile to your face, it makes you so much more approachable and this could turn your first date to be magical in a lot of ways.

    8. Refrain from wearing too much makeup

    There is no harm in dressing up for your date but we want you to keep it light for the first time. Do not pile up too much makeup. Dashing a little foundation and wearing your favorite lip color and accentuating the eyes is perfectly okay. But, do not overdo it with the highlighter, bronzer, and tons of makeup accessories. Come across as someone who owns their skin and looks.

    So, with these tips by your side, you should have no trouble dressing right for the first date. Of course, impressions are very important and so you should take your time and dress well for your date night.

    We also recommend checking out MillionaireMatch as they are one of the top portals for the best tips and the perfect partners for millionaires. Their endless success stories are proof of how they have helped so many people find their perfect partner.

    You will also get to hear directly from fellow millionaires as to what they did on their first date and the inspiration can turn out to be handy.

    In the end, we just need to add that be your usual self and stay cool and composed because the right date will come along when they need to. So, good luck and cruise along.