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    Romantic Things

    New York City is undoubtedly one of the most romantic cities in the world and there are tons of things you can indulge in. If you too are on the lookout for the best of New York dating tips, here we are going to share some details with you.

    1. Dance On A Cruise

    One of the most popular dating ideas on MillionaireMatch has to be heading to a cruise and dining and dancing there. Some of the elite millionaires make it a point to book the whole cruise. Stealing some of the perfect sunset shots and sipping your favorite wine while looking at your partner might just be the best way to indulge in romance.

    2. Helicopter Tour

    The New York City skyline is very famous. You can take a helicopter tour and admire some of the most amazing views of this magical city. Of course, the millionaires can afford it. Taking your partner on this ride will be a magical experience no one can forget easily.

    You will get an up and close view of the Statue of Liberty and even the Yankees Stadium and the New York harbor as well. So, take your partner’s hand in hand and head for this perfect date time.

    3. The Brooklyn Bridge

    This is one of the top iconic sights of New York City. Hailed as one of the oldest bridges in the whole of the USA, you should take a stroll along this bridge. Being proposed once again or re-instating your vows on this bridge sounds like a perfectly magical idea for many. This is surely one of the top romantic ideas and things you should surely indulge in if you want to spend some quality time with your partner.

    4. Broadway Date Night

    Most couples choose to head to Broadway to see some of the most amazing and romantic shows to enjoy their time. There are tons of shows which exhibit the best of romantic tastes like Les Miserables or even the West Side Story as well. Make it a point to book the shows in advance or else they may sell out. Choosing the right show can help you have one of the most memorable date nights.

    5. The Niagara Falls

    Who does love the sight of the Niagara Falls? Located at the border between New York City and Ontario, this is one fall that makes you gape in amazement. So, if you are the kind who likes to hold your partner’s hand and keep gazing at the gargantuan Niagara Falls, you can go for it. A lot of couples on MillionaireMatch voted heading to Niagara Falls as one of the trending New York dating ideas.

    6. A Horse Carriage Ride

    If you love a little royal taste and would like to do something totally unique and different, we recommend heading for a horse carriage ride. There are several of them available all around New York City, but it is the Central Park area that remains our perennial favorite. Don’t forget to snuggle tight in the back seat and your guide will steer you through the different iconic locations spread across New York City.

    7. The Central Park

    Spreading over a whopping area of 800 acres in the uptown Manhattan area, this is one place you surely cannot miss when in New York City. You can surround yourself in the lush green scenery and snuggle with your date, oblivious to the world. Or you can choose to explore the park and stroll through it hand in hand. The choice is wide open for you.

    8. The Liberty Island

    Too many couples choose to take a trip to Liberty Island and enjoy up, close and amazing views of the Statue of Liberty. When taking this tour, you can also head to Ellis Island and explore that part too.

    9. Rooftop Bars

    New York City is home to endless bars and what better way to have fun and romance! Head there and sip some of the best wine and get drunk on love. Take your partner to some of the fanciest rooftop bars and you can reserve a cabana for yourself. Sip the most expensive wines, drink into the view, and don’t forget to let her know how much you love her.

    10. The One World Observatory

    We have saved one of the best for the last. Head to this observatory close to the sunset and steal some of the most mesmerizing views of the New York City. Steal a kiss right as you see the sun melting and disappearing into the sky. You are sure to fall in love with your partner and the place.

    So, these are the top voted New York dating ideas on MillionaireMatch. Most of the top millionaires voted these ideas perfect to woo their partner and set the tempo for their relationship. You are free to do anything else as well. The idea simply is to have fun and enjoy your time and let your partner know how much they truly mean to you. With the right memories, even your home can be just a magical; the key is creating magical moments.

  • Perfect 10 Work-Life Balance Ideas For Busy Singles Posted by Admin

    Life Balance Ideas For Busy Singles

    It's no secret - handling all the things we have to do as a single working professional is a task in itself. From giving your best at your workspace to looking after yourself to trying to meet friends, strive for success and stay positive, we know you've got a lot going on in your life. In the past, there was a time when work and the home had distinctly defined ambits. In the present, however, work occupies a lot of your valuable time, and your personal life gets compromised. To lead a satisfying life while being an entrepreneur, you need to find a work-life balance to try and achieve all the things you want in your life.

    Millionaire Match lists some course of action which you can imbibe in your life which can help you attain your work-life balance.

    Time Management

    You need to devote your time if you want to act on your priorities especially if you are an entrepreneur. To do that, maintain a weekly calendar of your preferences and the time to execute it like exercise, work, family time, and so forth. The biggest challenge you will be facing in this regard would be to adjust all your preferences in the limited time available to you. You may come across a situation where you can't find the time to do all the things you want. In that case, you can either overlap your priorities with others or multitask at the same time to achieve your success goals.

    Work Management

    Try to utilize your work hours at the office to the fullest and leave the rest for the next day. You'll be much more likely to leave your office on time if you inform others about your plans. Tell your colleagues, as you discuss projects and assignments throughout the day, saying, "I've got to be out of here on time today, so if you want something, please let me know by 5 PM." Apply this technique regularly, and eventually, you'll be able to implant a habit of leaving on time every day.

    Caring for Yourself

    It is essential to look after yourself while dealing with your hectic lifestyle. We often tend to forget about ourselves because of our busy schedules. A hectic lifestyle takes a toll on our body and increases our stress levels. To counter this, you can make a routine to exercise daily or meditate, or any other way which may help you to reduce your stress levels. You can also start a dating life and find a partner with whom you can share your personal problems. Millionaire Match is a dating site that can help you in this regard by offering you more than 45 million singles on its site. Millionaire Match is a certified, safe, and secure website that is admired and appreciated by a lot of successful people.

    Take a Vacation

    Creating an environment of high productivity and creativity is to take yourself outside of your day to day life and altogether remove yourself from work-related activities. It gives you a clear picture of what is essential both now and in the future. A good vacation also rejuvenates you and makes you motivated, refreshed, and energized. You will start seeing quick results on all levels of your work and life if you can take some time for yourself every month or two.

    Have a Social Life

    Human beings are social animals, and everyone needs a social surrounding to remain sane and thrive in life. While you reserve all your plans to enjoy and meet your friends or relatives for the weekends, one must consider doing it on weekdays. It may give you something to look forward to during the weekdays and relieve you from your monotonous work routine.

    Spend Quality Time with Your Family

    We all go through a bad phase in life, and in those moments, your family acts as the pillar you can lean on. Having a secure and robust connection with your family members helps you cope with your life's bad situations. To build that connection, you need to spend quality time with your family and make a habit.

    Positively Make Use of Technology

    Technology can act both as a boon and bane for us, depending on how you use it. Technology can become one of your most prominent means to leverage the right work-life balance if you use it mindfully. You can use it to enhance your productivity, stay connected, and many more. You can make use of the alarm on your mobile phone to remind you about your routine, or you can download fitness apps on your phone to know about the different exercises to help you build a good physique.

    Do What You Love

    As you get engulfed into the chaos of your everyday life, all we can do is to get over with and move forward. You often disregard the things that you enjoy the most or bring you a significant amount of joy. To bring back more balance into your life is to divest yourself to exploit the things that give you the most satisfaction. Find something you are passionate about if you don't have anything else. This passion could be learning a new language, hiking, walking, meditating, learning an instrument, or becoming a better cook or gardener.

    As long as you get pleasure from the experience, it doesn't matter what it is. Try carving out time every day or in a week to do this one thing you enjoy. Do it regularly, and it becomes a routine dose of enjoyment for you. Plus, it will help you reconnect with what you care about yourself.

    Set Your Goals

    To achieve a better balance between how you work and live setting, discrete and measurable goals gives you the best chance possible. They help you develop momentum every single day and move forward.

    Look for Change

    Last but not least, always be ready for a change in your plans because there will always be problems and distresses in your life. It all depends upon how we face it and change our plans accordingly.

  • Top 9 Tips For Being A Modern Gentleman Online Posted by Admin

    Modern Gentleman

    Being a gentleman is something that every man can learn to be. The most common perception of being a gentleman is a man who ensures that he is chivalrous towards women. In earlier times, anyone coming from a wealthy background or a good social standing or in general, all rich men were considered to be a gentleman. As we evolve as a human being, the rules of being a gentleman have also changed. In a modern world, being a gentleman means having confidence, being sure of yourselves, never failing to be polite, and always seeking to put others first apart from being chivalrous. If you are interested in online elite singles dating, being a modern-day gentleman becomes a necessity. You can find a lot of examples of a gentleman on a popular online dating site called Millionaire Match. You can take it upon yourself to be a better man. You can become someone that other men aspire to be like, whether they admit it or not. However, there are ways through which you can learn to be a modern-day gentleman like.

    Being proactive

    As gentlemen, you should always try to be aware of your surroundings to foresee a distress signal and be ready to help like offer your umbrella to an older person or to pick up the things for a pregnant woman in case she accidentally drops her belongings. It would be best if you always strive to make others feel taken care of while using your common sense, and you probably won’t need to remember any rules.

    Be Pragmatic

    A modern-day gentleman chooses to be pragmatic by dealing with things reasonably and logically in such a way that is grounded on practical rather than on theoretical considerations. Being pragmatic means doing what works best in a given circumstance and helps you reach your goal. A simple example of being a pragmatist is to compromise even if you don’t get everything you want in the present situation to reach your larger goal.

    Be a constant learner

    The world is evolving very rapidly and to be on par or go beyond, you need to be a constant learner and actively seek new challenges. A continuous learner is someone whose intellectual curiosity continually propels him to better himself. To become a modern-day gentleman, you need to continually improve your craft through reading, coaching, ongoing learning and spending time with your mentor.

    Know your etiquettes

    A gentleman always knows his etiquettes which helps him to navigate social and professional settings effortlessly with confidence and proficiency. Having a proper etiquette means to say ‘thank you’ and ‘please’ wherever the situation demands or holding the door for others and smiling often. Proper etiquette goes a long way in helping you to be confident whether you are with your friends or in a professional board meeting.

    Dress according to the occasion

    As a gentleman, you need to understand the power of your appearance. The way you choose to dress, groom, and carry yourself is either a link or a hurdle to your success because what others see is what they expect from you. It would be best if you continually tried to be sharp in your appearance, which demonstrates your respect for yourself and your environment.

    Be a hard worker and always speak the truth

    Being smart about your work or lying to someone can help you achieve petty gains in a short time, but hard work and being truthful always pays in the long run. A gentleman is someone who believes in a strong work ethic. It would be best if you took great pride in your hard work and always strive hard to give your best every single day while being truthful to everyone.

    A good communicator

    An excellent communicator is better liked, more prosperous and produce more value in a conversation. To be an excellent communicator you need to know what the other person is talking about, listen more than you speak, focus on understanding others, pay close attention to nonverbal communication and always be aware of misunderstandings. To become a gentleman, you need to acquire all these qualities of an excellent communicator to become a recognized face and a go-to source for other people.

    Good physique

    Being a gentleman who takes pride in his appearance, needs to train regularly while maintaining a healthy diet. By improving your physique, you elevate your look in your clothes and accessories. It also signifies that you are confident, hard-working and disciplined to achieve his goals. A gentleman needs to have a presence and charisma, and a good physique helps you amplify those characteristics. While building a stylish wardrobe, build a body which can carry it with grace.

    Being Calm and Composed

    You can always find yourself in a situation where you are in disagreement or argument with another person. As a gentleman in those situations, you need to be calm and composed while taking hold of the situation with dignity. You don’t need to sacrifice your pride but rather use your understanding and knowledge to win over the hearts of those who do not agree. You need to listen to the other person patiently without making any negative remarks or opinions about him while determining an appropriate time to respond back in a peaceful manner.

  • Millionaire Dates: Five Phases Of First Date Questions Posted by Admin

    Millionaire Dates

    When you are headed for first dates, there is a lot of jitters that people tend to go through. Some of us tend to get very anxious and stressed about how the date will go and therefore you may be wondering as to what are the different phases that first date questions may have.

    Here we are going to talk about the different phases that you should know when you are headed for a first date. This will iron out the jitters and at the same time, set the premises for the sake of a strong relationship and second dates as well.

    1. Breaking the ice

    The first thing you need to do is break the ice. Not everyone is a pro at breaking the ice and this is why you should try to master the skills in this set. Until and unless, you know how to break the ice, you will not be able to take the date further and this might sabotage any chance that you have of taking the relationship further.

    When it comes to breaking the ice, do not opt for some stereotypical questions that may or may not turn out to be good. Look for some smart ideas. You can check out some of the top ice-breaking questions at sites like millionaire Match that offer you easy ways to breeze through the ice-breaking sessions. There are several ideas that are present and you are free to pick whatever you deem best out of it. For any relationship to go forward and to give you the chance of a second date, you must breeze through this first phase of first date questions.

    2. Knowing the basics

    Once the ice-breaking session is done, the next thing you need to do is to know the basics. It is very important that you are aware of what the other person is. There are plenty of details that pertain to a person and by indulging in this second phase, you will be able to get a clear picture of whether or not you will like to date the other.

    There are several layers to a person and by indulging in several question and answer sessions, you will be able to know these basics. We are not asking you to interrogate each other but you should be focused on understanding the basics of the other person whom you intend to date. Sometimes, things like what turns them on, what they do, what they prefer can help you see if the two of you are compatible enough to go on subsequent dates.

    3. Judging the thoughts

    When you are dating someone, the kind of thoughts they have and the preferences they choose to have assumes gargantuan importance. For instance, if you are a feminist through and through, the last thing you want is to date a sexist guy as the only thing that you two will do is bicker all day long. So, in the third phase, we would like you to judge each others’ ideas, thoughts, and perspectives. Doing this can be tough and challenging but it will be worth the results you will get in the end. While we do not recommend you to judge the other person, but knowing what their ideas are is surely important.

    You should have respect for the fact that each one of us is free to have our ideas and opinions. If you feel like they don’t suit your taste and preferences, feel free to not date them. However, you should not be harboring any kind of hate against them. Learn how to deal with things in an amicable manner.

    4. Breaking it with humor

    If by the end of the third phase of millionaire first date questioning, you feel that this date is worth taking it further, you should then try and see how it feels with the touch of humor. It is really important for any relationship to have its share of light moments. This is the reason, you should try your hand at humor and see if the two of you get along. Very often it has been seen, that some couples tend to bicker quite a lot simply because they do not get each other’s sense of humor. So, if you do not have terribly bad comic timing, my suggestion is to check what is the humor quotient for both of you. If you can spot humor in similar things and be sporting about it, it is a great sign that you may consider taking the relationship forward.

    5. Advancing to new dates

    Also, you should finally try and see if there is any scope for you to move to second dates. In the final phase of your first date questions, you should make it a point to check if your partner is willing to head to a second date.

    There are a lot of different ways by which you can check and analyze as to how interested the person may be in seeing you again. The key thing to remember here is that you should not come across as overzealous nor should your advances feel suffocating. Remember it is really important to respect the opinion of your partner. No matter how great the date may feel to you, if your partner doesn’t feel the same, respect his/her choice and move ahead and look for another date. Be polite and courteous in your approach and subtly ask whether or not there is a likelihood of meeting them again.

    Some times people want some time to decide and feel free to play the waiting game. Of course, you too should decide well as to whether or not you would like to go on a second date. Just in case, things don’t work out, you can always start again by looking at top online millionaire dating sites like Millionaire Match as there are tons of members out there.

  • Tips To Build A Long Term & Stronger Relationship Posted by Admin

    Long Term Relationship

    Are you seeking a long term relationship that is likely to grow strong with time? In today’s times, most of us go in and out of a relationship. We hardly realize what we are getting into and this is why at the slightest pretext and even little arguments, we do not stop from breaking it. However, relationships should be so much more than that. If you are a little old school and therefore you are looking to build a long-term and stronger relationship, we are here to share some of the best tips with you that are likely to yield the right set of results. So, don’t forget to try your hand at these tips and let us know how you are doing in your relationship.

    Be Honest

    There is absolutely no shortcut when it comes to honesty in a relationship. No matter what is the reason and whatever premise you may have, both of you should always stay honest with each other. Lying is one of the root causes that tend to damage most relationships. When you’re honest with each other, you are least likely to hide away facts and this, in turn, plays a monumental role in strengthening your relationship. We know that it is easier said than done, but once you make up your mind and realize how high the stakes are, it shouldn’t be that hard to be honest with your partner. Every time you want to lie or be dishonest, just think of how deep in love you are and do your best to stick to the ideals of honesty.

    Say No To Infidelity

    When you are looking for a long-term and stronger relationship, there is absolutely no room for any kind of infidelity. The sole reason for people staying together is because they are enough for each other. Infidelity can be the main reason for a couple to part ways. The moment one of the partners realizes that he/she is not enough for the other one, it might be enough to put an end to the relationship. This is why if you feel that you are attracted to someone else, it is better to let your partner know about your feelings and then part ways before courting someone else.

    Mutual Understanding

    For any relationship to thrive and prosper, it is absolutely important to have the right sense of mutual understanding. Couples that tend to stay together longer are the ones who understand each other well. If as a couple you do not get what the other wishes, desires, craves, it would be so much harder to get along. These gaps continue to widen further with time. This is the reason for developing the right sense of mutual understanding is absolutely critical when it comes to nurturing your relationship and ensuring it stays long-term.

    Let Love Live

    No relationship can last really long until and unless the flavor of love is present and stays fresh. The only reason why two people should stay together is when they are in love. If you too seem to be falling out of love, it might be a better idea to part ways. Love is the fuel that keeps the relationship going. Sometimes you may feel infatuated to someone else and this might give you the wrong inclination that you’re falling out of love with your partner. The right thing to do is to have a clear picture of what love is and how it feels. Never let infatuation get the better out of you. True love can be empowering and sometimes people realize how much they love someone only after they have lost them.

    So, you should make it a point to do the little things that could keep love alive. We will touch more on this in the subsequent point.

    Random Dates

    It is really important that you do not stop courting each other even when you have been in a relationship for five years or more. Go on those random dates, plan a candlelight dinner, steal movie night, and do a whole lot more just to make sure that you and your partner still love hanging out with each other. You may not realize but it is these little memories that you keep adding which will ultimately strengthen your bond and ensure that a relationship won’t just get stronger but last really long too.

    Everyone desires to be loved and sometimes it is these methodical planning that shows us that we are loved and maybe all the validation you need to keep going.

    We Before Me

    For any couple to stay in love, it is important that they do not forget that 'we' comes before 'me'. The moment you always think about the two of you as a single entity, you are much more likely to strengthen your bond. We are not asking you not to have any me time, but it is really important that you allow yourself to feel the power of togetherness. Often couples who emphasize on 'we' before 'me' are much more likely to stay together forever. So these are some of the tips that you can follow for the sake of ensuring that your relationship lasts long and gets stronger every passing day. If you are one of those who are still on the lookout for the perfect partner with whom you can try all these tips out, we recommend checking out millionaire match. This is one of the perfect online dating websites for millionaires as it comes packed with the best set of features one could ask for. Each one of us craves for a partner we could spend time with as the heart and the mind tends to get lonely. So go ahead and find yourself the right partner that your heart seeks and be all set to implement these tips and seek your own piece of forever.