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    Date a millionaire

    Are you seeking millionaires and you are mighty successful and wealthy yourself? If you have answered yes, it is important that you look into the dynamics of millionaire dating. There are plenty of top millionaire dating sites wherein you can find some of the best millionaires who are on the lookout for similar people. So, if you want to impress such a millionaire and date one, here is how you should prepare for it.

    Exude The Art Of Confidence

    Confidence is one of the sexiest attributes. You need to ace the art of wearing your confidence as if it is your strongest weapon. While it is okay to look for a date, do not make the mistake of seeming desperate. Exude the aura of confidence and project the image of a strong personality.

    Ambiguity Shouldn’t Be On Your Resume

    It is important to have a clear picture of what you want. Simply dating a millionaire should not be the be-all and end-all of your dating quest. There should always be several characters attributes that you need to seek. These could be kindness, the sharpness of mind, business prowess, romantic nature, and so on. Having a list of such attributes would help you know better as to whom you would like to date and start the hunt accordingly.

    First Impressions Could Foretell The Story

    Remember, business and dating is not the same thing. The world of business operates very differently from that of the world of dating. This is why you need to be smart when it comes to projecting an everlasting impression. Put the best of your romantic and charming skills to use so that your date feels the right vibe. Even the best of millionaires sometimes don’t succeed in impressing their date.

    When you are seeking millionaires, one of the important things you have to remember is that the prospective date to is a millionaire. So, be on your best behavior.

    Keep money out of the equation

    You should not chase money all the time. It is important to know that dating is not all about money. So, even if you have a massive business empire, we recommend not talking too much about the estates you own. Your focus should be on the quality of life you want and try and draw your date in your conversation. Good dates are the ones wherein both people interact equally; it shouldn’t feel like a one-way story.

    Show-off Could Be A Massive Turn-off

    Some millionaires make the mistake of showing off their wealth and status a bit too much. You are likely to be dating an equal and so showing off your wealth and status might be the red flag moment. You should be modest and down to earth as these are the attributes that are much more likely to attract your partner.

    Respect – Give And Get

    One of the main things which a woman is likely to notice when on a first date is the kind of respect you give to her and others. Your mannerisms speak a lot about who you are as an individual. She is wealthy enough to buy and afford her riches. So, she is looking for someone who values her and treats her well. This is why be on your best behavior possible. Do not rub off the waiters on the wrong note either.

    Respect The Boundaries

    Do not forget the rule book of the first dates. You should not press too much on personal and private information. Know how to keep it casual while still seeming interested. The best questions and the right answers will ensure that you will lead up to a second date and then another one until things become a lot more concrete.

    Arrogance Could Be A Goodbye

    As rich singles, do not be haughty and arrogant. We are not asking you to be a saint but there is no reason for you to be arrogant when you are on a date. Your prospective partner would like to see your romantic side rather than being turned off by the high arrogance meter.

    Basic Courtesy

    Do not forget to exhibit the basic courtesy. Make sure to stick to the guidebook and woo your lady in the best possible manner. Little things like holding the car door, pulling the chair, kissing her hands, might project you in the perfect light.

    So, if you take care of all these little things, you are likely to be successful in your quest of finding the perfect millionaire to tag along. There are sites like Millionaire Match where too many people have managed to find their perfect partner. They have plenty of different features that allow for easy filtering of options and this will also help you get the best shot at dating.

    So, if you are a rich single guy and you are looking for someone as successful and wealthy as you, trying your luck on such sites might be a great thing. The site has a great process to verify the incomes of the members to ensure that you would be dating a millionaire.

    When top successful business stalwarts end up being in a relationship, you will not only like the intellectual conversation but at the same time, it might reap in significant business benefits in the long run as well. Hence, there is absolutely no reason why you should not register yourself on the site and try your luck.

    While you might be focusing on dating a millionaire, the rest of the dating qualities are equally important too. So, take a date or two to adjudge how compatible the two of you are. There should be good chemistry along with the right kind of passion because you don’t need just a sharp mind and a big bank balance to fall in love.

    Love is a lot more than that, so, put all the factors in and weigh them in the equation. We are sure the right match is out there waiting for you to log on to MillionaireMatch and thereby start the whirlwind romantic tale.

  • Easy Breezy Tips To Date A Divorced Millionaire And Ace It! Posted by Admin

    So many of us dream about living the kind of life which spells luxury! Of course, amassing that amount of money is no easy task which means that if you happen to find a hot millionaire you could date, you might still be able to realize your dream.

    Millionaire match is by far one of the #1 Millionaire Dating Site for people who are looking for the eligible millionaires to date. The members are segregated into 6 broad categories on the basis of relation which are

    ➢ Single

    ➢ Separated

    ➢ Divorced

    ➢ Widowed

    ➢ Never married

    ➢ Please ask me

    According to the official data of MillionaireMatch, as when it comes to the female certified millionaire, the largest percentage is divorced which accounts for 39% while 1% were never married. Similarly, when it comes to male certified millionaires the majority of them are single with a whopping 32% count while the never married group again stands slim at 1%. Conclusions as a result, a large number of certified millionaires list their status as divorced or please ask me thereby adding to the curiously.

    As most millionaires tend to date plenty of people frequently, knowing the details and their preferences and opinion on past dates might turn out to be handy. Before embarking on this new chapter of your life, you need to make sure that you treat your date as a person and not as a big cash bank. In order to ensure that you don’t burn your hand dating a divorcee millionaire, you should know some persuasive tricks that will come handy when planning to date a charming millionaire.

    Don’t be in it just for money

    Remember one thing; most millionaires may know that you are in it for the money, so the first rule is not to make this fact blatantly obvious. Letting this fact out in the open can kill the buzz and take the steam off your budding relationship. No matter how much you enjoy the lavish luxury part of dating, keep your zealousness to yourself. And yes, don’t ask about their ex until you get to know them first!

    Know them first

    Treat them as an individual and not as a huge stack of money. No millionaires want to be labeled 24/7, give them their own space to breathe. By now you must know that for any strong relationship to blossom, it is important to spend time knowing each other. Until and unless, you are willing to put in this effort, the relation might lose its steam even before things get moving.

    Pay attention to the little details, try and enjoy the moment without constantly wondering about say the number of Gucci bags you may buy. Know about the likes and dislikes of your date. Analyze what turns them on, examine their pet peeves and a hundred other things that they have to explore and unravel.

    Be Transparent

    For any relation to prosper, you have to exhibit the right level of transparency. Now that you and your partner have developed an agreement reveal about yourself bit by bit and make sure to concentrate on the good things. Don’t sob your date with your sad stories. Try to know about the best times of their past and catch little indications about what’s important for them. Try to do the same with them and let them look into the “real” you. Don’t be afraid to discuss. The more you discuss things, the better the picture both of you shall have. Remember a relationship built on trust has more chances to last longer and your partner would have surely realized it by now!

    Know their social circle

    It is also important to ensure that you are aware of their social circle. When it comes to millionaire and their social circle, the dynamics may differ a great deal. They have their own etiquettes and even dressing norms. So, if you are likely to mingle and go out for parties and events together, it doesn’t hurt to know a little about the circle, the norms, and the people and so on. Of course, it is not mandatory to follow every rule; after all, love is not about going by the rule book! Still sometimes walking a little extra for the sake of love isn’t bad either.

    Digging the past or covering it up

    Okay, let’s face it everybody has the past secrets that they don't want to share with anyone, and you should learn to respect that. Knowing about someone’s past can be both important and useless based on what both of you think. It might be easier to have a discussion about it. Granted, some of us have crazy stories of our ex. But pushing that out of someone can have an adverse effect on your blossoming relationship. So don’t try to put your date in those uneasy situations; they will appreciate you for it!

    Of course, dating a millionaire is a massive bonus with a free gift, the luxurious lifestyle and what not. However, do not forget that in the end, the real thing that rocks your boat has to be the LOVE!

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    After some negotiations, we completed an acquisition of a dating app called "MM" on March 22, 2019.

    MM app

    The MM app positioned itself as elite dating, which aims at the same exclusive dating field as our brand MillionaireMatch. After further analysis and discussion, the whole deal was sealed in three days. Besides, the Indian app team made it clear that they will keep working for the MM app and try to improve it even further in the near future. We believe that we are now in a position where we can grow our reputation as an elite matchmaking app and reach new demographics. But now, we're still considering whether we should fully launch into India's online matchmaking market.

    Currently, MM has a very basic design but we surely have plans of adding new features and incorporating lots of details with the passage of time. But we are not sure whether acquiring the "MM" app is the first step to enter the millionaire dating market in India.

    India has a good population of singles who are willing to experiment with online dating and check out their different options. The key idea is to find the right target base, offer them a befitting app and load it with features which make it interactive enough for people to use it.

    We have achieved a lot in the exclusive millionaire dating field and with new offshoots, want to expand the reach to other dating areas and markets. We surely have a lot of future plans for expansion and want to carry forward the great work which we have done so far.

    About MM

    MM is an elite dating app for the users to find their true partner out of numerous profiles. Now, the app is only available on apple App Store.

    To download the Ios app Click Here.

    About Millionaire Match

    MillionaireMatch provides the original luxury millionaire dating service since 2001. It is responsible for helping more successful and attractive people find dates, relationships, and marriages.

    To know more about MillionaireMatch, please visit Millionairematch.com.

    To download the Android app, Click Here.

  • 7 Tips For Dating an Entrepreneur Posted by Admin

    When dating an entrepreneur, here’s what to know in the midst of the chaos to develop and maintain a meaningful partnership

    The grind. The hustle. Elevate or die.

    When you’re dating an entrepreneur, these are the phrases and ideologies that are never far from their lips, and that passion, zeal, and dedication can be incredibly attractive.

    With the stakes always seemingly so high, trying to date an entrepreneur can seem like an uphill battle against a cunning enemy, known commonly as “success.”

    So, when you’re taking the plunge with the lovely, tenacious partner that you can’t get enough of, there are some things to know to set you both up for success down the road.

    Here’s 7 Tips to Know While Dating an Entrepreneur

    1. Long hours are the norm, not the exception

    “Regular business hours” are not really part of the equation. Inspiration can strike at any moment, and that moment must be seized. This is true of the post-5 o’clock hours, and bleeds over into weekends, as well. There’s typically no weekend, because, frankly, for an entrepreneur, the work never ends. Adjusting this expectation about timing is key for mutual understanding.

    2. Expect the unexpected

    Clients can put in late requests for revisions. Sites can crash. Bugs can clog up the new app release. And of course, none of these happen at a convenient time. Date nights, weekend plans, beach vacations are all prime time for things to go haywire. So, rather than being shocked when things go south, mentally and emotionally preparing by expecting the unexpected can help when the adversity inevitably hits.

    3. Make sure you can entertain yourself

    With plans that can get changed, pushed, or cancelled, it’s important that you can entertain yourself when you’ve got an unexpected chunk of time to yourself. To take this one step further, planning and scheduling intentional time for self-care can make you a better you, which is vital for any relationship – you can’t pour from an empty cup. Make sure you are taking care of yourself and you’ll be fresh and agile in the context of your relationship, as well as all aspects of your life.

    4. Avoid comparison despair

    Dating an entrepreneur is not a textbook romance. The process is just different than most couples, and the driven nature of an entrepreneur means there’s a host of quirks that come with the territory. Rather than watching other couples and envying them for their relationships, take a look inside, ask what you truly value, and take the action that you can take to transform your own relationship. It can be a despairing place when you’re constantly comparing to what others have and what you do not have, so avoid this comparison despair by being honest with yourself and your partner about what you’d actually love in your relationship.

    5. Find community for you and your partner

    Life wasn’t meant to be lived alone, and strong community is the best reminder of this. Whether it’s making friends with your partner’s business associates, colleagues and their spouses or finding local meet-ups for like-minded people, knowing that you’re not alone in the common struggles you’re going through can bring such a healthy perspective to overwhelming, and isolating seasons of life. This acts as a pressure release in a relationship so that frustrations, vent sessions, and just “letting it out” doesn’t all fall on your partner.

    6. Seek out common ground

    Whether you like it or not, you’re going to hear a lot about business, entrepreneurship, leadership and innovation from your partner. Best-case scenario, you eat up the information and enjoy the audio books, podcasts, TED talks and interviews just as much as they do. If you’re not into all that, however, you may dread car rides and hang time around the house with the Bluetooth speaker piping in that latest podcast guest throughout your space. A compromise may be in order if there’s a show or personality that you both relate to and enjoy listening. And if that doesn’t cut it, there’s always noise-cancelling headphones just an Amazon Prime away.

    7. If you can’t beat them, join them

    Maybe it’s time for you to start up your own venture. If one hectic schedule seems daunting on its own, maybe two could actually be a blessing, lending to a deeper understanding of what you’re each going through. It would take work, but the nuances of what you’re each going through would be understood on a fundamental level. And what’s a thriving relationship without commitment and dedication from both partners, anyway? If you can’t beat them, join the hustle.

    Interested in dating an entrepreneur or other successful, professional singles? Millionairematch.com celebrates and embraces successful people, designed specifically for successful and attractive singles looking for a serious, long-term relationship.

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    dating a lawyer

    When dating a lawyer, there is a certain set of skills and principles to understand about your partner, and about the profession as a whole.

    What is it like dating a lawyer?

    If you’re looking for a relationship with a lawyer, there are a few factors that may help you set expectations from the get-go, so that you’re fully briefed on what you’re getting into.

    While yes, lawyers are human, here are a few idiosyncrasies to note about the profession and about the professional singles that live for the law.

    Here’s 7 Things to Know Before Dating a Lawyer

    1. There’s always more work to be done

    The two most important words to know about a lawyer and their relationship to time and money: billable hours. If they’re not working on the clock, they’re not getting paid. This means that unlike some automated income streams, a lawyer’s time is being traded for dollars. This payoff can be huge, of course, but it’s at the expense of quality time spent elsewhere, such as date night.

    2. Lawyer personalities are not subtle

    This is a wonderful thing. For a lawyer, personality skills and weaknesses can quickly reveal growth opportunities for skills that need crafted. This process starts in law school where a person is evaluated on their potential for being “lawyer material.” For a person dating a single lawyer, there will likely be few question marks about the type of person you’re involved with. If you like what you see, you’re probably getting a cold-hard dose of the real person you’re dating, not always a guarantee in budding romances.

    3. Being a lawyer doesn’t make a person scummy…

    Being a scummy person does. It is not part of the curriculum at law school, nor is it a requirement on the bar exam, that to be an effective lawyer you have to be a jerk. However, if you were a jerk before, law school will certainly bring out more of the same. As with any career field, there are all types of people that are attracted to the profession for all sorts of reasons. Some of those people are jerks. As mentioned above, lawyer personalities can be about as subtle as a gunshot, so if you’re catching an off-putting vibe from your date, it’s not simply because they’re a lawyer, it’s just who they are.

    4. Detail matters in every situation

    In the courtroom, there’s order and decorum. All the players know their roles and expectations are clear. The type of thinking required to excel in that environment can be a bit trying in daily life. Lawyers are direct, and have a sense of clarity about what they want. For those closest to them, including a person dating a lawyer, this meticulously detailed lifestyle can be challenging. The very same attributes that make a lawyer shine in the courtroom may be to the detriment of personal intimacy.

    5. Latin phrases are not the only words they know

    All professional singles have words and phrases that may sound like gibberish to an outsider. Learning the lingo comes with the territory. When dealing with the law, the lingo happens to be primarily Latin-based, however it’s an overgeneralization to paint all lawyers as Latin-dropping fanatics. One lawyer, Stacy Becker, had this to say about this stereotype, “Many people picture dating a lawyer as sitting across the table from someone going into a rant about their argument in their legal brief about the qui tam provisions of the False Claim Act while they’ve rolled their eyes and fallen asleep. In truth, many lawyers would love to talk about anything but the law.”

    6. Arguing with a lawyer is an impossible feat

    Okay, so it’s not impossible, but when a major tool in a single lawyer’s toolbox is to formulate an argument on how to be “right,” it’s a tall order to defy. Stand up comic Jani Tillery, who is a lawyer by day, shares, “Guys don’t get my mindset. I had a guy say to me once, ‘Jani, you think just because you’re a lawyer, you think you’re always right.’ Yeah! What is so hard about that?”

    7. Lawyers are not all greedy, selfish hustlers

    This is probably the biggest stereotype out there around lawyers, whether you’re dating one or not. This is what makes the good TV – the ambulance chaser careening around the corner across a busy intersection, briefcase sliding across the dashboard, cheap suit flapping in the wind, greasy, slicked back hair quickly being combed by greedy little fingers because the chase is on. This is what gets perpetuated on screen because it’s dramatic, completely at odds with the far more common and true-to-life lawyer that works hard to provide for themselves and their family. If the lawyer you’re dating is acting like a selfish hustler, it’s probably because they’re a hustler at heart that happens to be a lawyer.

    Interested in dating a lawyer or other successful, professional singles? Millionairematch.com celebrates and embraces successful people, designed specifically for successful and attractive singles looking for a serious, long-term relationship.