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    Rich Men and Rich Women

    Romance and wealth, the two most important topics in our society, influence our happiness in tremendous ways. Now I’m going to share several rich men and rich women’s insights into romance and wealth with you today, so you are in for a treat! You are welcome.

    • There are certain romantic things that you can only know and experience if you have wealth.

    “I didn’t know I could live a jet-setting lifestyle until I met my husband John,” says Phoebe, a beautiful woman who is married to a wealthy man, “We were traveling the world when we were dating – He took me to Paris, London, Sydney, Auckland, Tokyo and Hong Kong. I remember on my 26th birthday, he took me to Hawaii for a surprise birthday party on the beach. I’ll never forget that.” Phoebe got to know and date her rich husband on Millionaire Match. Millionaire Match, the first millionaire dating site since 2001, help rich men and women to meet the real millionaires who have verified their income

    That means the fundamental difference between the average Jane and a wealthy woman is a gap of experience.

    All high-powered money men that I have interviewed are undaunted by elegant ladies’ expensive nature. At the end of the day, money is a part of what an individual has to give in a romantic relationship & to give money that’s valued is to give of oneself.

    Indeed, wealthy men and wealthy women can express their give-and-take of ‘self’ in romantic relationships through fancy, lavish, romantic settings, and with fantastic grandeur of artistic expression that only money can offer. The rich are able to afford to give the best of themselves and to experience the best of themselves.

    • When wealth is solid, almost everything else in a romantic relationship becomes better.

    In mainstream western culture, money is probably a taboo topic. As a consequence, many people avoid talking about money in their love lives. But that’s exactly why financial dispute is the No. 1 reason for divorce in nearly every country in the world. And the most basic level of needs is physiological needs (food & shelter); the second level of needs is safety (including financial security); the next level of needs is love.

    So, when the second level of needs is not met (money is an issue), people don’t want love anymore as everybody must have financial safety before they can begin to look for true love. That also explains why wealthy men and wealthy women are more genuine when it comes to dating and relationships – they don’t need anything from other people; they just want to find authentic love.

    “My advice is to make sure you and your spouse are on the same page in terms of money. Have a candid discussion with your spouse about personal finances and figure out each other’s value systems in this aspect,” says Ben, who met a rich woman on Millionaire Match and got married, “Perhaps one individual would like to save a large percentage of their household income, whereas the other individual prefers having an organic facial and a deep recovery massage in an upper-class spa twice a week. In that case, they will have problems in their romantic relationship. Hence, a couple would be well-advised to discuss this in a straightforward way.”

    Ben also suggests that couples should have a clear financial blueprint that is actionable and practical. For instance, a couple save and invest 40% of their annual income and spend 20% of their annual income as ‘play money’ – this part can be spent guilt-free. Truthfully, almost every rich man and every rich woman that I know have a financial plan.

    Yes, when money is great, everything else in a relationship seems to be a bit easier

    • The quality of sensual experience in the bedroom can be enhanced by wealth.

    In actuality, does wealth affect an individual’s intimacy in the bedroom? Well, it certainly does (and on a variety of subtle levels). Obviously, the stress over personal finances could slow down the libido; and the reverse is equally as true: the abundance of money is able to powerfully liberate sexual expression in bed. Let me explain.

    First of all, wealth allows rich men and rich women to invest in their love lives, thereby creating the quality of sensual experience they want.

    Second, money deeply affects the mindset of wealthy men and wealthy women with a permission-level which is also known as ‘entitlement’.

    Therefore, this combination of entitlement and investing generates genuine happiness, unlimited pleasure and infinite bliss in the bedroom.

    Apparently, wealth allows affluent men and women to personalize their intimate interactions to their individual preferences and styles. Wealth also creates the texture of a love life in the context, romance and partners. Quite frankly, wealth can be an enticement to participants for more fun.

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    successful women

    “That guy can’t handle a successful and powerful woman.” When a successful woman is rejected by a guy, she tends to protect her own feelings through bragging about the qualities she has. However, in reality, these qualities are usually what guys don’t want in a woman. Please let me explain.

    • Rich women dating advice: A popular woman is almost always a feminine lady.

    Is a strong woman ready to use her strength to fight anyone in order to keep her husband, kids and relatives safe? Probably no. But a strong man is ready for that. Truthfully, the real masculinity that feminists like to complain about nowadays is exactly what kept women alive thousands of years ago, and which continue to keep women safe via the male-dominated areas of law enforcement and military.

    Don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying women are inferior to men – honestly, women have many amazing qualities that men don’t have.

    Actually, what men are madly, deeply attracted to is femininity, beauty and loyalty. No matter how rich a woman is, she still needs to be feminine, beautiful and loyal in order to become a truly successful woman.

    • The real reason why many rich women struggle with romance:

    Realistically, a woman needs only enough independence and strength to find a guy who has genuine independence and strength. That means a lady should pursue career success that can allow her to maintain her good looks and ensure she has what she needs to live a reasonably good life. Beyond that, a lady is expending her energy and time on things that will not increase her chances of marrying a good guy. Here is why –

    Men work hard so that they can be considered attractive mates (not because men like getting stuck in an unsexy office for many hours per month, but because men already know that ladies don’t want a poor guy). In other words, men work hard because they have to work hard.

    In contrast, many modern women begin working at a young age simply because they have been sold a false bill of goods that a successful career will be more fulfilling than starting a family with a good man. Yet as a matter of fact, once a woman’s career satisfies all of her needs, she doesn’t need a guy to provide for her anymore. That’s exactly why she will want to find high-status men. Sadly, a lot of successful women confuse high-status men with guys who don’t even care about them. Consequently, these ladies end up in terrible relationships that can’t lead to marriage at all.

    If a lady’s financial status were lower, she literally needs a good man so as to lead a stable and comfortable life, so she wouldn’t pay attention to bad boys, the alpha Chad or a starving artist. Hopefully this makes sense.

    But the more successful a rich woman’s career is, the more likely she will look for toxic relationships with men who never commit to her. That is to say, the more comfortable and stable a woman is financially, the more she will gravitate towards seeking guys who excite her instead of looking after her. This is sad but true.

    • Rich women dating in modern-day society: the unconventional conclusion

    Another sign that a woman’s financial success is not essential for a sustainable and healthy marriage is to ask what would happen if a successful woman lost her job and couldn’t get another high-profile job. Would her husband leave her? It’s quite unlikely. Personally, I've never heard of a case where a guy left his wife just because she didn’t have a job.

    Okay. Let’s look at the opposite situation where a guy loses his job and can’t find another one. Will his wife leave him? In actuality, not only will his wife leave him, but you can expect that she will leave him within 3 years.

    These two scenarios indicate that guys don’t really value a lady who has financial success nearly as much as a lady values a guy who has career success. Frankly, if a guy says his wife’s financial status is important to him, that’s usually because he isn’t masculine enough to take care of his family on his own. Does anyone find a guy like that attractive?

    In summary, a successful woman won’t find lasting fulfillment through a successful career. Indeed, ladies who are looking for providers will always prefer men with a successful career; nevertheless, a guy looking for a wife is much less likely to. The more a guy asks questions about a lady’s career blueprint, the more likely he is more concerned about cash than marriage. Whenever this happens, these successful and rich women are more willing to seek some like-minded people with the same wealthy and status on some affluent and decent dating websites. On Millionaire Match, both successful women and professional men are seeking the trusted and loyal relationship partners.

  • How to Create an Attractive Dating Profile on Millionaire Dating Site Posted by Admin

    Millionaire Dating Site

    Creating an attractive dating profile on Millionaire Match is crucial to finding a mate on the millionaire dating site. Even on normal dating sites that anyone can join, there are several common mistakes that lead to unused accounts and wasted time. These mistakes can cause even more problems on a site like Millionaire Match because the competition is stiffer. Profiles that don’t stand out and even repel other users won’t be successful.

    Here are a few tips to help your millionaire dating profile differentiate itself from all the others on the network and attract interesting people:

    Above All, Be Honest

    Others using the dating site are looking for interesting people who are who they say they are. Millionaire Match works hard to eliminate catfish accounts and users who are less than honest, but there’s still some room to be dishonest on your dating profile.

    It’s okay to embellish or exaggerate a few things about yourself, but these small dishonesties need to add up to a profile that represents you and your personality. Trying to guess at what men or women will want to see in your profile will only lead to bad profile writing, which most Millionaire Match users can see right through.

    Show Some Vulnerability

    Don’t reveal all your deepest, darkest secrets on your dating profile. You’ll scare other users off. However, part of being honest is revealing a bit of yourself that others don’t know about you. Don’t be afraid to show how hard you work, the struggles you’ve overcome to be successful, or even what frightens you the most. Singles on dating websites are looking for someone they can connect with. If you fill your profile only with your accomplishments and pictures of you looking happy and successful, other users will wonder what your real story is.

    Keep it Simple

    It’s good to show more private aspects of your life, such as your goals, how you overcame difficulties, and your interests. Being honest and a little vulnerable is often refreshing for most online daters. But there’s a tipping point. If you share too much of your inner struggles, fears, dislikes, etc., other users will see starting a relationship with you as too much work on their end. Everyone’s complicated, and you need to be honest and yourself, but people expect to see the ‘real’ you, complete with all your complications, when they meet and get to know you, not when they’re scrolling through your Millionaire Match profile.

    A good way to think about being honest, vulnerable, yet uncomplicated is to use positive language throughout your profile. Instead of railing against your business partner for cheating you, for example, write about how you’ve persevered in the face of adversity to be successful.

    Edit Out all Clichés

    Ladies and gentlemen, the time when writing things like “I love long walks on the beach” was cute is over. Clichés like that aren’t endearing anymore, and they may even cause suspicion, since writing the same dating lines can be a way to hide other things about the user’s personality.

    The end goal when you’re done writing dating profile is to create a transparent, honest summary of yourself and what you’re looking for on the dating site. You want other users to know what to expect when they meet you in person. Millionaire Match users likely have been on other online dating sites before. They don’t have time for cutesy clichés.

    The Perfect Profile Picture

    Don’t choose a hasty selfie as your profile picture. Ideally, your picture should depict you in an expansive, not contracted, posture.

    An example of an expansive posture is holding your arms upward in a V shape. Research has shown that men on dating sites are more likely to engage with profiles that feature women holding this V posture. The key is showing other users your body interacting with the space around it. Avoid pictures in which you’re hunching or crossing your arms.

    If you’re unsure about which pictures to use on your profile, err toward showing your face more. Most dating site users will expect this and will be suspicious of a profile that doesn’t show what the user looks like. However, you can get away with hiding your face in some pictures if you post action shots. Pictures of you doing things are more compelling than posed pictures, even if your face is obscured.

    Be Specific

    Good writing is specific. If you write that you ‘love travel,’ for example, add a few places you’ve been or where you plan to go next. Put yourself in other users’ shoes. If you read that potential date loved to travel, for example, but you didn’t see any places they’ve gone, you’ve just spent your time obtaining very vague, uninteresting information about that person. When you see a list of destinations, you have something concrete to be interested in, and a place to start a conversation.

    Put Your Best Foot Forward

    Millionaire Match has been helping form relationships between successful people for nearly 20 years. Each member is verified before they join and create their dating profile, which lowers the risk of people being dishonest on the platform. Millionaire dating is complicated, but by using these tips, you’ll find your perfect mate in no time.

  • A Guide to Entrepreneur Dating, For Rich Single Women Posted by Admin

    Entrepreneur Dating

    If you’re one of the rich single women out there looking for a match who’s on your level, entrepreneurs are likely on your radar. Some women might hesitate in dating entrepreneurs because of their reputation, however. Entrepreneur dating is fraught with peril, because for entrepreneurs, managing and building their businesses is their top, and for many, their only priority.

    Changing business models and the rise of startup culture has wrecked many social lives and driven a wedge between boyfriends and girlfriends. But that shouldn’t turn you off completely from entrepreneurs. While there are many who exemplify everything that others think is wrong with entrepreneur dating, not all entrepreneurs are undatable, especially if you use these entrepreneur dating tips for rich single women:

    Entrepreneur Dating 101: Be Flexible

    Entrepreneurs rarely work a nine-to-five schedule. For many entrepreneurs, shedding a typical work schedule is one reason they decided to start their own company in the first place. In the beginning stages of getting to know someone, it’s important to keep your schedule flexible. Make plans farther in advance than you normally would, so an entrepreneur has time to make your one-on-one dates work.

    Prioritize Your Personal Life, Rich Single Women

    Before you even enter a new relationship with an entrepreneur, ask yourself if you have the time to make a relationship work. Rich single women are often thought of as having fully open schedules, which you know is not true. Put a few things on the back burner for now so you have the flexibility to date an entrepreneur.

    Prioritize Fun

    Make fun dates your go-to option for spending time together. Find out what you have in common and what you like to do for fun. Then you can try a few activities the other party finds fun and vice versa. This way you’ll get to know each other better and associate fun times with the other person.

    Don’t Wait

    The demise of many relationships between rich single women and entrepreneurs often comes when you simply can’t put up with the insane hours entrepreneurs work. Don’t wait for an entrepreneur to make time for you. Focus on your own things when they’re working and communicate openly about your schedule so that you can create time to spend together. Your life is also busy, don’t let an imbalance of one always waiting for the other develop.

    Find Ways to Help Them “Turn Off”

    Entrepreneurs are always on. They work long hours building their business, and even when they’re not working, they’re thinking about how to be better, how to sell more products, etc. It’s a very stressful and tiring profession, and most entrepreneurs don’t realize the toll their lifestyle has on their bodies and minds until it’s too late.

    Instead of trying to force an entrepreneur to “turn it off” when they’re with you, be proactive. Find things to do that you both find relaxing. Find ways to distract them from their work for a few hours. They may be resistant at first, but when they realize the value of what you’re trying to do for them, they’ll come around.

    Make Your Dates Worth Their Time

    Probably the biggest concern of entrepreneurs is judging whether any activity is worth their time. They have to do several things at once most of the time, so their concern is valid. This is why it’s important to plan ahead and communicate openly and often. Then you can start planning activities together that you both enjoy and will be worth their thinly stretched time.

    Be Open and Tell the Truth

    Honesty is usually the best medicine for any potential conflict in a relationship you might come across. You’d be surprised by how many difficult situations are created because both parties are misinformed about each other.

    Above All, Communicate

    Rich single women often have the same problems with relationships as everyone else. Communication is key. Learning to communicate with one another is the bedrock of any relationship, romantic or platonic. When it comes to entrepreneur dating, communication might be even more important than it is in dating anyone else. Make plans together, share your feelings, and don’t be afraid to be vulnerable. At the very least, even if the relationship doesn’t work out long term, you know where you stand.

  • The Best Traits Help You Date A Millionaire Online Posted by Admin

    Date a millionaire

    Are you seeking millionaires and you are mighty successful and wealthy yourself? If you have answered yes, it is important that you look into the dynamics of millionaire dating. There are plenty of top millionaire dating sites wherein you can find some of the best millionaires who are on the lookout for similar people. So, if you want to impress such a millionaire and date one, here is how you should prepare for it.

    Exude The Art Of Confidence

    Confidence is one of the sexiest attributes. You need to ace the art of wearing your confidence as if it is your strongest weapon. While it is okay to look for a date, do not make the mistake of seeming desperate. Exude the aura of confidence and project the image of a strong personality.

    Ambiguity Shouldn’t Be On Your Resume

    It is important to have a clear picture of what you want. Simply dating a millionaire should not be the be-all and end-all of your dating quest. There should always be several characters attributes that you need to seek. These could be kindness, the sharpness of mind, business prowess, romantic nature, and so on. Having a list of such attributes would help you know better as to whom you would like to date and start the hunt accordingly.

    First Impressions Could Foretell The Story

    Remember, business and dating is not the same thing. The world of business operates very differently from that of the world of dating. This is why you need to be smart when it comes to projecting an everlasting impression. Put the best of your romantic and charming skills to use so that your date feels the right vibe. Even the best of millionaires sometimes don’t succeed in impressing their date.

    When you are seeking millionaires, one of the important things you have to remember is that the prospective date to is a millionaire. So, be on your best behavior.

    Keep money out of the equation

    You should not chase money all the time. It is important to know that dating is not all about money. So, even if you have a massive business empire, we recommend not talking too much about the estates you own. Your focus should be on the quality of life you want and try and draw your date in your conversation. Good dates are the ones wherein both people interact equally; it shouldn’t feel like a one-way story.

    Show-off Could Be A Massive Turn-off

    Some millionaires make the mistake of showing off their wealth and status a bit too much. You are likely to be dating an equal and so showing off your wealth and status might be the red flag moment. You should be modest and down to earth as these are the attributes that are much more likely to attract your partner.

    Respect – Give And Get

    One of the main things which a woman is likely to notice when on a first date is the kind of respect you give to her and others. Your mannerisms speak a lot about who you are as an individual. She is wealthy enough to buy and afford her riches. So, she is looking for someone who values her and treats her well. This is why be on your best behavior possible. Do not rub off the waiters on the wrong note either.

    Respect The Boundaries

    Do not forget the rule book of the first dates. You should not press too much on personal and private information. Know how to keep it casual while still seeming interested. The best questions and the right answers will ensure that you will lead up to a second date and then another one until things become a lot more concrete.

    Arrogance Could Be A Goodbye

    As rich singles, do not be haughty and arrogant. We are not asking you to be a saint but there is no reason for you to be arrogant when you are on a date. Your prospective partner would like to see your romantic side rather than being turned off by the high arrogance meter.

    Basic Courtesy

    Do not forget to exhibit the basic courtesy. Make sure to stick to the guidebook and woo your lady in the best possible manner. Little things like holding the car door, pulling the chair, kissing her hands, might project you in the perfect light.

    So, if you take care of all these little things, you are likely to be successful in your quest of finding the perfect millionaire to tag along. There are sites like Millionaire Match where too many people have managed to find their perfect partner. They have plenty of different features that allow for easy filtering of options and this will also help you get the best shot at dating.

    So, if you are a rich single guy and you are looking for someone as successful and wealthy as you, trying your luck on such sites might be a great thing. The site has a great process to verify the incomes of the members to ensure that you would be dating a millionaire.

    When top successful business stalwarts end up being in a relationship, you will not only like the intellectual conversation but at the same time, it might reap in significant business benefits in the long run as well. Hence, there is absolutely no reason why you should not register yourself on the site and try your luck.

    While you might be focusing on dating a millionaire, the rest of the dating qualities are equally important too. So, take a date or two to adjudge how compatible the two of you are. There should be good chemistry along with the right kind of passion because you don’t need just a sharp mind and a big bank balance to fall in love.

    Love is a lot more than that, so, put all the factors in and weigh them in the equation. We are sure the right match is out there waiting for you to log on to MillionaireMatch and thereby start the whirlwind romantic tale.