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    Whether you find yourself getting ‘back in the saddle’, or if you never got off the horse, dating past your 50’s can be a challenge. There are a whole host of new problems to solve and things to consider that can make the process seem like a complete 180° turn from dating in your 20’s and 30’s.

    So, if you find yourself looking for love in your 50’s, it’s going to be important that you have a clear set of rules that you adhere to in order to help the process along. Let’s break down all the things to keep in mind when dating in your 50’s.

    Establish the Ground Rules

    A Happy relationship is built on mutual respect and trust. It’s also built on boundaries. Now, in your 20’s and 30’s you were likely still trying to find yourself--let along your own boundaries. But, as someone who has matured quite a bit more than that younger person you once were, you should already have your boundaries well established.

    What this means is that you should be able to clearly lay out a set of ground rules that you want to adhere to when dating. They can be as strict or as relaxed as you want, but they should be present to help keep you on track. These can be things such as Does the person have young children and am I okay with that? Do they have an established career, and do I need them to? Do they want to get married/remarried someday?

    These are just a small sampling of ideas that you may want to add to your list. Having answers to these questions and providing a line which you won’t cross in regards to them will help keep you and your new potential partner on the same page.

    Learn to Be Patient

    Dating in your 50’s can be whatever you want it to be. Are you just looking for a fun and casual fling? That’s definitely possible! Are you looking for a long-term connection? That's out there too! The key, however, is that you have to remain patient throughout the entire process.

    In your younger years, you may have found that partners--and yourself--were quite a bit less picky. There didn’t seem to be a lot of stress on the small things, despite these being the most important for long-term success in love. This carefree mindset made it easier to find partners, or so it may have seemed.

    However, as you have matured, so have your potential suitors. You are likely to be looking for love from those who have established lifestyles, some baggage, and their own list of ground rules. This can make it seem like far fewer people are ‘compatible’ with you than there used to be. But, never fear, this is not the case. It simply means that those who are a match are likely to be a better match than those from your younger days.

    Be patient, and understand that feeling rejected or like the process is too hard is a normal step for everyone to climb. With time, it will all come more naturally!

    Embrace Technology

    It might seem scary, but technology is the way of the world these days. Dating apps and websites have changed the way that people meet, and you are likely going to have to adapt to it--at least a little bit. So, what does this mean?

    Well luckily for us there is very nearly a dating platform for everyone. If you just want casual meetups, Tinder is a great way to go. If you want something more serious and Meet quality matches, MillionaireMatch is a well-established community.

    Now it’s important to note that setting up these profiles can take quite a bit of time. You’ll want to put some thought and care into the photos, bio, and personal details that you put there. You want the profile to stand out and draw in interest! This is an investment of time that many find is absolutely worth it. In fact, studies show that nearly 30% of all Americans have online dating profiles. So, something is working.

    Just remember that dating apps are not the be-all-end-all. You should never miss an opportunity to make connections in person with the singles around you either!

    Talk About Sex

    Yes, yes, you are in fact going to have to talk about the big naked elephant in the room at some point. This is a subject that will very likely need to be broached far sooner than you may think now that you are dating in your 50’s. Why do you ask?

    Well, the harsh reality is that singles in their 50’s and beyond face certain challenges in bed that younger partners may not--but this is okay! You may find yourself facing some physical limitations, aversions to certain acts in the bed, issues with monogamy, etc. These are all-natural things to talk about with a partner.

    It may seem awkward, but having this talk as soon as you feel it may be necessary is a huge step in the right direction. You can discuss your preferences, dislikes, safety, and more. This will help keep the topic honest and relaxed between you and your new partner, as well as provide them a chance to be open and honest with you. You cannot overlook the importance of ‘the talk’ even into your 50’s!

    Final Thoughts

    The dating game may have changed over the past few years, but that doesn't mean you can’t play. These days it is more common than ever for singles in their 50’s to be out and looking for that new spark in their lives--you aren’t alone!

    The most important thing to remember when dating in your 50’s is that your own personal boundaries and needs are crucial to the process. You can no longer shelve your own preferences just to find a partner--we are dealing with mature singles at this point. So, take the time to lay out what you need and want, and you will surely find a partner with the same values. It may take time, but the wait is always worth it.

  • Romantic Anniversary Ideas for You and Your Partner Posted by Admin

    Whether it’s your 1st or 76th, an anniversary is always an important and fun day. It marks the day that you and your partner decided to fully commit to one another. This is a milestone that surely should be celebrated when it rolls around annually. But… What should you do to celebrate it?

    Many couples will admit that they find it difficult to come up with fun and refreshing ways to celebrate their anniversary. This is especially true for those who have been together for quite a long time. The old ‘fancy dinner at a fancy restaurant’ can be nice, but it might get a bit stale.

    So, If it’s almost time to celebrate a new year with your partner, you might want to find some romantic anniversary ideas to celebrate it. Let’s go over just a few!

    Plan a ‘StayCation’

    You don’t need to drop thousands on a romantic getaway to Fiji if you are looking for a relaxing break from normal life. Chances are you can have a romantic time away from home without even leaving your own city! This may seem a bit odd, but simply booking a weekend at a hotel or B&B in your area can be the perfect recipe for a romantic getaway.

    Hotels are almost always relaxing. There’s something comforting about knowing that you are out of your normal routine, and sleeping in a bed that someone else will make for you! But travel can be exhausting, and pricey--as we mentioned. So, simply booking a getaway at a nice place locally is always a fun way to get that hotel getaway experience without going too far out of your way or budget.

    Revisit Your Wedding Venue

    You have likely heard of the ‘recreating your first date experience. This is a really fun way to spark those old feelings you had when you first met your partner! But, what about taking that experience to the next level? Revisiting your wedding venue is a pretty surreal experience for those who have been married for a while. It can instantly transport you back to that wonderful day, and all the feelings that came with it. You can explore the venue and recall the memories of the event with your partner as a cute little day trip.

    Revisiting your wedding venue is one romantic idea for igniting a spark based on the memories of how you felt the day you spoke your vows. What could be better than that?

    See a Comedy Show

    Laughter is the best medicine--at least according to world-renown expert Hunter Doherty ‘Patch’ Adams. Whether you are feeling a bit down about life, or simply need a fun evening, getting a good belly laugh going is sure to be a great evening with you and your partner.

    Even when it comes to seeing professional shows, comedy events are generally cheaper than concerts or sporting events. But they can be just as fun! Take the time to research what local comedy events are happening near you on your anniversary. You can go see an open mic event or buy tickets to an actual professional show. Either way, you are guaranteed to have a memorable night filled with laughs--or groans!

    Visit a Street Festival

    Most major metropolitan areas--and even some smaller rural communities--host regular street fairs and festivals. These can be international food festivals, arts & crafts festivals, traveling flea markets, music festivals, you name it. The experience of going to one of these street festivals can be incredibly satisfying!

    Getting out and experiencing something a bit more exotic or from a different culture is always a fun date idea. You and your partner can taste new flavors, hear new music styles, or buy some fun homemade items that you can cherish and remember for a lifetime! So, take the chance to spend your anniversary exploring something new with a street festival/fair.

    Go Outside

    You don’t have to be a survivalist to enjoy the great outdoors. There is a lot to love and experience when you step outside your home and into the wilderness beyond. Whether you are an expert outdoors person, or a newbie to the concept, you can go as ‘crazy’ or as ‘tame’ as you and your partner wish.

    Simple outdoor activities can be the perfect break from the hustle and bustle of regular life. It can get you away from cell phones, work emails, and Netflix for a little while. Whether you are going hiking, camping, fishing, or all of the above; you are guaranteed to enjoy the fresh air and the personal time with your partner away from the business of life.

    A Coffee/Lunch Date

    This may seem overly simple, and even a bit bland, but sometimes that is just what the doctor ordered. For many of us, planning something elaborate or extravagant isn’t in the cards. Whether it be work, time, or financial limitations; not everyone can get away and go ‘big’ on their anniversary.

    The most important part of celebrating an anniversary is spending quality time with your partner. That can be done anywhere. For those who are limited on time or funds, simply going out for a nice coffee date or lunch date can be an amazingly charming experience for both of you. Never underestimate the power of simply finding time to talk and enjoy your partner’s company for a while!

    Final Thoughts

    Anniversaries are special and should be treated as such. But being special doesn’t mean you have to go crazy with the celebration plans. Oftentimes the most memorable moments with our partners are the simplest ones. Take the time to enjoy your partner’s company this year for your anniversary, no matter which ‘milestone’ you are at in your relationship.

  • Redefining Romance In Relationship: How To Be Romantic Today Posted by Admin

    Romance is a serious deal-breaker in relationships. A lot of people admire romance but don't know how to show or receive it. Romance can be the little things you do for your loved ones as well as the major things. However, the most important thing in any romantic gesture is intent. Are you just showing your partner love because they deserve it or you only want to tick it off your fancy to-do lists? Do you understand their love language for you to treat them right or not?

    Romantic gestures can be a good way to strengthen the love between two partners and sweeten their relationship. The lack of it can also be the reason why some relationships go down the drain.

    Why do lovers like romance in relationships?

    Romance is the bridge that links both lovers. When one partner is deliberate in ways to love the other, it automatically strengthens their bond and makes them the real deal. Romance is a love language that all partners need to speak in their relationships to make it thrive. However, a lot of people find it difficult to show or understand how to be romantic in their relationships. In this article, you will learn how to be romantic today and show your partner love.

    How to be romantic today

    There are different ways to be romantic in your relationship. For starters, you need to study and understand your partner and know what tickles their fancy. Understanding their love language will go a long way in helping you decide how to be romantic to them.

    1. Buy them random gifts

    Nobody hates gifts. In fact, it's one of the most dependable ways to show romance to your partner. Getting your partner something they love but don't expect will put you as someone intentional about their life. Listen emphatically when you are having a conversation and pick up anything they want. Surprise them with the right gifts and see how their face will light up with happiness.

    2. Send them random texts

    Sending your partner a text shows you are thinking about them especially at the busy time of the day. A random "Hi love, I am looking at your picture and you make me smile always; I miss you and wish you a productive day" will go a long way. Whenever they receive such texts, it will further reassure them they are always on your mind. There are only a few better ways to show how romantic you are than this. It’s simple, old-school and hardly ever fails to make your partner happy.

    3. Invite them to dates

    Going on dates is an amazing way of showing your partner you adore them. And the amazing thing is that it doesn't have to be a big deal. It can be a date where both of you watch the sun go down or one that the both of you sing at a karaoke hangout. Another date idea is to see mutual movies together or go to a concert to enjoy your favorite artist.

    All of these will go a long way to show them you are lucky to have them in your life. It's a romantic gesture to lead someone to where they can forget the worries of the world and have all the fun they can get. You should try it and if you already do, then do more!

    4. Don't forget to say "I love you" always

    These three words are so powerful in a relationship. However, when partners start dating, they tend to ignore saying it because they feel the other party already knows they are in love. Why then bother to repeat it every day? In an ideal and romantic relationship, you should remind your partner that you love them as often as possible. It will give your partner a sense of belonging and serves as a means of validating your love over time. Furthermore, it is a romantic gesture that when repeated consistently makes both parties closer and fonder.

    5. Compliment your partner always

    Compliments boost ego and improve self-esteem. Seize every chance you get to compliment your partner. It's a traditional love language that will continue to work. Words like "You look, gorgeous baby, you are beautiful, you are exceptionally brilliant,” and other endearing words will work like magic when showing how romantic you can be.

    6. Travel together for a vacation

    Traveling is therapeutic. The memories created at a vacation will linger for a long for both parties to savor. Love is all about creating beautiful and evergreen memories and one of the best places to do this is while you are away from home.

    7. Be intentional about their growth

    Another way to show how romantic you are to your partner is to be committed to their growth in life. Ask them about their dreams and how you can help them or inspire them to achieve them. Be their accountability partner in achieving a task and get them gifts anytime they reach a milestone. All these will show them you want them to be successful in their life. What's the best way to be romantic than showing you care?

    8. Spend ample time together

    In today’s world where people dedicate more time to their work and businesses, it can be difficult to find someone who can balance the work and the love life together. If you want your partner to know how special they are to you, spend ample time with them. Ensure you call them at least twice in a day, drop cute texts for them and show up at their doorstep almost every weekend.

    Also, find time to visit their favorite spot with them and play their favorite games. Spending time with your partner is a romantic gesture that almost everyone understands and appreciates in this modern world.

    9. Focus on the little things.

    The little things matter a lot in our lives. Show up with their favorite food, dance with them, and cuddle them when they are going through a rough patch. You should also be your partner’s cheerleader and comfort place every time.


    Romance is important in a relationship and both parties need to understand themselves to show it the right way. Almost everyone loves their partner to be romantic towards them but not everyone knows how to. We’ve discussed different practical ways to show how to be romantic today. For these ideas to come out well, you need to understand your partner well and ask questions on what their love languages are. This will give you a pointer to what romantic gestures they will appreciate. If you’ve got other ideas, don’t be a stranger. Reach out to us, we’ll be glad to hear from you.

  • What Does Marriage Mean To You Today? Posted by Admin

    Marriage is an ancient social institution that has been around for a long time. There are different definitions for marriage according to culture, religion and geographical factors. However, one general definition of marriage is that it is an acceptable, legal and social agreement between two persons that join them as one forever except in a case of divorce or death. Also, the agreement legalizes sexual relationships between both parties.

    What is the true meaning of marriage?

    As outlined above, it is difficult to know the true meaning of marriage. Even though we can all agree that marriage means a legal cohabitation between two persons ready to be together forever unless, in the case of divorce or death, there are several things one needs to consider before we can understand what marriage means today. Is it fulfilling to be together with someone for a long time? How will it affect one another? The next lines about the meaning of marriage today will take care of these and more.

    So, what does marriage mean today?

    1. Marriage means being in a legal and binding agreement

    The concept of marriage is anchored on the premise of agreement. Both the husband and the wife have agreed to be together forever. There is no way two adults will come together to be one forever except they have agreed to. In ancient times, there is little or no consideration for legal rulings in cases of marriage. The agreement is mostly a result of family members meeting up and formalizing a relationship between their children. However, the world has moved on from these kinds of arranged marriages and couples are now in charge of their own fates. After intentions are shown, an agreement is reached. The couples then decide on the kind of marriage agreement they want to have whether it is the community or court wedding where they will be legally bonded together.

    2. Marriage means being unselfish

    Before marriage, you always make plans for yourself. You can decide when to go to the movies, get new clothes, cook at home or change your car. All of these will change after marriage because the concept of “we” instead of “I” will come into play.

    You need to think about your spouse in all your decisions. You now have to consider them when making your plans for a date night, traveling, working or other things in the home – you are now one and the decision affects you both.

    A joyous and adorable marriage is premised on consideration and unselfishness from both parties. The best of marriages are those where the couples always find a compromise rather than insisting on equality of rights.

    3. Marriage means to become one

    Marriage means becoming one. This means both the husband and wife now work together to be one, single, and productive entity where they excel together.

    Besides working together to excel, they are also bound together by the concept of sexual intimacy and procreation. Procreation is a significant part of marriage almost every couple looks forward to. Children are beautiful creation that brings additional joy and sweetness into marriage. Also, beyond physical intimacy, couples come together to share emotional, spiritual and psychological feelings that improve connection and affection in marriage.

    While doing all these, marriage doesn’t take away your personal attributes or principles or make you lose any, rather it helps you compliment and adapt to your partner to become one significant force that do better things together.

    Furthermore, becoming a couple doesn’t mean you are one automatically. It requires deliberate and cooperative efforts in understanding one another well. Also, learning the art of deliberate and effective communication will go a long way in managing occasional conflicts and arriving at a compromise early. Be specific with what you want and make efforts in understanding your partner to make better decisions. A working and productive marriage is one in which both parties are ready to work as one in making it work even in the face of adversity and challenges.

    4. Procreation

    According to most couples, the main purpose of marriage is the joy of bringing in wonderful and beautiful children into the world – it is one of the biggest gift one can get as a married man or woman. Great couples who bring forth beautiful children into the world and mold them to be compassionate, brilliant and amazing leaders that contribute to the development of their society will feel fulfilled and happy. Raising exceptional and morally upright kids brings true joy and meaning into marriages and it is widely accepted generally.

    However, childbearing doesn’t imply that everything will be fine. The strain and challenges of positive parenting can be daunting and tend to affect the marriage if things don’t go as planned.

    It is important to set your priority right and understand you knew your partner first before meeting your child. Also, there are schools of thought that believe the kids should come first because the partner is an adult and they can always take care of themselves. Even at that, we all need love and the best thing to avoid issues in your marriage during the arrival of your kids is to strike a balance. It is true that as small children, your kids will always need attention and love but it should not be to the detriment of each other.

    In fact, a marriage where the couple pays utmost attention to one another leads to a special and healthy relationship which has a positive effect on parenting.

    5. Marriage is a growth process

    If you are not in it, you can’t understand it. And even if you are married, you have to continue learning and growing in it. You will have to unlearn a lot of things in marriage and relearn new things. You are teaming up with a new person and you have to adapt to them as you live together. Change is constant in life and we need to continue learning to stay ahead. New behavior and habits spring up every day you need to put up with for the sake of love. There are things you do that your partner will have to pick up too and learn about to be on the same page as you. Marriage is all about compromise and the best way to compromise is adapting to your loved one.


    With everything said here, what does marriage mean to you? Generally, marriage means working together as one to ensure it works out. It means adapting to your partner and making a resolution to fight through all the challenges and problems that arise from the union. It also implies working together as one to bring forth amazing kids and raising them to be upright and a joy to society. Marriage means different things to different people, let us know what your opinion is.

  • Things You Need to Know When Dating a Single Dad Posted by Admin

    Not all the girls have the stamina to date single dad since it’s not easy to manage things. There many reasons why a girl thinks twice before seeing a single dad. A single dad has several responsibilities. It is amazing if he is giving time. Many things may be strange for you in his personality. Therefore, you must be ready for all these things.

    Dating a single Dad will be one of the most challenging tasks. This challenge comes with a lot of uncertainty and ambivalence. However, as you build trust, reconcile struggles, learn how to make your space in his routine by sharing a child, it strengthens and deepens the affection and love we all desire. Anytime trust is broken, there is going to be a crack in your relationship. You must know about some points when you are going to make a relationship with that guy.

    Company of his child

    Yes, you have to share his child's company, and he will be the focus of his attention. You are dating your man and expecting a lot of time, but the fact will be the opposite. A man who is a father to a child, there is no option that you will have to accept his company too. It does not matter how much in love he is with you. No doubt, his priority will be his child. Therefore, you need to make space for yourself in between.

    Child's mother will be a part of your life

    Yes, it is true. Maybe during the first date, you will hear much about her first lady. He will always be in contact with that woman for the sake of the child. If you do not deal with these things, you should reconsider your relationship before making it stronger. You must prepare yourself for all these things. You must be accountable. Take responsibility for your action if you are unfaithful. It is important, as hard as it may be. You cannot stop him from thinking about her and all communication or interaction with the person. If he had meetings with her, then you should limit contact. Try to change your office or business interaction. You need to accept this fact about a single dad.

    Meeting his child

    Maybe in every meeting, he will bring the child with him, but he will not trust you. You must understand the relationship between both of them. Patience is the only way that can save your relationship. If he does not bring a child with him, then let him trust in you. So not insist on meeting your child right from the beginning. Give him some time to accept things.

    He will not be much expressive

    A person who has already experienced a failed relationship or a tragedy in life will be serious in the coming future. You must understand this thing. An unpleasant relationship can be the reason for his serious personality. He may not be expressive and excited. Therefore, you may feel it a cold personality. You must know this fact in detail.

    Trust issues

    Commonly, single dads will have trust issues too. You know that it is not simple if you are making a new relationship. For the majority of people, it is highly difficult to go for a sudden breakup. Your marriage will not survive if you do not have patience. He will be in anger all of a sudden; therefore, you should not continue arguing with him. Never hide things from him, as well as do not lie on anything. It sounds simple, but you will be surprised how difficult it is for people to handle all these things. Leave making excuses because he will never prepare to hear these things or argument. Do not justify yourself. It can be hard on your relationship. You must prepare for these things when you are going on your first date with him. You need to rebuild his trust for a woman. These things are not easy to handle for you, but you must be prepared for them.

    Comparison between you and his first wife

    If your partner's trust has been broken, it is vital to take complete responsibility for what happened. Try to understand how your behavior has hurt your man or what does he expect from you. Do not be sidestepping or defensive about your behavior. It would help if you did not fall into self-loathing too. Confess your mistake in front of your partner and start building your trust again. Do not blame others or your partner in this mess. Never try to copy about her ex or do not try to ask much about her. Moreover, avoid discussing bad things about their relationship because it will hurt him and destroy his mood.

    Do not expect to see him all the time for you

    Love needs pure feelings to express. The purity always produces depth. These deep roots must be shown in your sentences. These words will do magic on your beloved. A single dad may not romantic all the time as most people are at the start of their relationship. However, the fascination of love is a romantic expression. It makes your life very beautiful. What is an expression of love? Where does it exist? It is in the eyes and needs expression in words. Men like to express love, but most women like the silent love expressed through eyes. The difference between silent and the expressed love is the quotes.

    Sometimes plans might get changes due to responsibilities

    Movie, trips and dates are a part of a normal relationship. However, when you’re dating a single dad, this can’t always happen. There will be times when plans are changed or they get canceled as a result of some emergency, frequently that involves the child. You can’t get upset at such times as like we first said, his kid will be his first priority.

    You may miss all these things, but you have to bear it with great patience. If you cannot handle all these things, then you must rethink your relationship.