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    Lawrence SaintVictor

    From Days of Our Lives to Guiding Light, daytime soaps have been known to have some of the sexiest men on this planet. Though their on-screen lives are filled with love triangles and family drama, they may be a great match in real life.

    Last month, Soap Opera Digest celebrated its 40th anniversary and we are happy to say MillionaireMatch got up close and personal with a few of the hottest men on television.

    Vincent Irizarry (Days of Our Lives) took charge of the red carpet in a dapper looking black suit and his beautiful smile. Reminiscing on one of his favorite storylines, he says it was "probably about a baby I thought was mine. I thought the baby was mine for a long time and then I found out it wasn't. It was emotional and intense." I imagine this zapping the energy out of a person. To detach from the emotional draining, Irizarry says he chooses to "relax with my woman right here, Donna." That's the perfect way for a man to relax.

    As far as a real-life love triangle, Christian LeBlanc keeps it pretty simple. “Me, my ego and soup was the last triangle I had,” he explains. Playfully joking on the red carpet with guy pal Tyler Christopher (General Hospital), LeBlanc sounded like he may be catching baby fever. He says while pointing at Christopher, “He has babies and I see pictures of babies all the time. Michelle Stafford’s baby, Jessica Collins’ baby, I’m surrounded by babies right now. I see him [Christopher] with his little baby and I want to get me some.” The actor has had over 30 years working in daytime television. The only thing missing is a love story where he plays the main character in real life. Maybe this will be the year of switching things up and making major changes.

    Not too different from how the industry has had to change. Doing the same thing and expecting different results is called insanity, and the soap opera industry has taken note. The Bay, a soap web series created by Gregory J. Martin, has changed the game. Last year, the internet-based soap became an Emmy Award-winning show. “It was surreal for me because I grew up watching soaps,” he said remembering his first day shooting The Bay. “To see all those icons in one room was great. Like, wow, this is amazing. This is exactly what I imagined the show would be,” Martin said.

    In addition to fans now viewing their favorite daytime stars online, they can give their opinion faster than you can blink. Lawrence Saint Victor (The Bold and the Beautiful) says that social media has made a huge difference in connecting with fans and hearing what they have to say. “Fans, I think their voice is heard way more than when I started back in 2006 on Guiding Light. Twitter and stuff, they let you know right away and they also talk about it with each other. It's more of a community. People chime in on what they love and hate,” says Saint Victor. Good thing his character “Carter” is one of the good guys. On what he has learned from playing the good guy, he says, “Work out a lot.” We are sure fans are grateful for that.

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