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    Christian Keyes

    MillionaireMatch: I definitely want to hear about your new book, Dr. Feel Good. When did you first start writing?

    Christian: When I was twelve. I started writing when I was a kid. Grew up in the foster care system, so paper and pencil were always available and it was kind of an escape, a vehicle. It was nice to have a place where you could go and create a world that was better than mine so that’s kind of the way I started writing and fell in love with writing.

    MM: Tell me about the main character, Phillip in your new book, Dr. Feel Good.

    Christian: The main guy is Dr. Phillip Gooden and we kind of follow this journey from a failed engagement through kind of burying himself so he didn’t have to deal with the pain of that failed engagement. He is focused on helping other people, which is a great thing, but at the cost of not wanting to deal with his own issues. He also has his best friend who isn’t the most responsible doctor. His friend is trying to sleep with the hot patients, updating Instagram and not paying attention. He's hung over from the night before a lot. He’s a very good doctor, but he just doesn’t take it seriously. Between that and all the antics of the other patients in the story and Phil eventually falling for someone and then the ex trying to come back into the picture, there's just a lot going on. There are a lot of layers and levels to the story, which I like.

    MM: I love that. Do you and Dr. Gooden have any similarities?

    Christian: Well, we share similarities but both of these stories are completely fiction. In my first book, Ladies Night, there's a robbery scene in there that actually did happen to me. I was working at 7 Eleven and I got robbed. The guy robbed the store with a machete.

    MM: Oh my gosh!

    Christian: The scene in the book is exactly the way it felt in real life. I tried to give him everything in the damn store. I gave him a couple of cartons of cigarettes voluntarily. I was like, “You smell like you smoke. Cool. Is it Newports? We have cartons of Newports. Can I get you a couple of cartons?” He was like, “Yeah gimme a couple cartons”.

    MM: Wow!

    Christian: I just started offering, “We got cereal down there, so you can have something for your kids to eat tomorrow for school. Are you thirsty? We got Slurpee’s over here. You want to get some beer out the cooler?” I just wanted to get him out of the store and keep him in a good mood. So occasionally something like that would happen and it was a cool story from my life or like a bad dating experience, but other than that it would be 98% fiction. In the new book Dr. Feel Good, he and I do share a caring to help other people work through things. That is definitely similar.

    MM: You're always busy, you’re always working. How do you continue working so much?

    Christian: Grace and favor, honestly.

    MM: Yes!

    Christian: I mean ultimately, you put in the work and then a lot of it is opening the right doors and connecting with the right people. I feel like the more we’re prepared and put in the work the more opportunities you can capitalize on. It creates a steady stream of work.

    MM: Let’s switch to your dating life. What do you like appearance wise when you meet a woman?

    Christian: When it comes to women, I believe confidence is attractive. Like a genuine confidence, not arrogance but confidence. If she's petite, she owns it. If she's curvy, she owns it. If she's BBW, she owns it and rocks it. I think that is attractive. When it’s that genuine humble confidence, a really nice smile and some pretty eyes I think that it’s intriguing. Clearly as a man you want a woman who keeps herself together, who keeps herself up. I'm an active man, I work out a lot. A woman, she doesn’t have to have a six pack, to have certain measurements, but work out just for the sake of longevity and for her wanting to be on the earth for a long time.

    It’s attractive to me when you don’t show everything. Leaving some things to the imagination, there’s something to be said about that. When everything’s out, it’s terrible. Literally, I’ve been out and seen a woman turn and her whole chest is spilling out the side. It kind of defeats the purpose. It backfires when they are doing a little too much, but that’s my preference. I am not judging the people that love to dress wild, but I like a little mystery. Let me guess what’s under there.

    MM: I love it! That’s old school. That thinking still exists?

    Christian: It does.

    MM: If you had to choose between having a lover that was poor versus a lover that was rich which would you go with?

    Christian: I don’t know. I really don’t because I think there would be the benefit of both to be honest. It’s a tough one. The woman with her own money is a plus. Of course she’s bringing something more to the table other than coming to the table and looking to see what YOU are going to bring to the table. But you may find a woman that may not be financially blessed and she’s a great woman. A woman who has a lot of money may think you’re going to jump when she says jump and that’s not how I’m built. So it’s tough. I would prefer a lady to be a blend of both. She doesn’t have to be rich, but I’d like to mix the two if possible. I don’t know if I can pick one.

    MM: Have you ever did online dating?

    Christian: I would just rather meet somebody and let things happen naturally. I can kind of feel people out when I am around them and I know if that’s somebody that’s good for me and need to be in my life or somebody that’s not. You can’t do that with online dating, but I have had friends, a good friend of mine, that met her husband on there. I have had some people that have had some success.

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    If you want to meet Christian in person, he will be having a book signing in Atlanta on April 1st at Barnes and Nobles downtown and on April 15th in Los Angeles at the Grove. Be sure to connect with him on social media @christiankeyes.

    Christian Keyes

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