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    When dating as a Christian there are some boundaries and rules that are important to follow, though some have a different view and have more that they recommend. It is important to set limitations on your own comfort and how you feel that you want to behave and be treated, and you get to set the tone for your relationships. Some of the rules that you should follow when you are dating include no premarital sex, not living together before you are married, respecting both of your families, respecting each other and your wants, build your relationship on trust and friendship, be careful what you post on social media, follow your heart, and only date when you are ready to be married.

    Premarital Sex

    Christian dating means following a set of expectations on how you will behave that includes keeping certain activities between a man and wife only. Many agree that sexual relations should occur after marriage, but some take this further and have no kissing before marriage and others say not to be alone together. You can use your own feelings to determine what you find acceptable before marriage but should probably still avoid premarital sex, thus avoiding the possible consequences that go with it.

    Living Together

    Avoid living together before marriage as that is reserved for a couple who have committed their lives to each other and plan to remain married and living together for the rest of their lives. It saves the most personal side of yourself for your spouse and allows a special connection that has not been had with anyone else and provides access to the very basics of who you are and how you live. This intimate side of yourself should not be shared with just anyone, but saved for your spouse.

    Respect Each Other and Your Wants

    Every relationship should be built upon respect for each other, yourselves, and your bodies. You are given your body to contain your soul for the length of your life, and this gift should be treated with the respect that it deserves, and your partner deserves the same. It is vital to maintaining a healthy relationship to learn the needs and wants of yourself and your partner and to respect the boundaries that you each set.

    There will be many time that compromises must be made to keep each person happy and healthy, and to maintain balance in the relationship. Where balance falls to exist separation may occur. While no one can get everything they want all of the time, or win every argument, it is necessary to remain respectful and loving in your responses and consider the needs of the others person at all times. Love can not grow where respect and consideration are lacking.

    Respect Both Families

    When you are entering a relationship you will be entering each part of someone’s life, and this includes their family. Where a family is strong it can weather any storm, and newly weds benefit from the support of both families, which can only happen when each person treats both families with respect and considers the morals and expectations of those families when making decisions. The may mean not kissing around some family member, not cursing at family events, and even just showing up for those events every time. If you do not treat their family as a valued part of their life they may drift away from you and return to the family who has always loved them.

    This does not mean that you should tolerate poor treatment from others, or allow others to treat your partner poorly, but support healthy relationships between them and their family no matter how that looks.

    Build on Trust and Friendship

    Dating begins with creating a foundation of trust and friendship as you begin to learn about each other. It is important to be honest in your dating relationships so that you can build the relationship that you both need, and only through honesty can trust build, and only where trust is president can love flourish.

    Dating and building a romantic relationship will result in spending a lot of time together, which requires a friendship to bloom. You should enjoy your time together, wether out trying new things or spending a night in, friendship is a strong foundation upon which to build a lifelong relationship. This will help to keep affection, appreciation, and joy in the relationship and help to move from dating to marriage over time.

    Manage Social Media Carefully

    Social media is a strong presence and it can both bring people together or push them apart. You do not need to avoid social media, simply keep private matters private, and do not use it to air mistakes or argument, to insult each other, or to share secrets that are not yours to share. By asking before posting pictures of someone else, letting your partner know that you are posting about them or sharing details, and accepting that there are things that they will not want shared with the world. Avoid photos or details that may be upsetting or uncomfortable for the person that you are dating and their family, and seek advice from family and friends in person or individually rather than posting it online for lol to see.

    Follow Your Heart

    Your heart will know who you are well suited with, and how they feel about you, as well as what behaviours and choices are positive and moving your life forward are those that are harmful and will leave you disappointed. If things feel like they are going well and you are happy, it is fine for your relationship to move more quickly than others in the past, and if you need to move more slowly then following that feeling can help build a solid base for your relationship.There is no one else’s who knows what is right for you and your relationship.

    Date When You Are Ready for Marriage

    Dating is begun with the goal of finding a partner for life. When you decide to date it should be becAuse you are prepared to be married and are looking for the person you will spend your life with. To date simply to date with no intentions of moving forward with a more serious relationship can waste both your time and theirs, and is disrespectful to both of you. When you are ready you can begin dating and know that the right person will be found.

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