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    Building trust in a relationship is vital, but when you're dating a wealthy person, you have a few more obstacles. Upper-class people might be suspicious that people are after their fortune. It's not that these folks don't want to trust anyone; they're just realistic. If you want to build trust, you're going to have to go about this the right way.

    Build Genuine Trust
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    1. Try Not to Force the Topic

    It's hard to not bring up the subject. You know yourself and know you aren't after money, yet you're worried about being misjudged. That feeling can make an honest person feel bad. Because of this, you may try to bring up the subject in an attempt to prove your innocence.

    While you may be honest, this isn't a good look for you. A person who forcefully broaches the subject and proclaims they don't care about money is going to come off as suspicious.

    A person who's after the money will probably do the same thing. In this matter, it's better to show rather than tell. The person you're dating will see that you don't care about the money; they don't need you to spell it out.

    Confidence Makes a Difference

    When people think you're after their money, even though you aren't, it insults your character. It's the reason you might feel inclined to defend yourself. Stopping yourself from doing this requires confidence. It's important to work on that.

    Work on loving yourself and who you are. Confidence building shows the person you're dating that you don't care about the money. It's also going to help you stop worrying about proving yourself to the wealthy person you're dating. Even if someone misjudges you, the confidence inside you will help you see that this doesn't change who you are inside.

    Be Genuine

    Being confident is also going to help you be genuine or true to yourself. This is important if you're trying to stay away from a topic that could make the person you're dating suspicious. These people want to see who you are rather than you tell them, and to do that, you have to be true to yourself.

    This can take more guts than you might imagine. If you're dating a rich person and you're usually a coupon person, it might feel weird to use them around your partner. If you're confident, it will be easy to be your true self. Continue clipping those coupons because it's who you are.

    If you don't love to shop because you don't like wasting money, then don't change that now. The more true you are, the easier it'll be to show the person you're dating that you don't care about his or her money without you opening your mouth.

    2. Avoid Overreacting

    A wealthy person may flaunt cash. Sometimes, they do this without any intent. They're just living and doing what they normally do. It might seem like a big deal to you, but that's only because you don't have that kind of money.

    Other times, rich people flaunt their cash on purpose. They're doing it because they want to see how you'll react to the money. They're afraid that you're a gold digger, so they're trying to figure out if you care about the way they're using their money.

    The last thing you want to do is be overly impressed. If you act impressed, it's going to seem obvious that you care more about the money. It's going to seem like you want them to flaunt their cash with you, and that isn't going to look good in their eyes.

    Don't Constraint

    Okay, so you know you shouldn't overreact, but that doesn't mean you should stop yourself from reacting as you normally would. No one is telling you to put on an act.

    If your natural reaction to something is wonder or bewilderment, then go ahead and show those feelings. The only thing you have to keep an eye on is obsessing about the moment. Focusing too much on the moment can make it seem like you care about that and nothing else.

    Think about how you'd react in real life. A regular person may impress you in some way. You might react naturally to that moment, but you wouldn't dedicate the entire date to that moment.

    Talk About Other Things

    Okay, so when the person you're dating does something impressive, you're going to try to not make a big fuss about it. You already know why you're doing this, and one thing you can do to make this part easier is to focus on your responses. To make things a little easier, think about this: If the person you're dating shows you a diamond and you focus on the sparkle, then that's not a good thing.

    What you could do instead is talk about what this diamond reminds you of; maybe you can talk about dreams you used to have that involved diamonds. If you have issues with the diamond trade, maybe you can talk about that because you're genuinely concerned. You could even criticize the person you're dating if he or she is spending too much.

    Maybe you're the kind of person who prefers that money go to the needy. Just focus on sharing true aspects about yourself concerning that impressive thing this person did. Your partner will get to know you this way.

    3. Focus on the Person

    It's easy to get lost in the experiences you're going to have with this person. The reality is money can be quite impressive and help you experience things you wouldn't have otherwise.

    You don't have to lie about this part. It is impressive, but you need to treat this person like you would anyone else. This person is more than money, and he or she needs to feel like you know that, which should help with trust. Some people make the mistake of thinking a person's wealth is a part of their personality. This makes them seem like gold diggers.

    Focus on learning more about the person. No matter what, continue to peel back the layers to see the real human.

    Discovering Character

    If a rich person uses money to do something impressive, you can turn that into a character study. Yes, sometimes, rich people show you who they are through the things they do even if those things happen to be grandiose.

    For example, if the person you're dating decides to take you to Italy on the spur of the moment, find out why.

    Yes, it's crazy to wake up one day and go to a country without planning, but find out what makes Italy special. There must be some memories in Italy that keep bringing them back there; try to focus on that rather than how impressive this is.

    Open Up

    Focusing on the person is a good way to learn about the person you're dating, but don't forget about yourself. The more your partner opens up, the more you need to open up, too. Relationships are built with some give and take.

    It's going to be hard to be vulnerable at first, but if this person is willing to connect with you, then it'll become easier. This person will see that you're not only trying to get to know him or her, but you want your partner to know you, too.

    4. Try to Take it Slow

    It's important to take things a little slow. When people are genuinely interested in someone, they want to take things slow. You don't get to know anyone overnight.

    It happens gradually. It's exciting because you learn how you two match perfectly. A person who's after money won't have the patience to get to know someone. These people try to rush everything because they aren't interested in the person. Don't be like that; take your time with this relationship.

    Don't Expect

    Try not to expect anything. One sure way to get someone to feel like you're trying to rush the relationship is if you try to force things. If the person you're dating doesn't want to answer a question, then let it go. Maybe there's a good reason he or she doesn't want to answer the question.

    If you try to force an answer or intimacy, it's going to seem desperate. The person you're dating will take notice and think you're just after the money. Allow the relationship to flow naturally. If you like this person, this part shouldn't be too hard.

    Don't Manipulate

    Be straightforward as often as you can be. Don't try to manipulate the person you're dating. This is good advice no matter who you're dating, like many of the suggestions here, but especially with someone wealthy.

    You're trying to get to know this person, and that's great, but don't try to get a reaction. For example, don't try to bring a pretty friend to see how this person will react. Manipulation makes you seem like someone he or she can't trust.

    Dating someone rich shouldn't be any different from dating anyone else. A lot of what was mentioned here are things you'd do if you were dating anyone else. Treat this as naturally as you can, as suggested here, and you'll be just fine. If you're genuinely interested in this person, then the relationship should flourish.

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