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    It's undeniable that dating a rich person comes with some perks, like fancy dinners. Yes, there are many reasons to date someone wealthy, but there's another truth you have to face if you intend on dating someone in the upper class, which is etiquette. A rich person lives in another world or culture. In that world, there are certain rules you should follow to fit in, and you're going to learn five here.

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    1. Be You

    Being in an awkward social situation feels uncomfortable. People might even obsess about the moment and wonder if they could have done something differently.

    Embracing who you are is a good thing; you should be honest and humble enough to ask if you don't know something. It may feel strange to ask how to interact in this new world, but you'd do the same if you were in another region of the world.

    Confidence Helps

    Owning who you are and asking something when you aren't sure takes a certain amount of confidence. Some folks in the wealth world are confident in who they are, and they want you to be the same way.

    Feeling inferior isn't a good thing, and it doesn't help anyone. You are the only you that exists, and that should make you feel better and help you interact with the folks you'll be mingling with.

    Private Side Bars

    It's okay to ask the person you're dating for a moment of privacy so that you can ask about anything you're unsure of.

    Try to ask everything in that moment so that you don't have to interrupt numerous times during the event. Don't worry about this. The person you're dating will know how to step away for a moment so that you can talk in private. That way you don't blurt out your questions anywhere.

    2. Be Punctual

    When dating a wealthy person or millionaire, it's important to understand that time is precious. It's easy to start taking time for granted when you're dating a rich man or woman. You see how the world bends over backward to please these people.

    If they happen to be a little early, then the service is sped up, and if they're running a little late, the service is delayed. This doesn't mean that time isn't precious to them. The reality is that time is money, and if you don't respect their time, then you don't respect them.

    Addressing Transportation

    One main reason folks are late for dates or events involves transportation. If transportation isn't too reliable, then be upfront about it. Don't feel embarrassed to admit you have transportation issues just because your partner has money.

    The last thing you want is to give your partner excuses after the fact. People have car issues sometimes, and that's okay. Make plans to get to a place early, and if you're delayed, let the person know something went wrong.

    Give Notice

    Folks with money won't encounter the little issues you might. These obstacles may be too hard to overcome or you simply can't overcome them with the snap of your fingers.

    If you did your part, left early, and did everything you were supposed to do but an obstacle pops up, make sure you update your partner. Failing to update is not good etiquette. That is disrespectful, and your partner will feel that.

    3. Look the Part

    You're expected to make an effort to look the part. Try to develop this etiquette habit because the person you're with will notice. You probably won't go to a fancy place every day, but when you do, you should try to make an effort.

    If you don't know how you're supposed to dress, then this is another moment for you to shine and just ask. Your partner can give you an idea of what to wear.

    New Grooming Regiment

    It's easy to not pay attention to the details, especially in your day-to-day life but try not to. You're dating someone wealthy, and that means you have to take extra care of yourself. No one is saying you have to go to a spa every day.

    People with a lot of time on their hands can do this, but there are a few things to do. You could make sure your nails and ears are clean. Your nails should also be manicured. This maintenance is free, and it shows you're putting in some effort.

    Stay in Budget

    Dressing the part doesn't mean breaking the bank. A lot of folks make the mistake of thinking they have to buy that rich accessory or designer clothes they can't afford.

    You don't have to do that. The person you're dating knows your economic status. They know you can't afford these things, and trying to buy them makes you appear too concerned about material things.

    4. Be Courteous

    Courtesy is a big deal in the upper-class culture, so get used to this.

    It can be a little jarring at times for some folks, especially those who might not have grown up this way or weren't in a community that cherished courtesy like this. The good thing is you have the opportunity to get used to the idea as much as possible.

    Try to Learn

    Now that you know the importance of courtesy, you should make an effort to learn what it means. For example, men should always allow the woman to enter the car first or anywhere for that matter.

    Whenever you're chauffeured around, remember that it's the driver's responsibility to open the door and let you out. Resist the urge to open the car.

    Try Asking

    You can learn a lot online regarding how to be courteous, but sometimes, even the internet doesn't have the information. At this point, you're going to have to ask your partner about anything you aren't sure about.

    Again, your partner knows who you are, and it's okay if you don't know something. Your partner will see you in a positive light if you make it a point to show that you care about these things.

    5. Rethink Money

    It's important to think about money differently now that you're dating someone so wealthy.

    The person you're dating may not seem too concerned about their money, but they understand that it's valuable. You shouldn't act like they have plenty of money to burn. Not understanding that can make things harder in the relationship.

    Flashy is Tacky

    You're probably happy about the stuff you've acquired over the years. You worked hard to earn these things, such as your jewelry pieces.

    Keep in mind that it's hard to impress these people. Avoid being flashy as it could give the appearance that you're materialistic and desperate for attention, which is not good etiquette. Wear things at the right time and for a specific occasion.

    Avoid Taking Money

    Try not to talk about money issues you're going through. This puts the person you're dating in an awkward position. They may feel impelled to give you money to help you out. That's not a good thing, and you shouldn't take the money.

    You don't want to look like you're looking for handouts or asking for charity. That's not proper, so try to keep it together and keep your financial worlds as separate as possible, at least for now.

    Now, you have five etiquette rules you should remember when dating a rich woman or man. It'll take a second to get used to some of these changes, but be patient, and you'll get there.

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