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    Doctor Dating

    Dating is a romantic relationship between two people. Everybody in different fields of life wants an opportunity to date someone with the aim of finding love.

    If you work outside of the medical field, you'll agree that dating single doctors can be very challenging, as they have little to no spare time to associate with other people. Medical jobs demand their immediate presence no matter the time, and this is why most people in other professions tend to avoid a doctor dating site.

    Not all medical practitioners are extremely busy though, as some still find time to fit dating plans into their schedules.

    For instance, Dermatologists can give you a good amount of time as they are not always busy.

    While medical experts like physician doctors, ER doctors, and surgeons are less likely to create time for dating. Even if they manage to do so, there is a very high possibility of them ditching you on the date. This is because there may be emergencies that require their urgent attention.

    If you are already dating a doctor, or maybe you're planning to go on your first date with a single doctor you met on a doctor's dating site, these tips will help you build a lasting relationship.

    Some Challenges You May Encounter When You Date a Doctor

    Time constraints: Some single doctors work as much as 10 to 15 hours every day of the week, and sometimes include the weekends. These time constraints stop them from spending longer time with their partners. And it is one of the reasons people avoid dating medical doctors.

    Limited social life: Due to the nature of their jobs, single doctors rarely have any form of social life. They are either reading or always on duty. They rarely engage in partying, gaming, or social events.

    Doctors place their work over you: Doctors spend 6 years in college and over 6 years in medical schools and residency. This extreme dedication to medicine makes them choose their work over their loved ones. This is because they have invested mentally and financially in their profession.

    Most doctors are always tired and require rest: After working a 90 hours shift, the first thing on a doctor’s mind is to freshen up and rest. Other important events like paying close attention to a doctor's dating site or planning a date are secondary. While their available free time allows them to engage in basic activities like bathing, sleeping, or watching TV.

    They surround their conversation on medical topics: Since their life revolves around medicine and medical terminologies, discussing with your new partner can sometimes be difficult for you as a non-medical student. You should try to avoid discussions that may be related to medicine. Better still, study some words that are particular to the medical field to help your discussion flow better.

    You may have to relocate: when you date a doctor, one of the things you'll realize is that they get transferred a lot by their hospitals. You may believe you are settling down in a particular city, but your partner may be transferred to another hospital which then calls for relocation. This can be tiring for a lot of people, most especially women with kids or pregnant women. The idea of integrating into a new community because of your partner's job can be discouraging.

    Emotional disconnection: Due to the number of emotions single doctors are exposed to daily, they may appear disconnected from other forms of emotions. Some believe emotional disconnection is a coping mechanism, while others call it a break from work. Although not all doctors are emotionally distant, a handful of them are.

    They may not communicate love as you expect: Love felt is the love expressed. But, due to their busy schedules, some single doctors are unable to express their love for their new partners adequately. Actions like skipping dinner and postponing dates due to work may not show love and would require understanding on your part.

    Tips on How to Date a Doctor Successfully

    Find a doctor to date: The first step to dating a doctor is finding one. Due to the nature of their work, single doctors may not be able to ask people out directly. Why not use this opportunity to ask one out by logging onto a doctor dating site?

    Examples of these dating sites for single doctors are MillionaireMatch, MarryDoctor.com, UniformDating, and Christian Mingle. With over 4 million active users, you can rest assured of getting a date in any of these active sites.

    You can also meet doctors in their place of work, that is the hospital or at high-end pubs. Attending medical professional meetings is also a great place to meet single doctors.

    Understand your Partner's schedule: As expected, a doctor’s schedule is 90% of work. The other 10% belongs to other activities. Study and understand their schedules, as this will help you differentiate their free time from work time. Then, make sure you coordinate the dates and events together, with your unique schedules in mind.

    Exercise patience: If you're dating someone in the medical profession, you'll need to learn to exercise patience. Your partner's job is draining and will always take up their time. Be patient and understanding when dealing with your partner's excuses and inability to meet up with your expectations. Find out the best communication skills that you and your partner understand.

    Date the personality, not the profession: When you intend to date a doctor, focus on the person's personality. Understand your partner's likes and dislikes on different issues. Some people choose partners in the medical profession because of the financial stability that accompanies it, as doctors earn up to 5 to 6 figures and can afford many luxuries. Be genuinely interested in your partner and love them unconditionally.

    Choose the best way to communicate: Establish the best mode of communication between you and your partner. This is because single doctors are consistently busy and would be unable to pick your calls. So rather than calling and texting them continuously, why not give them space and call during their free time.

    Do not get bothered by your partner's specialization: There are different fields in medicine, such as surgery, cardiology, gynecology, and more. Ensure you are comfortable with your partner's field. A male gynecologist will have loads of female presence because of his field. As his female partner, it is your job to understand his situation to avoid jealousy.

    Discuss your plans with your partner: Are you willing to relocate if your partner gets transferred? Do you see a future with your partner? Are you ready to marry, or is it just a fling? When you have very definite answers to these questions, you're more likely to get the best results from the doctor dating site.

    Discuss these plans when you finally decide to date a doctor and reach an agreement that favors both parties.

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