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    Romance is a serious deal-breaker in relationships. A lot of people admire romance but don't know how to show or receive it. Romance can be the little things you do for your loved ones as well as the major things. However, the most important thing in any romantic gesture is intent. Are you just showing your partner love because they deserve it or you only want to tick it off your fancy to-do lists? Do you understand their love language for you to treat them right or not?

    Romantic gestures can be a good way to strengthen the love between two partners and sweeten their relationship. The lack of it can also be the reason why some relationships go down the drain.

    Why do lovers like romance in relationships?

    Romance is the bridge that links both lovers. When one partner is deliberate in ways to love the other, it automatically strengthens their bond and makes them the real deal. Romance is a love language that all partners need to speak in their relationships to make it thrive. However, a lot of people find it difficult to show or understand how to be romantic in their relationships. In this article, you will learn how to be romantic today and show your partner love.

    How to be romantic today

    There are different ways to be romantic in your relationship. For starters, you need to study and understand your partner and know what tickles their fancy. Understanding their love language will go a long way in helping you decide how to be romantic to them.

    1. Buy them random gifts

    Nobody hates gifts. In fact, it's one of the most dependable ways to show romance to your partner. Getting your partner something they love but don't expect will put you as someone intentional about their life. Listen emphatically when you are having a conversation and pick up anything they want. Surprise them with the right gifts and see how their face will light up with happiness.

    2. Send them random texts

    Sending your partner a text shows you are thinking about them especially at the busy time of the day. A random "Hi love, I am looking at your picture and you make me smile always; I miss you and wish you a productive day" will go a long way. Whenever they receive such texts, it will further reassure them they are always on your mind. There are only a few better ways to show how romantic you are than this. It’s simple, old-school and hardly ever fails to make your partner happy.

    3. Invite them to dates

    Going on dates is an amazing way of showing your partner you adore them. And the amazing thing is that it doesn't have to be a big deal. It can be a date where both of you watch the sun go down or one that the both of you sing at a karaoke hangout. Another date idea is to see mutual movies together or go to a concert to enjoy your favorite artist.

    All of these will go a long way to show them you are lucky to have them in your life. It's a romantic gesture to lead someone to where they can forget the worries of the world and have all the fun they can get. You should try it and if you already do, then do more!

    4. Don't forget to say "I love you" always

    These three words are so powerful in a relationship. However, when partners start dating, they tend to ignore saying it because they feel the other party already knows they are in love. Why then bother to repeat it every day? In an ideal and romantic relationship, you should remind your partner that you love them as often as possible. It will give your partner a sense of belonging and serves as a means of validating your love over time. Furthermore, it is a romantic gesture that when repeated consistently makes both parties closer and fonder.

    5. Compliment your partner always

    Compliments boost ego and improve self-esteem. Seize every chance you get to compliment your partner. It's a traditional love language that will continue to work. Words like "You look, gorgeous baby, you are beautiful, you are exceptionally brilliant,” and other endearing words will work like magic when showing how romantic you can be.

    6. Travel together for a vacation

    Traveling is therapeutic. The memories created at a vacation will linger for a long for both parties to savor. Love is all about creating beautiful and evergreen memories and one of the best places to do this is while you are away from home.

    7. Be intentional about their growth

    Another way to show how romantic you are to your partner is to be committed to their growth in life. Ask them about their dreams and how you can help them or inspire them to achieve them. Be their accountability partner in achieving a task and get them gifts anytime they reach a milestone. All these will show them you want them to be successful in their life. What's the best way to be romantic than showing you care?

    8. Spend ample time together

    In today’s world where people dedicate more time to their work and businesses, it can be difficult to find someone who can balance the work and the love life together. If you want your partner to know how special they are to you, spend ample time with them. Ensure you call them at least twice in a day, drop cute texts for them and show up at their doorstep almost every weekend.

    Also, find time to visit their favorite spot with them and play their favorite games. Spending time with your partner is a romantic gesture that almost everyone understands and appreciates in this modern world.

    9. Focus on the little things.

    The little things matter a lot in our lives. Show up with their favorite food, dance with them, and cuddle them when they are going through a rough patch. You should also be your partner’s cheerleader and comfort place every time.


    Romance is important in a relationship and both parties need to understand themselves to show it the right way. Almost everyone loves their partner to be romantic towards them but not everyone knows how to. We’ve discussed different practical ways to show how to be romantic today. For these ideas to come out well, you need to understand your partner well and ask questions on what their love languages are. This will give you a pointer to what romantic gestures they will appreciate. If you’ve got other ideas, don’t be a stranger. Reach out to us, we’ll be glad to hear from you.

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