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    Marriage is an ancient social institution that has been around for a long time. There are different definitions for marriage according to culture, religion and geographical factors. However, one general definition of marriage is that it is an acceptable, legal and social agreement between two persons that join them as one forever except in a case of divorce or death. Also, the agreement legalizes sexual relationships between both parties.

    What is the true meaning of marriage?

    As outlined above, it is difficult to know the true meaning of marriage. Even though we can all agree that marriage means a legal cohabitation between two persons ready to be together forever unless, in the case of divorce or death, there are several things one needs to consider before we can understand what marriage means today. Is it fulfilling to be together with someone for a long time? How will it affect one another? The next lines about the meaning of marriage today will take care of these and more.

    So, what does marriage mean today?

    1. Marriage means being in a legal and binding agreement

    The concept of marriage is anchored on the premise of agreement. Both the husband and the wife have agreed to be together forever. There is no way two adults will come together to be one forever except they have agreed to. In ancient times, there is little or no consideration for legal rulings in cases of marriage. The agreement is mostly a result of family members meeting up and formalizing a relationship between their children. However, the world has moved on from these kinds of arranged marriages and couples are now in charge of their own fates. After intentions are shown, an agreement is reached. The couples then decide on the kind of marriage agreement they want to have whether it is the community or court wedding where they will be legally bonded together.

    2. Marriage means being unselfish

    Before marriage, you always make plans for yourself. You can decide when to go to the movies, get new clothes, cook at home or change your car. All of these will change after marriage because the concept of “we” instead of “I” will come into play.

    You need to think about your spouse in all your decisions. You now have to consider them when making your plans for a date night, traveling, working or other things in the home – you are now one and the decision affects you both.

    A joyous and adorable marriage is premised on consideration and unselfishness from both parties. The best of marriages are those where the couples always find a compromise rather than insisting on equality of rights.

    3. Marriage means to become one

    Marriage means becoming one. This means both the husband and wife now work together to be one, single, and productive entity where they excel together.

    Besides working together to excel, they are also bound together by the concept of sexual intimacy and procreation. Procreation is a significant part of marriage almost every couple looks forward to. Children are beautiful creation that brings additional joy and sweetness into marriage. Also, beyond physical intimacy, couples come together to share emotional, spiritual and psychological feelings that improve connection and affection in marriage.

    While doing all these, marriage doesn’t take away your personal attributes or principles or make you lose any, rather it helps you compliment and adapt to your partner to become one significant force that do better things together.

    Furthermore, becoming a couple doesn’t mean you are one automatically. It requires deliberate and cooperative efforts in understanding one another well. Also, learning the art of deliberate and effective communication will go a long way in managing occasional conflicts and arriving at a compromise early. Be specific with what you want and make efforts in understanding your partner to make better decisions. A working and productive marriage is one in which both parties are ready to work as one in making it work even in the face of adversity and challenges.

    4. Procreation

    According to most couples, the main purpose of marriage is the joy of bringing in wonderful and beautiful children into the world – it is one of the biggest gift one can get as a married man or woman. Great couples who bring forth beautiful children into the world and mold them to be compassionate, brilliant and amazing leaders that contribute to the development of their society will feel fulfilled and happy. Raising exceptional and morally upright kids brings true joy and meaning into marriages and it is widely accepted generally.

    However, childbearing doesn’t imply that everything will be fine. The strain and challenges of positive parenting can be daunting and tend to affect the marriage if things don’t go as planned.

    It is important to set your priority right and understand you knew your partner first before meeting your child. Also, there are schools of thought that believe the kids should come first because the partner is an adult and they can always take care of themselves. Even at that, we all need love and the best thing to avoid issues in your marriage during the arrival of your kids is to strike a balance. It is true that as small children, your kids will always need attention and love but it should not be to the detriment of each other.

    In fact, a marriage where the couple pays utmost attention to one another leads to a special and healthy relationship which has a positive effect on parenting.

    5. Marriage is a growth process

    If you are not in it, you can’t understand it. And even if you are married, you have to continue learning and growing in it. You will have to unlearn a lot of things in marriage and relearn new things. You are teaming up with a new person and you have to adapt to them as you live together. Change is constant in life and we need to continue learning to stay ahead. New behavior and habits spring up every day you need to put up with for the sake of love. There are things you do that your partner will have to pick up too and learn about to be on the same page as you. Marriage is all about compromise and the best way to compromise is adapting to your loved one.


    With everything said here, what does marriage mean to you? Generally, marriage means working together as one to ensure it works out. It means adapting to your partner and making a resolution to fight through all the challenges and problems that arise from the union. It also implies working together as one to bring forth amazing kids and raising them to be upright and a joy to society. Marriage means different things to different people, let us know what your opinion is.

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