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    Women, in particular, are excellent time managers. However, one difficult thing for them is to predict or control life's trajectory. Timing your marriage so you can get married during your teenage, twenties, thirties, or forties might be an impossibility. That purely depends on how and when a man gets into your life.

    That said, marriage is a total commitment that requires informed decision making, super timing before you get into it. You have to be extra sure whether it's what you want. This involves weighing the pros and cons of getting married later in life.

    For instance, the annual Department of statistics reports on marriages and divorces in Singapore indicates that many people are choosing to marry later in life than before. Some of the reasons for deciding to marry later in life include psychological readiness, finances, career, and other concerns.

    While it's important to listen for advice, your friends' or family's opinion doesn't matter when it comes to the decision of choosing to marry after 40. How and when you marry solely depends on you and your partner. However, it's critical to learn of the risks and benefits of marrying later in life to help you decide whether to marry now or later in life.

    It can be such a daunting task. That's why we have put together various pros and cons of marrying after 40, to help you take the right course of action. Continue reading this blog post to understand the pros and cons of marrying after 40.

    Pro 1: Allows you more time to focus on your self-development

    As mentioned before, marriage is a serious commitment that often comes with numerous responsibilities. Many may argue that it depends on how you organize yourself, balance the time spent on yourself, school work, and handle your new family. As much as this seems very easy on paper, it might be an uphill task undertaking all those responsibilities.

    It's, therefore, true to say that delaying your marriage will allow you more time to concentrate on personal growth before seeking this new challenge. Some of the things to do to grow yourself include enrolling for further studies, achieving an MBA, enjoying your youth, and traveling to other parts of the world to learn about different cultures.

    Con 1: Having children might be a problem

    When couples decide not to marry, it simply means they have to put on hold conceiving children until after 40. As you grow older, a lot happens, and various changes are bound to happen. You may encounter issues related to conceiving babies. When it's time to conceive, you might put your young one in danger of various risks such as Down syndrome or related health-related complications.

    Pro 2: Gives you time to further your studies and build your career

    Most people choose to delay their marriage till 40 to pursue higher education and establish their careers. This includes setting goals in life and knowing what your priorities are before choosing to settle down. Time is of the essence, and delaying marriage will allow you the unique opportunity of furthering your studies, and achieving your desired professional status which might be hard to come by while in marriage.

    Beyond that, some of the ventures you get into before settling down would indeed help you raise capital for your dream wedding and home.

    Con 2: Two heads are better than one

    Marrying after 40 enables you to get time for not only personal growth but also a unique chance of building much-needed wealth. Married couples can generate more wealth compared to what single individuals can accumulate. In marriage, couples combine efforts and incomes and split expenses which increases their qualification for mortgages, loans, and other investment opportunities.

    Pro 3: You might have a happily ever after ending

    Studies indicate that marrying after 40 reduces the chances of couples getting divorced, which means staying together at least for a long time, if not for a lifetime. The statistics show that when you grow older in marriage the odds of getting divorced decrease by an impressive 11 percent. It has much to do with turning a year older, thinking maturely, and changing your behavior. Moreover, when in marriage, every year comes with situations that need effective reflection on what you seek in marriage.

    Con 3: Difficult to Access Government Programs and Incentives

    Besides gathering huge wealth in marriage, you are eligible to enjoy marriage and parenthood incentives that single people are not able to access. Most Governments provide a wide range of benefits such as childcare plans, tax deductions, housing incentives, and baby bonus schemes to support marriages and parenthood.


    While everyone has various reasons for getting married whatever time they choose to, it's important to take your time, set your goals, weigh the options, before deciding to take the vows. That aside, we explored various pros and cons to help you learn some of the benefits of marrying after 40. For example, you'll get your desired MBA and admired professional status, accumulate more wealth, and reflect on issues effectively. However, it's also important to consider some downsides to being better informed on what to expect in case of unusual circumstances.

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