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    The statement “money cannot buy happiness” presents a challenge. It is only partway true. The problem with buying stuff is that you eventually just get used to it. This is mostly true for things that initially make us happy.

    We spend money to acquire new belongings. We pay for a new car, a new home entertainment system or a luxurious bathroom, and so on. Our complexity as human beings makes us get over new things in a remarkable way. Sure you got a new car. But how long will it take before you just get used to the heated seats and autonomous parking? Then, it will just be a car, despite all those features that mesmerized and warmed your heart when you first set your eyes on the prestigious interior. When you get used to what you own, you will want to get some more new stuff to take the place of what you already had.

    One reason why buying new things never makes us completely happy is our incessant need to compare ourselves to others. We compete with our peers, music artists, and prominent movie stars, and so on. When a commercial on TV shows a person applying facial cream, all cheerful and happy, we think of having the same.

    How money can bring some joy and contentment in life

    Nevertheless, there are certain ways in which money can increase your happiness and contentment. One excellent way is buying experience. When you use the money to go on vacation, buy some free time or visit a museum, several aspects contribute to the increase in your happiness.

    1. Your brain is attracted to novelty. You are able to give it that because you are leaving your house to go experience a new feeling elsewhere.

    2. You get positive interaction which is critical for the brain’s well-being. You are likely to engage with your relatives or friends during your trip giving your mind what it likes.

    3. You make positive memories while enjoying yourself. You are likely to reflect on them later, leading to more happiness. If you took pictures with others on your trip, looking at them later will warm your heart.

    If you join an exclusive dating site such as Millionaire Match, you get a chance to meet the partner of your dreams, someone with whom to create memories together, a successful and elite member of the society with whom to have intellectual conversations with and so on.

    What is the best attitude of viewing money?

    Your attitude towards money determines the extent to which whatever amount you have makes you happy. If you get accustomed to seeing money as the sole determinant of your happiness, your life is likely to turn into an endless cycle of making different purchases. You get more stuff, but you never feel like it’s sufficient. According to research, the greatest determinants of happiness are genetics which has up to 50% influence, actions and thoughts which have roughly 40% effect and circumstances such as wealth which have almost 10% control. This shows that happiness can be controlled successfully and that it is not tied to your total wealth.

    Can money buy love?

    There is no straight answer to this question. If we visualize love as a religious conviction, none of us can negotiate or buy it. If love was a business transaction, anyone could buy or compromise it. Interestingly, love works in a similar manner to both but is not identical to any of them.

    While choosing romantic partners on dating sites, users have an opportunity to choose features that have little relation to love. If you are on the lookout for a vegetarian, you might not approach the issue as you would with a commodity such as a car.

    The content that goes on ads for people seeking lovers expresses the role that money plays in generating relationships. Some partners specify that their prospects be financially secure. Besides looks, women are likely to consider factors such as money and status. In a similar way, men want partners whose status and income is inferior to theirs.

    Is money important to love?

    The importance of money might not be directly related to love, but love rarely exists without reality. It operates in a real-life framework, and the success rate of this framework might be increased if there was more money. This makes it possible for people to enter into marriage with partners that are not in love with, but possess several qualities that are considered as admirable.

    If a particular life framework is fortunate, it is possible for positive emotions such as love to be created. If love depends on a certain condition, and then the condition is deprived in one way or another, the love disintegrates too.

    You have probably heard of statements such as “You never really loved me, you just used me for my money/status/kindness.” While all these features are superficial, kindness is a genuine reason why love may develop towards a person, while money and attractiveness are not legitimate. Love requires a number of aspects to thrive.

    The case with happiness is similar. Long-standing happiness cannot be bought with money. However, money can be essential in setting up situations that bring additional happiness. There is a strong connection between happiness and income.

    Social factors such as family, marriage and friends are great determinants for long-term happiness unlike other economic factors such as salary and type of job. Money can boost situations that present happy occasions. Money cannot buy you love, and love cannot get you money. Money just increases your chances of finding love, and love reduces the need of having money. If you find love, money might become less significant to you, but if you lack a way of financing your basic needs, your love life is put at risk.

    It is easier to fall for rich and successful people because of the favors that come with being fortunate. In some cases, sincere love is generated.

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