• How Video Dating Changed the Rules of Romance Posted by Admin

    Since the impact of COVID-19, the entire dating world has changed. Video dating has become essential and numerous platforms have adapted to accommodate the influx of demand for a face to face program, without the potential disease exposure.

    With a major shift like this, though, of course, the rules have changed just a bit to accommodate it. Everything has had to adapt to the onslaught of COVID-19, and so have we. Apps like Match.com, Bumble, and Hinge have all incorporated video calling features for their users to utilize and have video dates to replace the lack of regular in-person first dates.

    The implementation of video dating has led to the dating scene becoming significantly more casual. The dress code, in particular, has become laxer, and people aren’t expected to dress as well when they’re having dinner over FaceTime in the comfort of their own home.

    The casual nature of these video dates has also led to much more natural interaction, surprisingly, considering how impersonal a date may initially seem over video. It’s become easier for people to reach the “comfort zone”, as it’s called, with a new, prospective date through this novel dating culture.

    Dates have also become more creative since the use of video dating. People have had to come up with new ideas, and new creative ideas are expected. Instead of the traditional dinner and a movie, people have resorted to having a meal over FaceTime and discussing it that way or watching the same movie while on a video call. Some people even go on virtual museum tours together, or simply apartment tours instead. While dates have had to become more creative in nature, they’ve also become less formal, to the point that the old pressure that came with “First dates” has been lifted to an extent.

    Virtual dating has also led to the possibility of dating more people at once. Dating isn’t limited to one person at a time anymore, so one person can meet and talk to a few people at once if they want. This has been a great way for single people to meet new people, and if they didn’t click romantically, there were plenty of other dates to go on to make up for it!

    Video dating has also led to a heavier “screening” process for people. They spend more time beforehand talking to someone and then have a video date before even considering meeting them in person. This gives people a chance to filter out those with who they don’t connect before meeting them in person.

    In person dates have still been happening with the added accessory of a mask in between, but those dates have also had to become more creative to lower the risk of infection. These dates have also been more limited to the people whom they met online that they connected to more initially, so the in-person date is more serious. Before COVID-19, video dating wasn’t a common occurrence. In fact, it was practically unheard of to date this way, but after becoming so widespread, numerous people have claimed that video dating was something that was here to stay. Even once it’s possible to have those dinner dates again, there will still be plenty of people going on video dates.

    More people than ever before as well, have signed up for dating apps. Online dating has been immensely popular before COVID-19, but COVID-19 dating has led to an influx of dating app users who perhaps never would have considered using a dating app before. This is also largely why video dating has become quite so widespread as a medium to date and meet people.

    Video dating, and dating online isn’t a new thing, but with COVID-19 impeding the traditional dating culture, people have had to adapt. Despite having come along because of COVID, video dating has certainly become something that’s here to stay and has shifted the way that many people approach dating as a whole.

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