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    In any relationship, or even before one, it’s crucial to set boundaries, priorities, and expectations for yourself and for your partner in order to create and maintain a healthy partnership. This is especially true when dating a professional who has a busy job, or who simply works often.

    Boundaries are what is, and isn’t okay within a relationship. It’s important to have these clearly defined when starting a relationship with someone who has other major priorities in their life to balance, like their work. These boundaries can keep limiting the disagreements or neglectful feelings that occur when someone works often, amongst other issues that can occur.

    A principal point to remember that although setting boundaries can feel awkward or uncomfortable, especially when explaining your boundaries to someone new, it helps to keep you from over-compromising and losing parts of yourself, or having your limits overstepped, which could lead to conflict.

    Every single person is different, so each of these boundaries that you create can and should be customized to you and what is okay for you and your partner. Finding a happy medium between the two of you, so you’re able to balance work and your romantic life is the key to a healthy relationship blooming.

    Creating an open line of communication from the beginning can be beneficial in helping to establish these boundaries with your partner, and expressing the things that either of you has to say. Communication is the most important thing in a relationship, and it’s even more crucial when dating a busy professional because of their schedule. Setting times when it’s okay to talk during the day, whether on the phone or over text, is something that should be settled ahead of time, especially for professional dating, so that neither partner oversteps their bounds. Some people simply want a separation from their work and their relationship, or they can’t be interrupted while they’re working. These aren’t the cases for every busy person, but they’re excellent examples of what boundaries could be based around, and why people need boundaries in this situation in the first place.

    One of the big issues with professional dating is that one or both people in the relationship is busy a significant amount of the time, which can limit the amount of time that you’re able to spend together. More than ever, people are working from home, so having set hours to your work schedule, or having a strict separation from work and home can make it easier for someone to have the time to make that life balance.

    With that, though, it’s important to maintain your own independence in your relationship. Just because your partner isn’t working at the moment, doesn’t mean that the two of you have to be together right then. Seeing each other at every free moment can become unhealthy and suffocating, so establishing a time to be alone, or to see friends or family instead of your partner is a boundary to set as well.

    While dating a professional, a lot of work-related stress can pile up. A helpful boundary to establish would be one that determines how the both of you will handle that stress, anger, frustration, or any other negative emotion that comes from a heavy workload. Those kinds of feelings can build up and create fights. Deciding instead amongst yourselves how to manage that beforehand will be favorable for the success of that relationship.

    The concept of PDA is a pertinent issue to discuss, especially for a professional. Deciding beforehand what you are and aren’t okay with in terms of how much PDA you allow, as well as finding out the same for your partner, will help in setting that boundary, because most of the time, the reputation and image of your partner is important in the workforce, and some forms of PDA could be harmful.

    This concept also applies to social media. Discussing boundaries for posting on social media is an important factor as well. In the present day, the social media of someone in the workforce may need to be up to par with their company’s image, so excessive posting, or PDA within posts may be something that should be discussed and have boundaries set at the beginning of a relationship.

    In any relationship, setting boundaries and having them established is crucial. It’s even more important in professional dating when creating that balance helps to determine the time that you and your partner can spend together.

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